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This Is Sorghum Month

Some of my boyhood memories include the visits to my maternal grandparents’ farm near Tilden, Nebraska.  Once in awhile, my dad and I accompanied grandpa in his… 653 more words


Pigs and Permaculture II - Sorry for the delay!

Apologies for the delay, however I was holiday the previous week and close research on the work to be caught up on has lead me to believe it apparently won’t do itself… I was away in Crete and unfortunately there were no examples of pig farming to be seen, my guess is that it is too hot for the pigs to become a reliable source of sustainable income. 466 more words

Organic acreage continues its steady climb

““Overall, we’re still seeing a lot of positive growth in the organics sector,” said Cathy Greene, an economist with the USDA’s Economic Research Service. That includes milk, dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables, even some non-food products like laundry detergent with organic coconut oil and aloe vera.” 9 more words

Diatomaceous Earth Fleas

Feeding Our Passion for Storytelling

We love telling stories through imagery. It’s what AgriLife Studios is all about. So we were thrilled late last fall when Leighton Interactive (St. Cloud, MN) contacted us about partnering with them on a brand story video project for one of their clients. 192 more words

Prime Cuts

Organic Turkey Sales Gaining Traction In State College

“Garling typically sells her turkeys directly to people and slaughters them in the days right before Thanksgiving so they are as fresh as possible.”

Read the full story at: 7 more words

Best Kelp Supplement

Herbicide Use Conserves Water, Tripling Sorghum Yields

Sorghum is grown primarily in Great Plains states where it is used as a livestock feed. Early grain sorghum production generally involved clean tillage for weed control which eliminated most surface residues. 277 more words


New Guinea Pig Diet

Part of designing sustainable agricultural food systems is to test out the best ways to raise your livestock for the least amount of money. I have pellets freely available for trace minerals, as they are balanced. 209 more words