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Sefton Park, this gently misty Spring morning

9 April: It was a lovely quiet, misty morning, very calm and peaceful; but there’s something just down here which isn’t quite what it seems…  No worries!  9 more words

Liverpool And Merseyside

Let's Go to Lego!

As it’s my birthday next week I planned a trip to the nearest Lego shop, which is in Liverpool One, the big shopping centre here in Liverpool. 508 more words


Sings and Strings: Greatest Hits Reimagined -  The Christians (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

A band closely associated with a previous era returning to the musical fray has a few problems when it comes to recording a new musical calling card, something to underline that this is more than just a bank balance driven, rose tinted, nostalgia trip. 393 more words

New Music of The Day - CLXXXVII : Without Face - Loved Ones

If you want to get all scientific about things, we only see light because of the darkness around it. Maybe Without Face is such a powerful piece of music because it manages to strike a light whilst thinking too much about mortality. 118 more words