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Motorcycle Mama is Running With The EEL Man

I unleashed the beast….. in a woman.
Lynn has been entertaining the idea of learning to ride a motorcycle for a few years. She has been dragging her heals about it. 635 more words


Undefined Outcome

So often we connect “I don’t know” with failure. It scares us not to know the outcome of everything we do.

Would you bother to finish reading a book or watching a movie if you knew exactly how it would end? 138 more words

Live Your Life

Do you know who you are? What’s yours and what is not? What is left when you close your eyes and ears? When you sit in deep silence and listen. 395 more words


Live Your Life.... More of Bob's Wisdom


Whatever the distractions are, they are there.

Our responsibility is to deal with the rhythms of life,

not just to moan and groan…..

but to do our share to make… 34 more words


So, we’re officially in the spring of things. Ha. Spring is a really great time, it’s the end of school, flowers start to bloom, and the temperature is just warm enough. 807 more words

Do You Want to Be in That Movie Again?

If the past was so good that you want to relive it, then you are skilled at making life wonderful. With those skills you can create a beautiful future, but you shouldn’t try to redo the past. 52 more words

Live in such a way that if someone spoke badly of you, no one would believe it.

(Just a little ranting/pep talk about bullies and 6 year-olds)

Today was my little cousin’s 2nd birthday party. For the record, I still find birthday parties for kids under 5 years old weird/wrong since they literally cannot remember any of it by the time they are in high school.. 466 more words

Just Another Day