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Life As A refugee

Ever imagined being a refugee? Imagine being forced to leave a place you have always called home” your country ” to safety… If  lucky enough  you  may pack a bag. 213 more words


Adaptive agriculture makes a difference in Manicaland

Zimbabwe’s Mutasa district in the country’s eastern Manicaland province is characterized by undulating hills with steep slopes that taper into the plains of the famous Honde valley. 511 more words


Cricket farming as an alternative livelihood strategy

By Afton Halloran, Nanna Roos, University of Copenhagen, and Yupa Hanboonsong, Khon Kaen University

Rapid urbanization, major losses of biodiversity, climate change, water shortages… 620 more words

The Geographical Journal

4. Understanding Livelihoods and Cultural Context

Flexibility and Adaptation

The stories provided in this post are illustrations of the challenges faced within a different cultural environment.

In order to work with a community, it is necessary to consider what it means to be part of that community and how livelihoods are constructed in different ways historically and culturally (Desai and Potter, 2006). 1,082 more words

Why migration patterns are so important to designing responses to HIV

Significant strides have been made in the global response to HIV. But there is an urgent need to rethink the ways that prevention and treatment programmes are developed and implemented. 805 more words


Easing bottlenecks to uptake of dairy farming in western Kenya

The western region of Kenya is not a traditional dairy production area, albeit having substantial resources that can support dairying. The region has, in the past, been left out of most dairy development initiatives in the country and its potential to contribute to the dairy sector, which accounts for 8% of Kenya’s GDP, is yet to be fully exploited. 581 more words

East Africa

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Stories of households in poverty [4]: Household of Mathiben Garwal at Kankari Dungari village, district Dahod, Gujarat

Some time ago I studied some households living in multi-dimensional poverty conditions in various states. I spent a considerable amount of time with all the members of the families, and accompanied working members to their places of work. 2,995 more words