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la-la-la-lonely live-blog

(17:28) Hello, internet. I’m having a shitty day/night, distressing feelings left & right, & I’m home alone tonight. So, I’m live-blogging it, whatever I end up doing. 1,055 more words


Music On Main: Live Blog

Tonight is the Music on Main: First Friday event! On the first Friday of every month, the town of Lakewood Ranch puts on an event for local food and drink vendors to share their products with the community. 539 more words

WWE Crown Jewel

So apparently #WWE is overseas feeling super American with Hulk Hogan opening the show.  Removing his feather boa, the and revealing those 24 inch pythons the event was kicked off accompanied by fireworks. 643 more words


See-Saw Day Eight (Jigsaw)

Director: The Spierig Brothers

Budget: $10million

Box Office: $103million

  • And here we are. The final one. Described by the company as a “return to form” which is their way of admitting the last few were shit.
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See-Saw Day Seven (Saw 3D)

Director: Kevin Greutert

Budget: $20million

Box Office: $136.1million

  • Oh boy, this film is also in 3D, that’s a sure sign of quality when it comes to horror films and is not at all a desperate attempt at dragging people to see it by promoting a gimmick.
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Horror Movies

See-Saw Day Six (Saw VI)

Director: Kevin Greutert

Budget: $11million

Box Office: $68million

  • The sixth film in the series. Let’s see what new things this brings to the table.
  • Two people have woken up in a strange room with no idea how they got there.
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See-Saw (Day Four: Saw IV)

Director: Darren Lynn Bousman

Budget: $10million

Box Office: $139.3million

  • Fine. Let’s do this.
  • We open with an overly-long autopsy of Jigsaw. I’m going to give this film the benefit of the doubt and say this was done so we know for certain Jigsaw is dead so the audience doesn’t expect him to come back to life.
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