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Mario Balotelli- What If?

Mario Balotelli reminds me of a friend of mine in high school. He was a popular guy with the god given talent to be whatever he wanted… 613 more words

Mario Balotelli

364 I meant 364!

I knew it.  I knew I’d not be able to write a blog every day for a year… Only 4 days in and I’ve already failed… What does this tell me about myself!?… Am I uncommitted? 106 more words


I remember a Lucozade Boost TV advert featuring a former Liverpool Football Club player and legend, Steven Gerrard who, after playing for some time got tired but was invigorated with gulps of the energy drink and of course, that powerful shot from about 25 yards did the talking (as if he played it after the drink in actuality… Smiles). 177 more words


| Stoke City vs Liverpool - Post Match |

79 days since the humiliation at the Britannia (all of ya’ll are still not forgiven for doing that to Stevie). I wasn’t taking anything else but 3 points back home, and thank the lord we did. 798 more words


Graham Mack & Amy Stevenson Talk on Skype.

Maybe it’s because I’m a bloke but I don’t get this trend for bright red lipstick and matching nails. Amy Stevenson is right into it as you’ll see in our latest vlog. 101 more words


LFC worst XI?? 

Transfer windows make for changes to the squad – that’s inevitable, but what cannot be controlled is the impact that player will have at the club. 576 more words

My run for the NSPCC in the Great North Run 2015

Quick update on the running, and with the help of my running buddies we managed 11k last night and in all honesty we could have done more. 236 more words