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+++ The Beheading of St John the Baptist

The Beheading of the Prophet, Forerunner of the Lord, John the Baptist: The Evangelists Matthew (Mt.14:1-12) and Mark (Mark 6:14-29) provide accounts about the martyric end of John the Baptist in the year 32 after the Birth of Christ. 781 more words

Lives Of The Saints

Don't let your Mama cry

Mother’s tears have a place in heaven..

St. Monica prayed for the conversion of her wayward son Augustine (now St. Augustine, doctor of the Church). Her generosity and trust in the Lord’s compassion made her son’s conversion possible.   74 more words


Saint John Eudes

St. John Eudes was born in Normandy, in France and was the oldest son of a farmer. Even as a child, he tried to copy the example of Jesus in the way he treated his family, friends and neighbors. 376 more words

Lives Of The Saints

Saint Dominic De Guzman, Patriarch (Order of Preacher)

Dominic was born in Castile in Spain. He was a member of the Guzman family and his mother was a holy woman – Blessed Joan of Aza. 437 more words

Lives Of The Saints

Blessed Eugene III, Pope

Peter dei Paganelli di Montemagno was born near Pisa in Italy. When Peter grew up, he became a priest and worked in Pisa for a few years. 473 more words

Lives Of The Saints

Saint Thomas More, Martyr

St. Thomas More, Martyr (Patron of Lawyers) St. Thomas More was born at London in 1478. After a thorough grounding in religion and the classics, he entered Oxford to study law. 414 more words

Lives Of The Saints

Blessed Michelina of Pesaro

Blessed Michelina was born at Pesaro, Urbino in Italy. Her family was very rich and she married Duke Malatesta when she was twelve years old. Blessed Michelina was a happy person by nature and did not seem to have a problem in the world. 451 more words

Lives Of The Saints