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Do NOT Cancel Your Travel Plans Because of Terrorism

The other day the US State Department released a world wide travel alert today.

That’s right – an alert for the entire WORLD.

Now I think the State Department does a lot of great things for travelers (I’ve actually worked with them on projects in the past), but I’m afraid this travel alert is completely useless. 904 more words

Chasing The Dream... or so We are Told

I’m well into my second year of attending a college far from home. Having spent my first year of college as a post secondary student at the wonderful Miami University in Oxford Ohio. 641 more words


Thank you for making my day!

How often do you get a chance to inspire someone to go and make that change in their life? I wish it was every day. The feeling of having reached out, and helped someone, is bigger than any ego trip. 211 more words


So I can never go out again??!

Sleep training your LO does not mean that you have to put your child to bed at the exact same time everyday and you can never have an evening social life ever again. 90 more words

In This Moment

This is a brand new day-full of option and choice. May love and possibility prevail…‪#‎NoFearFriday‬ ‪#‎NoMoreFear‬ ‪#‎Now‬

Inspiration And Motivation


We’re always waiting… Waiting for the right time, the right circumstances, the right reason. I find myself, always waiting. Why? Why am I always waiting? What makes me think I have all the time in the world to do the things I want? 400 more words

Self Development