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Goodbye, Stuff!

When we moved into Kaitlin’s house, we had already given away all our furniture, half our clothing, and a lot of other things, so it felt as though we had very little.   311 more words

Getting Started

3 reasons why you should book your dive trip through a travel agent.

Thanks to the World Wide Web, planning a dive holiday from start to finish has never been easier. Or has it? Being able to tailor every last minute detail of a trip yourself sounds great in theory, but in reality navigating your way through the maze of choices of accommodation, transport, activities and restaurants that are available can end up being a major headache. 573 more words


How to improve your underwater photography in one simple step.

If you’ve tried your hand at taking photos underwater before, then you’d know that it’s a whole different ball game down below the surface than it is above. 992 more words


Babysitting ocean giants.

Being within arms reach of a humpback whale is up there on most scuba divers bucket lists. How about spending some time with a newborn calf while mum takes a well-deserved rest? 655 more words


Dive, eat, sleep, repeat.

We can’t always be underwater.

It’s a sad and fairly obvious truth for an avid scuba diver. When you’re not blowing bubbles in the ocean you’re researching places to dive, planning your next dive trip or learning new techniques to use your camera to capture that amazing way sunlight filters so magically through the water’s surface. 460 more words


2015 July|August

Welcome to July and August. We have now exceeded “vacation status” and have new and exciting things to learn. Getting acclimated to living aboard is coming with a few challenges. 654 more words


Living Aboard and Loving It!

1. First Things First: The Boat

You’re thinking selling the house and moving onto a boat might be just the thing for you.  Congratulations, you could be right.   1,785 more words

Living On A Boat