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‘Hamas: Powell Cay 2016_07_13

After leaving No Name, we stayed a couple nights at Manjack on our way to Powell Cay. Cheryl and I hiked up to the bluff and down to the ocean beach, and enjoyed the gardens and trails around Manjack, while the Captain and Jack took out in the dinghy for one more dive. 499 more words


So you're going on a liveaboard?

Stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean with 20 other sun-burnt salty sea dogs. No it’s not the premise for a terrible movie involving a mutant sea creature, it’s actually my idea of the perfect holiday. 1,501 more words

Top Ten Ways You Know You’re a Full-time Liveaboard Sailor 

  1. You refer to the dinghy as the family car.
  2. You can shower, including washing and conditioning your hair, in only 2 liters of fresh water.
  3. 183 more words


Finally!I have been working diligently on our cookbook, and finally finished it. I have been advised to stay off my foot that I injured just after we returned from a trip to New Orleans. 134 more words


Making the bed

Although I someday hope to figure out the angles to make a video that shows how hard it is to make a bed that has walls on three and a half sides, this particular post is about actually rebuilding the V berth so that we can sleep more soundly. 1,160 more words


'Hamas: Manjack Cay 2016_07_02

Manjack is one of our regular stops. There are so many things to do, and we never seem to get to them all, so we keep coming back to see more. 587 more words


‘Hamas: Go Hungry or Go to Marsh Harbour 2016_06_29

Well, we are really quite far from going hungry, the Captain has been doing a great job at fishing, spearing and gathering. But from time to time, you need to replenish the crackers and buy a few cookies. 651 more words