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Dog Food Recipe - Our Dogs Eat Well!!!

Our Dog Food Recipe

2 lbs of Sweet Potato, Winter Squash or Carrots

3 c of Rolled Oats, Rice or Sprouted Barley

½ c Berries… 176 more words


Frost Affects Local Farmers

“They say this doesn’t happen very often anymore but when it comes to grains and other plants that harvest late, it can still have a big impact.” 13 more words

Diatomaceous Earth Fleas

California Has No Water, So It Might Be Time To Start Farmin...

“She sees the design as an example of the type of systems thinking needed to survive an increasingly dry future. “I think buildings have a responsibility not to act as separate entities but together as a network,” she says. 41 more words

Kelp Supplements

Livestock First Aid Kit

1. Colloidal Silver (spray & drops/liquid – an antibiotic)

2. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother

3. Castile Soap

4. Saline Solution

5. Vet Wrap… 96 more words


Help, My Birds are Naked!!!


Molting is the process of shedding and re-growing feathers. Both female and male birds molt. During the molt, egg production and male fertility decrease or cease. 552 more words