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Liverpool - a season to forget.

I’ll start by saying I was fully intending to post something looking at the football season as a whole, but after the terrible performance of Liverpool yesterday I feel I need to get a few things off my chest and vent a bit of the anger and frustration most fans must surely be feeling. 1,361 more words

The End - the 2014/15 season is over

Finally the 2014/15 BPL season has come to an end, all the 38 matches played.

LFC finished just outside the top 1 this time last season, missing the title only on the final day of the season. 220 more words

Stevie and Gee

At long last we have named our new warren girls. The pale one is Stevie, the darker one is Gee. Football fans will understand!

Yes, Stevie does have a head, but I was trying to take photos on my phone in between bouts of hail and bright sunshine, whilst getting my jacket tugged by three other chickens begging for treats. 29 more words


Raheem Sterling asked to "keep his mouth-shut" by Jamie Carragher

“For a 20-year-old kid to be taking on Liverpool Football Club over a contract. To the pit of my stomach that just winds me up, it angers me,” Carragher said on Sky’s Monday Night Football. 124 more words


Thanks for everything, Steven Gerrard

It was in the year 2006. I was still a primary school student then, and that was the year I was exposed to the world of football, the barclays premier league and all the action. 399 more words

Liverpool Football Club

Steven Gerrard - LFC Icon.

Growing up every football fan has that one player that they absolutely worship. One player that just means more than the others, one they feel they can really identify with. 645 more words

Why do fans only create a 'better' atmosphere for so-called 'big games'?

Anybody who has followed a sports team or sports person passionately would have experienced a whole mix of emotions throughout that period. When your team wins a game, your entire mood is uplifted. 777 more words