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Swansea City v Liverpool: Premier League: LFC Player Ratings

Danny Ward:

I can only assume that Danny Ward is the greatest goalkeeper in the history of time. Yashin? Zoff? Banks? Schmeichel? PAH! Danny smokes all ‘dem fools! 1,897 more words


You'll Never Walk Alone.

It was William Ewart Gladstone, one of Queen Victoria’s prime ministers who said “Justice delayed is justice denied” , but I doubt if even he could imagine a wait of 27 years to see justice done. 851 more words

Villarreal v Liverpool: Europa League SF 1st Leg: LFC Player Ratings

Simon Mignolet:

Almost the perfect night for Migs, who made an outstanding stop in the second half to keep the game scoreless, only to be beaten with mere seconds left on the clock. 813 more words



It started before we were even dead. While we pulled crushed blue bodies from a sea of red and carried them on advertising hoardings to the field, the authorities were already giving statements to the press that we were drunk, unruly; that we robbed our dead, spat at the police, and pissed on the injured. 95 more words

Rants And Raves

Change for Justice, Justice for a Change

This here blog is not always about topical issues. I don’t read the news and then suddenly feel the need to blog about what I read. 572 more words


A man cried today

A normally strong man cried today, a tear shed not through personal loss, not through pain, not through fear, but through raw emotion.

After 27 years of torment the families of the unlawfully killed fans of Liverpool Football Club who had lost their lives on the terraces of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club’s Hillsborough stadium, were finally given respite by a Jury of their peers. 220 more words

Remembering the 96 - words I delivered at a memorial service for the fallen of Hillsborough

Today I have been weeping, but not just because of the pain in my back. I have been weeping for the 96 Liverpool fans whose lives were taken from them unlawfully 27 years ago, and who were finally declared innocent only today. 1,446 more words