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Cattle pregnancy diagnosis technologies tested in smallholder farms

By Solomon Gizaw, Tadesse Gugssa, Yayneshet Tesfay, Dawit Woldemariam and Azage Tegegne

Effective early pregnancy detection (PD) technology that can be used by farmers themselves is key in improving dairy cattle reproduction and profitability in Ethiopia. 361 more words


What You Should Know About Colloidal Silver

What Is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal Silver is a suspension of very tiny silver particles in liquid, typically purified water. Silver is a mineral. It is not yet known, scientifically speaking, what the function of silver is in the human body. 1,444 more words


Looking from the outside in: A letter to future and present showman (Featured on Weaver Leather Livestock blog)

Just last week I attended the Tulsa State Fair no longer as an exhibitor but as just a spectator this time. I walked passed what used be our stall and as I saw a new set of cattle and a new set of people stalled there now, I found myself smiling and remembering all of the memories that I got to experience at this show with my family and friends. 721 more words

Livestock Shelter Benefits

Animals thrive in a greenhouse type environment benefiting from

  • being dry
  • being out of the wind
  • being in the light without being in the direct sun.
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Multi Shelter Solutions

Yearly Food Planning for Your Family

Planning a year’s supply of food for each member of your family can seem a daunting task.  Want to grow a large garden, have an orchard and vineyard, grow your own crops, and produce your own oil and sugar?  387 more words


Biosecurity - some best practice

Biosecurity byword

Biosecurity is a buzzword in livestock farming but it is one that backyard poultry-keepers need to be aware of. No matter how small your flock of birds may be, good biosecurity practices should be followed, not only to minimize the risk of disease transfer within your own poultry, but also transfer to other people’s birds. 175 more words