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Kick Cancer Where It Counts!

I have never had cancer myself, actually I have led a pretty healthy life considering the unhealthy choices I have made and the lifestyle I used to lead. 706 more words


It's time to break up.... 

With these foods that is…

It amazes me how trusting and reliant we’ve become on marketing and how less we actually read and research the foods we buy on a regular basis. 21 more words


Power90 - Day 90 - Day 90 - Day 90 - Cardio-Ouch

Hello all you fitness groupies out there,

I hope you all had a great day.  Mine wasn’t too bad at work….I was the only one there in my group…..I was in charge…apparently. 159 more words


Power90 - Day 89 - trying to get back into the swing of things.

Hi All,

woohoo….I made it through 2 workout days in a row this week.  I’m trying to get back into my workout schedule since I noticed that I only had 4 workouts in 13 days.   143 more words


Power90 - Day 88 - Cardio, Abs, Sunshine

Hi All,

I was looking back through my workout journal and this is only my 4th workout since March 23rd.

How did that happen?  I have some body energy issues going on and also some work commitments that have been getting in the way.   99 more words


Staying Fit and Healthy and Conquering Stress.

Its been so long since I’ve been able to write anything on here. Life has been so busy. My SATs and AP exams are coming up and I’m sort of freaking out. 693 more words


Power90 - Day 87 - Body Sculpting and Car Issues

Hi All,

I didn’t work out yesterday.  I could say that I feel bad about that but Nope…..I spent some quality time with my Riley-dog.  He spends his days crated since he is a danger to himself (rip something up and then have to eat all of it….since he killed it …… usually a stuffed toy).   262 more words