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Live from the Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference

The weekend before last, your two authors along with Derek Springer of Five Blades Brewing contributed to a liveblogging beer event at the 2015 Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference. 39 more words


26/07/15 – Morning


Deposited: $4175
Stars: $11.08
FullTilt: $12.04

Balance: $4153.87 lost.

I fancy a multi-table game. Playing at regular was going well yesterday, so I’m going to try that again. 30 more words


25/07/15 – Morning

At home in the flat while J goes to town with her siblings. Feeling ok. Watching Cool Runnings.


Deposited: $4175
Stars: $9.09
FullTilt: $12.04… 63 more words


24/07/15 - Morning

Taking a couple of days off work because I’ve been feeling low-level under-the-weather.

I played on 22/07, but didn’t blog because I didn’t feel great, and lost the draft blog with my balances in. 144 more words


Homestuck Reread Liveblog: Day Six

May 28th, June 3rd – July 22nd, 2015

John wasn’t always inhumanely strong. Once he couldn’t even lift a sledgehammer by himself. Of course, this was before we were even introduced to the echeladder as a thing. 1,312 more words

Dave Strider

June&Jule updates.

Hello, everyone.

I’ve been occupied pretty much in the past few months. Getting a new job and settling down in it isn’t an easy task at all I daresay. 193 more words


21/07/15 - Evening


Deposited: $4175
Stars: $10.11
FullTilt: $29.54

Balance: $4135.35 lost.

Let’s Turbo Fifty50.

Lost one. :( Stacks were very shallow; UTG shoved 33, and I called with AKo.