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The Whispering Winds| The Scribbled Writings

For me, travelling is an art. I tie up the laces of my shoes and a dramatic journey begins. 293 more words

Travel Adventure

The Sun

Driving home today in the dreary, cloudy weather, I see the sun pushing its way through the clouds. It was bright and determined to make a path between the surrounding gloominess. 59 more words


All you sinners stand up and sing Hallelujah!

It’s almost time of year for “New Year, New Me” bullshit. At this time of year people recall things they are grateful for despite of their misery. 256 more words


11 times 'How I Met Your Mother' showed us real face of life

  1. The leap

“You can’t design your life like a building you have to just live it and life will design itself.”
We are all dreamers and we want things to go according to “plan”. 492 more words

Exercise Incentive

You know you’ve heard this somewhere before – maybe on this blog, or from RD Beth at The Gathering Place, and/or (hopefully!) from your doctors. 136 more words


The Motivation to Begin

This is what we looked like in December 2014.

This is what we look like now.

It has taken time, work and a lot of patience, but we made our weight goals. 157 more words

I know Jack, you should too

As we enter the end of the year giving season for charities, I’m focusing on some of my favorite nonprofits. I recently wrote about two that help… 753 more words

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