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Livestrong revenue dropped again in 2015, trending up now

AUSTIN AP) — The Livestrong cancer charity saw a fundraising and contributions nosedive in 2015 for a third straight year after founder Lance Armstrong’s performance-enhancing drug scandal. 636 more words


Step out of your Darkness

Often times we go through tunnels and run track races in life with many hurdles but these hurdles are thrown into our race with many unexpected areas of our race. 247 more words

Four years

Four years may not seem like much. I mean, really, what is it? A student may finish high school or college. A baby has grown to toddler and learned to sit up, crawl, stand, talk, walk, run, laugh, reason and test their parents. 812 more words

Realization Leading to a Fresh Start

Hello one and all,

Soooooo I had a nice realization from last night’s gym session which included the following, bingo wings, Muffin top (or as I like to say Cake Shelf) and not to mention a couple of chins. 230 more words


Hollywood Blvd

Great memories on Hollywood Blvd. For us small town folk, it’s great memories to hold on to.

Why we need one voice against cancer

Unless you don’t own a television, aren’t on social media (or the Internet) or perhaps live under a rock, chances are that you’re aware of the hot topic of health care. 1,151 more words

Life Lessons