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Mixing it up

I had a run scheduled for today, but a spur of the moment decision had me bushwalking/hiking instead.

The day dawned warm, and proceeded to hit the mid 30’s before lunch, so I decided to head out to the Kinglake area as I thought it would be a little cooler. 85 more words

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But my breakfast is 'healthy'.

Ever wondered why that so called ‘healthy’ breakfast, leaves you feeling hungry and makes it harder for your diet to stay on track?

Let’s have a look at a typical ‘girly’ breakfast (I say this, because this is what the dieting females usually order for breakfast on social breakfast outings). 269 more words

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Corina Nielsen is just plain amazing.  Do I know her personally?  No…we have never met, we have never spoken, but I do know how much she has inspired me and those in the fitness community…Another “mom” trying to live her best/healthiest life and one who has been so REAL throughout her journey.   196 more words


Two in one

Don’t you ever just wish you had more hours in the day? I know some people might fill them with meaningless stuff but I really wish I had more time to get stuff done! 402 more words

Smashed it!

Don’t you just love endorphins? If you don’t understand how I’m feeling now then you haven’t experienced them in their full capasity…
Leg workout today and was looking forward to it with the intention of crawling out of the gym! 175 more words

Orange Theory Fitness - Does it get results? -

Orange Theory Fitness is a gym chain that has been cascading across cities, all over the Unites States, for the past couple of years. This fitness center is branded around the concept of personal training in a group setting. 2,811 more words


Week 6 day 1

Ok so I cheated a little bit and restarted week 6 on a Sunday so that I have an extra day this week to complete all 6 workouts. 227 more words