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what's the rush???

you know i just feel like i don’t know my friends anymore. everyone is trying to grow up so fast. if there isn’t alcohol or drugs involved there’s a huge chance half of my friends won’t show up. 200 more words

My Truth: I Desired To Die

Everyone has a truth. Their own truth. A truth they cannot run from. A truth they can’t deny. A truth which is true down to it’s very core. 1,480 more words


Day 13: live my life for a day (please)

Evening guys, well today has been an okish day. I only say okish because my partner came over to see me today which made me feel a lot better than I did when I woke this morning. 620 more words

Return to Sender

Sometime you just have to stand up for what’s right and take all that negative crap that’s weighing you down and send that shit back! Seriously don’t hold on to it, it’s not serving you any purpose. 170 more words


Embrace Every Experience

Even when it feels that we may be overcome,
we can embrace the learning and the living in each precious moment.


You don't have to have your stuff together by *insert age*

First and foremost, I just want my peers to understand that it’s okay not to have it altogether. It’s okay if you’re not balling right now, if you’re not working your dream job, if you didn’t get those A* grades or even if you haven’t reached your ‘glo up’ yet… 1,363 more words


What will I be doing in Haiti?

Many may already know, some may not, and some may be still curious about what will I be doing there. For those that may be curious, I will explain now.  98 more words