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One Interpretation of Liveness

Most definitions of liveness suggest that the subject of interest is occurring in real-time rather than in the past.  The introduction of media into real-time performances, however, gives rise to questions that push the boundaries of what can be considered truly live. 395 more words

Neural WiFi

My new favourite metaphor for empathy is ‘neural WiFi’, as described by Lynn Lu in her chapter ‘Empathy and Resonant Relationships in Performance Art’ in the book¬† 499 more words


Umbrellas and roots

It’s the tenth of October and time is running fast. I’ll be home in the Netherlands for five days next weekend and my time is being swallowed up by jobs and my musical group. 577 more words


Ordinary Effects#1

Still Life

This piece of writing from Stewart’s book is her perception of life. It reaches out to a whole range of audiences as everyone is able to relate to the ups and downs in life. 299 more words