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Motivational Equinox Ads - Let me explain.

I like to float around to different gyms to keep exercise fresh and fun. Whenever I reach that comfort point, I know it’s time to try something new and spice things up. 983 more words


'Nike Training Club' App - The best Fitness App and it's free!

Nike is genius! They’ve created one of the most user friendly fitness apps that I’ve seen and best of all, it’s free. I cannot stop talking about how functional this app is, with quality workouts and full fitness support for any level. 138 more words


The playlist that won't take any less than 110%

Demons, Imagine Dragons
Romeo, Basement Jaxx
Ghetto Gospel, 2Pac & Elton John
Heavy Crown, Iggy Azalea featuring Ellie Goulding
Music Takes Me Up… 58 more words


Flat Abs + Jump Rope Cocktail

My favorite at-home fitness equipment = body ball + jump rope!
Feeling the burn comes quicker when performing ab exercises on the body ball. Similarly, jumping rope is a quick way to burn calories, while achieving cardiovascular benefits; more bang for your buck! 227 more words


When the elliptical is all you got

We’ve all been there, whether it be complimentary hotel gyms, small gyms with limited equipment or days you just don’t want to deal with hassle. Ellipticals are convenient and common pieces of equipment to come by. 184 more words


Adding Strength - Moving in empty space

Putting focus on arms, this is what went down this Saturday (pictured from left to right):

12-push-ups using handle bars for extended arm/shoulder movement
10-reverse pull-up, I’m training to do a full pull-up, so for now I jump to a pull up position then hold myself                                             in place (1-5s), then bring myself down as slowly as possible. 35 more words


Weekend Workout: Showing no mercy in an urban playground

Needless to say, this workout had a theme.

For whatever reason I caught the winter bug that prowls around groups of people like vampires of the night. 680 more words