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What happens when Paradise’s sexiest doctor finds himself falling for his newest nurse? He wasn’t looking for a relationship…but fate obviously had other plans. 46 more words


Black hole ejects massive energy jet after devouring a star

For the first time, scientists have caught a glimpse of a black hole ejecting a hot “flare” of matter after devouring a star the size of our sun. 103 more words


First Click: Amazon drones, Clarkson drones, and a preview of the week ahead

Congratulations, you did it. You survived an event so sinister it’s been branded as “Black Friday.” How’d you do it? Did you hide yourself away in a cinema… 127 more words


مراجعة هاتف Wileyfox Storm

نقدم لكم مراجعة الهاتف البريطاني Wileyfox Storm الذي يعتبر من الهواتف متوسطة الفئة ويقدم تجربة رائعة بمواصفات عالية وتصميم مختلف، هذا الهاتف يأتي بنظام cyanogenmod المبني على نظام الأندرويد والذي يقدم إمكانية تحكم كاملة للهاتف. 13 more words


ITU: 3.2B People Now Online Globally, Mobile Broadband Overtakes Home Internet Use

The Republic of Korea — a very early adopter both in fast, affordable broadband and next-generation mobile services — has held on to its spot as the most-connected place in the world when it comes to Internet connectivity and how well data services are adopted in the country, according to the International Telecommunication Union. 19 more words


BlackBerry is leaving Pakistan over demands for backdoor access

BlackBerry has announced it’s formally shutting down shop in Pakistan over demands from the country’s Telecommunications Authority that backdoor access be granted to the company’s encrypted services. 85 more words


Hunger Games wins Thanksgiving box office ahead of Pixar and Creed

Black Friday sales have been declining over the past few years, so it’s only natural that some of the money that remains in consumer pockets has gone on movie tickets. 96 more words