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05/07/15 - All day

Played a $2.00 Progressive Superknockout last night, which I didn’t write up. My bad.

Am feeling ok today except for a bit of hayfever. Time to grind up with some Turbo Fifty50s. 168 more words


Liveblogging Independence Day on Twitter!

To join my liveblog of Independence Day on Twitter, follow me @babble-drabble.

03/07/2015 – night

It’s very hot, and I can’t sleep. I had a couple of glasses of wine earlier, but time has passed.

Played 6 Fifty50 Turbo $1.50, and cashed in 5. 21 more words


03/07/2015 - early morning

Boy, it’s hot, and I can’t sleep. Probably a bit drowsy to play, tbh, but I just watched a really nice video on River Call Efficiency, which I’m aware is a massive leak in my cash game. 96 more words


John Dies At The End

Meet David.  David has problems maintaining his tools but then, he does seem to use them for purposes other than that which they were intended. 834 more words


Twilight Liveblog - Chapter 3

So Chapter 2 wasn’t so bad (or as bad as I thought it would be). Hence I am starting Chapter 3 with a little bit more enthusiasm and a lot less apprehension. 771 more words

Bridging the digital skills gap: The importance of STEM in education

Jamie Lee Brett (The Prince’s Trust) and Spencer Ayres (Freeformers Ltd)


  1. The digital skills gap
  2. Preparation for the digital economy
  3. Future of employment…
  4. 417 more words