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Florida Fall Update

Florida Fall is here! The time change has successfully confused the cats, the first cold front has forced us to locate our socks and sweatpants, and the snowbirds are slowly trickling in. 853 more words


Video: Brazil to Uruguay

Brazil is ENORMOUS!  2000 miles and 7 months later and we have still only seen a minuscule fraction of this fascinating, beautiful, energetic country.  In the maps of our minds, we have now illuminated the coast of Brazil from Salvador to Rio Grande do Sul. 133 more words

Dawn Treader

Beach combing

There is so much to see at the beach. The aliveness of the environment is fed by the constant movement of the sea. What draws my attention to a beach treasure is usually color or shape. 272 more words


Aren't I Supposed to Relax on Vacation?

I can’t pinpoint when it happened—the moment the boat stopped being just a boat and became a member of the family. Maybe it was all my fretting during hurricane season, and the thought of how devastated I would be if we lost her. 386 more words


Espinacas con Garbanzos

Possibly my favourite tapa choice of late, a deeply satisfying dish of spinach and chickpeas, this is also sometimes served as a stew.  Simple , cheap and delicious it is spiked with garlic and delicately flavoured with cumin. 105 more words


Managing Moisture as a Liveaboard

Removing moisture from the boat is one of the first challenges for a liveaboard boat in the PNW. Every day, breathing, cooking, and rain drenched clothing add moisture vapor to the air, and that’s on top of a base level of high humidity the outside air is at during our rainy weeks. 766 more words


What Makes Diving At The Similan Islands So Special?

Although it is a very subjective argument, it would be fair to claim that Thailand is among the best countries in which to enjoy recreational scuba diving. 1,541 more words