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Going underground

Having recently been in the depths of a project looking at international trains, I got on to ruminating on what-could-have-been with the UK – mainland Europe business as BR originally intended. 592 more words


Arts On An Aircraft

Hello Guys!!! kali ini, postinganku akan berisi tentang kesenian. tentu saja, kesenian yang berhubungan dalam dunia penerbangan. apa saja kesenian itu?? Nah, berikut infonya… 690 more words


The Lives of the Saints is straight outta Newton Heath

This post appeared in a slightly different version on my RMWeb blog in 2013. I’ve moved it here because it’s the first of a series covering the liveries of all the TOCs serving Liverpool Lime Street station in 2006 and I wanted them all together in the same place. 1,410 more words

Colour me interesting

An interesting point was made recently on that there Twitter, brought about mainly by these excellent renders of the bonkers Nismo LMP1. Why do we yearn for a return of classic liveries, and seem so reluctant to accept modern ones? 503 more words


Bird's eye view

I have an 08 shunter. It’s a Bachmann one. They’re good and they’re outside framed (OK I know the new Hornby one is considered better but that doesn’t make the Bachmann one bad). 183 more words


REPORT: Understanding The Liveries Of The World

Liveries around the world are the calling cards for hundreds of different airlines. For some they are the passengers only interaction with the brand image of the airline, so as they park up at the gates of airports globally, they need to be able to communicate the values and concepts that each airline brand stands for. 1,321 more words