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St. Agnes of Montepulciano

This saint was born near the city of Monte pulciano, Italy, in 1268. When she was just nine years old, she begged her mother and father to let her live at the nearby convent. 375 more words


Catching up with Kelly Hutchinson

Lives of the Saints is a collection of six short plays by David Ives. If you could pick one of these worlds to live in, which would you choose and why? 370 more words

Primary Stages

Bad Moon Rising: A Clifford Odets Revival, Limply Written, Hits the Stage

Clifford Odets was one of the theater’s leading voices of left-wing political socialism in the years between the Depression and World War II and a card-carrying Communist who was called before the infamous House of Un-American Activities Committee in 1952, when he named his friend Elia Kazan, an action that tortured him until he died prematurely in 1963 at age 57. 1,265 more words

The man who got even with God

¨Do not be too easily shocked—vindictiveness is close to virtue, very close, just as hate is close to love. I know well that they are opposites, and yet the closest thing to love is hate, and closest to sterling justice and heroic retribution is vindictiveness. 398 more words

Short Attention Span Theater: David Ives Aims for Fast-and-Funny With 7 ‘Playlets’

David Ives is one of the more fertile, inventive, eccentrically off-centered comic minds in the American theater today, but he can’t tell you how he got there from here. 768 more words

To Know Good and Evil

The nature and/or existence of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, mentioned in Genesis 2:9,17; 3:1-24 has often been the subject of much discussion, with some considering it (along with the Tree of Life) to be purely metaphorical, representative of the truths that God is the source of all existence and that our true creaturely freedom is thereby only to be found within the limits set by Him who knows the contours of the creation He has made. 1,788 more words


Remembering John O'Dohohue

Today marks the 7th anniversary of the death of the Irish poet/philosopher/life lover John O’Donohue. In memory of him and in gratitude for his influence on my life,  I would like to share some of my favorite quotes from his works. 480 more words