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Confession of a Writer: "The Grind"

Someone  will  always  tell  you  that  you  CAN’T  because  THEY  can’t.  Someone  will  always  tell  you  to BE CAREFUL,  because  THEY  are  afraid  to  take  risks. 40 more words

Plan for Success

Each idea you have or event you plan is an opportunity to be successful. Acknowledging your talents doesn’t make you egotistical or self-possessed.

Refusing yourself the joy of knowing how good you can be is refusing the world the joy of experiencing it. 27 more words

Artsy Wednesdays: Live and Capture Life ✌️

Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far. The reason why I didn’t blog yesterday was because today’s blog is a combination of both activeness and art! 362 more words


Painting and the Beauty of a Day Spent Outside

Today was one of those gorgeous “early spring in mid February” days here in the South. I woke up this morning with the intention of spending the entire day outside on the deck. 735 more words

Musings About Life

My (somewhat unconventional) Motivation in Life

I have a number of motivations in life. I’m a Christian and my main motive in life is trying to run the race that is set before me and to do everything according to God’s will. 790 more words


Unable To See The Mountains, Palaces, & Gardens 

We tramp through life excessively fixated on the spoon.

How to hold it, not jiggle it, at what angle to best position it, how to best place our steps on flat ground, or for climbing stairs. 668 more words


"Live your Life" by mitsu (single details + NEW LOOK)

mitsu will release his new single “Live your Life” on March 8th!

Single: Live your life
Release date: March 8th 2017

* stay tuned for more information! 20 more words