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A walk in the park

I wasn’t sure if this justified a post on here as it is simply about a boat trip and a walk, which is nothing new or noteworthy, but I liked the pictures, and so will make it noted. 520 more words


Video: fair winds to all the sailing couples

There is always a mixture of happiness and sadness when you see your friends leaving. You are sad because you are going to miss them, and you are happy because they are set for an exciting adventure. 51 more words


May 2015…After about two years of planning, I finally got started converting half of my shop building into an apartment. It’s going slow but at least it’s that first step that I was talking about.


The Adventure!

Hello from me, Jim Smith!

This blog is a about my dreams of sailing and preparation of my upcoming grand adventure…cruising Americas Great Loop (AGL). I’m hopeful that because of this site, my family and friends will be able to come along for the ride and experience some of the trip with me by reading as we go. 732 more words



Last weekend was our scheduled haul-out of No Ka Oi to do what you can’t do with a regular house, clean under the floors. It’s spring cleaning in over-drive. 214 more words

Getting Ready

Further conversations with a boat cat....

“Artemis, you’ll have to move in a minute, You are lying on an old piece of towel which I need for something else”.

‘No, I am a goddess and this is my day bed, I am lying here.’ 237 more words

Digital Pirates - The wind of change

The UK General Election

There seems to be something in the air today. The wind of change is a blowing and it’s not just because the most unpredictable general election of all time is currently underway in the UK. 557 more words

Work Afloat