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I'm Happiest When . . .

I’m the happiest when I feel free.

When I feel that I’m free to think, be, do. I could never image being imprisoned. I don’t think I could ever be happy. 243 more words


Free to be you and me

To today, I’ll share with you an insight about gender identity.

I don’t know if you follow or know the #HeForShe Campaign done by UN Women but I encourage you to check it out. 294 more words


Don't just live...

I had a wonderful conversation with my friend Sara Fogan, who is a clinical hypnotherapist in Los Angeles, California. Sara encouraged me to begin to blog again, even though my life has become incredibly busy because of school and having a business I’m running. 145 more words



Take a 5 minute break from your daily scheduled daily life and think about that 5 important things which you want to do for yourself before you die. 136 more words

Live Your Life

Is Your Life Living You?

Catalysts for making changes in our lives vary from one person to the next, as well as for each person. It could be a life changing event or something as normal as when a parent becomes an empty nester (me, right now). 154 more words


Simplicity Is Bliss

I have grown up hearing the words less is more. I even preach them to my children, yet somewhere along my path I forgot to take my own advice. 574 more words


The unchosen path

It was a warm summers day, nature was alive and at its best this time of year. I was walking along my usual path that would lead me down the stream and towards the small waterfall by Oaks Bridge. 622 more words