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A special day to re-start my blog?

Seven years ago today, in 2010, I became a boat gypsy and moved aboard Fandancer. 176 more words

Owning a sailboat, is like living the ultimate RPG

I spent most my childhood in front of a screen, fine tuning my skills and gear in Final Fantasy, and other Roll playing games. Endless hours in upgrading cars in Gran Tourismo, getting the smallest tweak here and there, lighter flywheel, better clutch… 670 more words


Rain Rain Go Away

With the jetski preoccupying our weekends, Wiffersnapper decided she wanted some attention in the month of June.

Rainy season was now among us, and it started with what felt like 40 days of rain. 803 more words


Sailboats on the Teche? No, We Didn't Neaux Either!

I have to say that I’ve never thought of the Bayou Teche as the most likely place to stumble across a blue water multihull.

It’s not that the Bayou Teche is a boat-free waterway; connected to the Atchafalaya River, it was an important artery for trade in the days when the swamps made travel by land impossible. 1,333 more words


Staying Fit

There are 400 steps from the marina parking lot to our boat. Our slip is the very last one. Scout is walked 3-4x daily, with each potty trip clocking in around 1,800 steps round trip. 298 more words


Bucket List: Gibraltar

I have been researching Teka‘s history. I think I am really starting to get somewhere, which is quite exciting., although there are still gaps. Decades long gaps. 407 more words


Diver down: Learning to dive on the Great Barrier Reef

We have a sleep over on Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef as Gareth gets some more Australian dives in and Shelley struggles through her open water course. 1,305 more words