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New Music of The Day - CLXXXVII : Without Face - Loved Ones

If you want to get all scientific about things, we only see light because of the darkness around it. Maybe Without Face is such a powerful piece of music because it manages to strike a light whilst thinking too much about mortality. 118 more words

Freedom Rider - Alun Parry (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The term “folk singer” comes with some very loaded images. Images of everything from emotive acoustic players, narrative storytellers, traditional bastions of historical musical forms, rabble-rousers, troubadours and street corner orators. 205 more words

Daylight Ghosts - Nick Ellis (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It takes a brave man to record a whole album in one, six-hour recording session, an approach that is anathema to the modern music world’s love of glacial, piece meal recording and often excessive desire to enhance, polish and over-produce. 297 more words

I'm Back

Well, I’ve not been on here for a while :O   –  7 months !!!

Life took over and I failed to keep updating my blog like I wanted to. 29 more words

New Music of The Day - CXXXVI: Demons – The Black Jackals

Every band plunders from the past, of course they do, but it is how subtly you apply those influences which is the difference between being an innovative torch bearer or a pastiche ridden revivalist. 98 more words