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What Caused Kanye West’s Breakdown and Hospitalization?

Livestrong quotes me in their article, “What caused Kanye West’s breakdown and hospitalization?”

Nov. 2016

How to Grow a Smarter Child

Blame “The Big Bang Theory” or Mark Zuckerberg’s wealth if you want, but it’s become cool to be smart. Popular culture and scientific revelations about how the brain develops in babies and children has fueled a surging interest in shaping children into smarter, more competent adults. 9 more words

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10 Ways to Spot Someone Who Is Lying

If you look closely enough, you can tell when most people are lying. The concept of body language changing during a lie spawned an entire television show, “Lie to Me.” Even “Bachelorette” winner Jordan Rodgers has faced scrutiny for his lack of eye contact with his damsel while proclaiming his devotion.

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The 5 TV Medical Myths That Drive Real-Life Doctors Crazy

Medicine seeps into television shows of all kinds: Hospital dramas, crime procedurals and even supernatural series rely on the dramatic device of illness or injury to create suspense. 24 more words

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A few of my favorite charities (#GivingTuesday)

We’re familiar with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, days that promote retailers and shopping. Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday, a day to promote and support nonprofits that make a difference in your local communities and the world around us. 706 more words

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Cancer and exercise, the win-win

A few years ago I was fortunate to be asked by the University of Surrey to give a talk on World Cancer day about my relationship with cancer and how I have used exercise to help me in my ongoing dealings with it. 1,794 more words



You’re nailing your workouts, you’re eating well, you’re getting enough sleep, and though you’ve done everything you can think of, you aren’t getting the results you’d expected.

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