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Brief #1 - Liveness

The way consumers interpret live performance has changed in recent times. Before mass media, live performance was the primary form of escapism and entertainment for consumers, who were happy to leave their comes and go to the theatre. 370 more words

Third Year

Liveness and Documentation: Theory

‘Live is premised on the absence of recording and the defining fact of the recorded is the absence of the live’ (S. Wurtzler, 1992:89)

“Theatre companies are forever seeking to extend their audience reach and profile, but how do they turn this vicious cycle into a virtuous one? 73 more words

Performance Theory, Philosophy & History

How is verbatim theatre like a live rock concert?

In his book Liveness, Philip Auslander cites Lawrence Grossberg who writes:

the importance of live performance lies precisely in the fact that it is only here that one can see the actual production of the sound, and the emotional work carried in the voice.

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The Classroom Observer: Unwanted Interruption or Welcome Witness?

By Dr Lee Campbell


For many teachers, classroom observation can be a painful interruption/intrusion (Wragg, 1994:15) in the flow of a lesson’s delivery in terms of facilitating a meaningful, creative and enjoyable learning environment that is supportive to both learner and teacher. 2,019 more words


Mad Men- A Study in Liveness

Set in the ever-evolving 1960s, Mad Men is a fictional, historical drama based around Sterling Cooper Advertising Firm in New York, and subsequently the lives of those who work there. 477 more words

Televison Cultures