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Wunderlist for Wanderlust

Our to-do list is a nightmare. Seriously. It is all over the place. But Conor found this great tool for keeping us organized and on the same page: Wunderlist. 370 more words


Turquoise - what's your favourite colour?

Thanks to Alisa for this week’s Travel theme – turquoise .

Turquoise is my favourite colour, and I love finding things of this colour to photograph.   39 more words


Boating Tips: Cleaning Dirty Sheets

First of all, to clarify: sheets on boats are what normal people refer to as ropes. They are also sometimes called lines. Most of you probably already know how to clean bedsheets. 358 more words


Moving house - heaven or hell?

How many times have you moved house?

There is a slight possibility that sometime this spring I might be moving house. This isn’t a big deal, lots of people move house every year. 354 more words


The perfect final port of call in the Abacos

Hope Town, home to the last hand wound kerosene burning lighthouse in the world, but that’s not all this town has to offer.
It’s situated on Elbow Cay, the first of the Abaconian islands along our route that stretches down to the south, rather than across to the east. 1,096 more words


Is It Really That Simple?

Take time to reflect today: Are you living an authentic life?

Our answer: We’re working on it :)


My New Obsession

It’s a dangerous one. It sucks you in until you’re so deep down the rabbit hole you have no idea how you got there. You stop yourself, hours later, and try to remember why on earth you are looking at a $1,000,000 yacht that’s in South Africa when you started off searching for a sailboat in North Carolina. 191 more words