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The time I was the sole survivor of a Plane crash.

This is a true story, but to be fair, I was also the only person on board, and I was the pilot.

In early 2014 in the beautiful North Carolina hills, I had one of my closest calls with discovering what comes after this life. 459 more words

Things And Events

Five lessons we can all learn from Australian Olympic Gold medalist, Chloe Esposito

If you didn’t see it, yesterday at the Olympics Australian Modern Pentathlon competitor, Chloe Esposito, came from 7th place to win GOLD in Rio.

I have watched the footage several times and I can’t help but have a tear every time! 256 more words



So inspiration and muses have been a wee lil’ bit of a problem these days, so I put myself up to the challenge of trying to find it in the smallest of things, be it music, a line in a book, a dialogue, a TV show or 20, or hell even a movie. 204 more words


North Carolina - Raleigh

wine on lake jordan oh NC you stole my heart and my wine

awesome traveling beer garden in Raleigh

food for thought

these were all over my aunts home absolutely beautiful I think I’ll be drawing one of these soon


10 Ways To Survive And (Actually) Enjoy Life Without Social Media

As a millennials, social media has been a must for the majority of our lives. Unfortunately for many, these platforms promote unfair comparisons, the pressure to be larger than life, and the idea of being in others lives without really being in their life at all. 810 more words

It's time.

One of the things I’ve learned in life is that time doesn’t wait for any one. It flies by us- relentless in pursuit of another day. 307 more words

Onward to Boston

Moving from our tiny space, five apartment hunting trips to Boston, and starting grad school on top of it all–yeah, I’m wrecked as a blogger. But life is good and all is well with us. 120 more words