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Living the dream? Track.3: sailing the roller-coaster

June has been very busy so far (it actually feels more like two months squeezed into one) and things have gone fast:  two house movings in less than 2 weeks and all that goes with it; two intense, inspiring Pilates training courses and obviously, teaching hours to build up and take care of. 503 more words

Advocating with one voice against cancer

I had an amazing experience last week. I had the privilege, honor and fun of representing LIVESTRONG at the One Voice Against Cancer (OVAC) lobby day in Washington, DC. 1,002 more words

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Living the dream?Track2 pt.2: be what you want to be(come)

A final consideration about this first month “living my dream” as a free-lance, after the previous juicy post.
I kept the following point as last as it’s something that has been rolling in the background throughout the whole month, but I only identify it very recently. 479 more words

One voice on cancer survivors day

Today is National Cancer Survivors’ Day. This annual day celebrates people who are cancer survivors, and also family members and friends. Because anyone who has faced the disease is a true survivor. 682 more words

Random Travels & Exploring

Living the dream?Track2 pt.1: be what you want to be(come)

Happy free-lance anniversary! Celebrating one month today with a few considerations about the beginning of the journey.

  1. The obvious but still worrying self warnings are there to serve you and I found myself repeating them (as you should),  sometimes with true intentions and sometimes more because it’s part of the mindset.
  2. 654 more words

Breaking Illusions & Finding Strength

Why are we concerned with everything that hasn’t happened yet? We are worried about circumstances and situations that havent and may not ever take effect. Why is depression and anxiety becoming so common? 359 more words

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Which sites to visit if you want to start working out

Alright, okay, we’ve all been there: We finally realize our unhealthy lifestyle and want to change it, we want to improve, be a better person. Bursting with motivation, we jump up, get our yoga mat, place it on the floor and start exercising. 142 more words