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English Vinglish

Just few days back, I watched this amazing movie. It is an interesting movie which shows the growing importance of learning  English  in our lives. How knowing/unknowing English can affect our lives is the plot of the story. 933 more words


To get over hope is possible

but of course it takes time.

Months, days, hours, minutes and certainly not to forget… seconds.

Seconds that can seems as months…or at least hours. 320 more words

Live Your Life


Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.

~Greg Anderson

Hello people! As you already know life is incomplete without happiness in it, but still people get sad over silly things.

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Dari Balkon Aku Bercerita

Yaaasetelah beberapa lama sibuk (sebenernya belom bener-bener sibuk) akhirnya saya bisa bercerita lagi…

Mmmm…..Saya lupa udah berapa minggu di sini…tentunya banyak kehidupan saya yang berubah… 733 more words

Live Your Life

I've been a tad MIA!!!

For the same reason why everything else in life gets pushed aside, my life got super busy and a wee bit crazy!!

So crazy that some major life changes are in order <3  There are some important changes that I need to make in my life and I need to evaluate so many areas in my life so that life can slow down a bit and I can start living again. 46 more words


No one can be you. You can only be yourself, and always remember people will love you or try to be like you!

Being yourself is worth more because not only do you love yourself so do others. 19 more words