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Live life like you're on vacation

(Written: February 5,2015)

(Today March 25,2017)

Hearing the word vacation evokes emotions that I’m pretty sure releases dopamine into your body. It’s life’s orgasm from the mundane. 488 more words

Sacred Trinity Church, Salford, 15th July

A guest performance by William D Drake, supporting the glorious North Sea Radio Orchestra in the churchy acoustics of Sacred Trinity Church, Salford.

Mr Drake will be playing a selection of bewitching, curious and elegant melodies from his five albums and Sea Nymphs. 41 more words


Fourth Sunday in Lent... 3/26/2017 *push*

God of all mercy, by your power to heal and forgive, graciously cleanse us from all sin and make us strong; through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. 765 more words


Peter Bruntnell and Norrie McCulloch. Sounds In The Suburbs @ The Doublet, Glasgow. Wednesday 22nd March 2017

At times, it seems like life is just one big shit storm, the past year a steady downpour of blows against the empire of anyone in their right senses. 631 more words


Walmart Lessons

I had an interesting experience at Walmart the other day that really opened my eyes to how important it is to speak kindly and use good communications… 646 more words

Family Life

How did I get here?.....Let's start here..

Well the street kid part is fairly uncomplicated,  a problem child from a broken home subjected to what we’ll call mild emotional abuse.  A child of parents who had both remarried and had become so consumed with their new lives that I had become very much in the way; add to this my behavioural issues and I could easily be reclassed from “unproductive” to “counterproductive” in their eyes.   254 more words

Just Remember...

You. Yes you. You with a heavy heart and sad eyes. I see you staring at your reflection with unanswered questions brimming, blurring your vision. I see your lips quiver, your hands tremble. 941 more words