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Logging learning center attendance using MS-Exchange Calendars

  1. Over the years, I had to find a number of solutions for monitoring student attendance in the learning center, by repurposing existing infrastructure (there are dedicated solutions which, however, are often too costly for a departmental center, or not shared well).
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Issue with removing Primary domain from Office365 tenancy when upgraded from Live@Edu


I have been working with Office365 and Live@edu for the last couple of years.  Over the last few months I have come across the following issue a couple of times. 244 more words


Why meeting organizers should cancel meetings from their calendar and not by email

  1. Because cancelling from the calendar like in video2 here sends  the meeting participants not only a (0)message, which includes a handy “Remove from calendar” button, …
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Have patience if you see “No free/busy information could be retrieved” on Room mailbox

When trying to schedule a room, I am now seeing this:

When ctrl-right clicking: , I get this as my connection status:

Becomes available after a long while: … 14 more words


What a delegate in MS-Outlook/MS-Exchange is and does

  1. Definitions:
    1. I would say: S/he can act on your behalf, while you keep in the loop and others see who s/he is acting on behalf of which disintermediates (e.g.
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