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So far so good..

Keeping track of my daily intake truly makes it so much easier. I’m really liking this “My Plate” app by LiveStrong.


Special Report: Life after cancer

KIMT News 3 – This year, cancer will claim the lives of nearly 600,000 people in the United States. That’s according the American Cancer Society. But millions of others will beat the disease. 908 more words


Judge Your Own Self, not Others

Stop Judging ! Yes Stop Judging People figuring out and create an imaginary portray of persons in your mind.

Sometimes what we consider reality is part of our own Illusions. 165 more words

Soulful Reflections

How to. . . live healthier

Let’s face it . . . HEALTH IS EVERYTHING. We see skinny models, skinny celebrities, all those fit muscular instagram famous people and so on and so forth. 531 more words


I Stand Corrected

Do you remember writing essays while you were in school? The easiest assignments were usually focused on specific things, such as events and people. The process for writing was time consuming but usually fairly straight forward: you would do your research, synthesize the material, and from that construct new content based on your understanding. 872 more words


The Hammer for Nail

The Hammer Principle ~

I just love this one. I had read it before years in one management book, treat your problem as iron Nail and Yourself as Hammer. 157 more words

Soulful Reflections

Discover Your Strength, Each one of us is Blessed !

Everything that you have with yourself is not yours……it was never yours and it is never yours……Everything that you have is gift from god to you in terms of blessings…So never ever feel so proud and egoistic for anything you own or have..at same time never feel annoyed and disappointed for not having anything you don’t have…Not everyone has everything they want…and even those who have everything they want are never happy with what they have.. 93 more words

Soulful Reflections