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Image everyday that $1440 was given to you. Sign me up, how do we make this happen is probably what your thinking. Now what if I tell you that everything you do requires some sort payment out of that $1440. 307 more words


Bringing Others To Birth - I Stopped Saving The World

I grew sick of hearing the sound of my own voice.

“They discover that it’s difficult, they don’t know how to relate. They don’t know how to listen…..

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"You live only Once, so live it at it's fullest!" sound familiar?

Yeah! It’s your life, You live only once, so live it at it’s fullest!

Yes, very true for INSECTS and Lower Animals. That should be the philosophy of insects and lower animals only. 24 more words

What's Your Philosophy?

The Joneses

I feel bad for the Joneses, all the pressure they have to keep up their image so people can keep up with them. Did the Joneses asked to be kept up with? 210 more words


Dictate ME?

Please! Do not allow folks to dictate how the eff you’re going to live your life. This week I was taught a valuable lesson about life, and I realized something special about myself in the process. 167 more words

Living Life

After You're Gone

After you’re gone, people will forget your name.

No matter how important it was, and your face,

No matter how pretty it was,

And what you said, no matter how clever any of it sounded. 36 more words


Live Your Life...

I thought my struggle with life was only during my school days. I was confused and directionless… There was no one to tell me what I should do in life. 394 more words