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The rising heat can affect farms and livestock

As the dry heat and temperature index continue to rise, farmers in the valley find themselves needing to take extra care of themselves and their livestock. 231 more words



I’m new at farm and ranch life, so I’m learning a lot. Much of the new lessons provide great insights to everyday life.

  • As entertaining as they are, chickens are silly, entertaining creatures, but they eat weeds, bugs and provide good protein food.
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Notes From The Apex

Water vital for #livestock during drought

A 10 percent loss of body water is fatal to most domestic livestock species.

Livestock producers need to make sure they have enough water for their animals because much of North Dakota is experiencing drought, according to North Dakota State University Extension Service livestock environmental stewardship specialist Miranda Meehan. 644 more words


Incredible Maps - WIF Geography

Cool Maps

of the Modern World

(and Beyond)

Mapping things is an incredibly useful tool for humanity. By analyzing a given situation or development and then putting the results on a map, scientists and researchers can better understand and predict future trends around the world. 3,756 more words


That escalated quickly...

Yep, you guessed it, pig-S, hard emphasis on the S. Just last month we were like, “no more animals until the house is finished”. Now we’re pig farmers. 170 more words


The Fair’s Famed Livestock Area

Educational, Interactive, and Amazing!

There’s something for everyone at the Fair’s livestock area, which offers a unique opportunity to experience first-hand, the agricultural abundance of our area. 567 more words

Sonoma County Fair

Mattot-Mase’ei (Numbers 30:2 – 36:13)

First, the answers to last week’s bonus questions:

  1. What verses in this (i.e., last week’s) haftarah from Jeremiah appear in the liturgy, and where do they appear?
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