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This is like the movie color purple. Listening to me read what I write let’s me know that it’s impossible to listen, read and write at the same time with dignity. 95 more words


Three keys to facing your fears

When was the last time that you did something that scared you? Like pushed you out of your comfort zone BIG TIME? Made you feel like you could leap over a tall building and be completely nauseous at the same time? 864 more words

Reflections And Confessions


IT WILL GET BETTER. those flashes of images in your head of you laughing with friends are not lies. they are the moments you should live for, they will be real. 280 more words

Let's Get Serious

Things I've Sacrificed to Go Traveling (And Will Continue To)

As you guys can see, I have revamped the whole website with a new layout! I decided to take the plunge to reinvent From One Girl to One World with some new refreshing colors and to make it more sleeker than ever. 1,264 more words


I’m thunderstorms with a front porch view

Splashing through puddles

I’m country drives and earl grey tea

Mario kart on the nintendo

I’m Slush puppies and swing sets… 50 more words

Thought for the Day!

The world always has something to say about you or so you think.

Clingy if you are trying to get some attention or prove yourself and aloof and selfish if you stop giving a damn. 27 more words


Don't Hold Back

I have this conversation a lot, with men and women, mostly with women.

They say “I could never leave the country by myself”

I say “Why not? 615 more words