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Quote of the Day - Richard Branson

95% of the Business man all over the world lose thier employees first and than the business. It is evident that even though business earns in crores of Dollars or Rupee or any other currency. 94 more words

Daily Quotes

Lance Armstrong's Doping Scandal

Lance Armstrong, a world-famous cyclist, has gained fame for many things. He is a Texas native who went to become an international cycling star. He then was diagnosed with testicular cancer, which had travelled to his brain. 270 more words


Immunotherapy transforms lung cancer, the biggest cancer killer

Immunotherapy drugs such as Keytruda and Opdivo are transforming the way lung cancer patients are treated, extending healthy lives by years.
— Read on www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/immunotherapy-transforms-lung-cancer-biggest-cancer-killer-n866356

Mother, Mother Ocean. Can you hear her call?

Back in Kentucky, it would be a cold and dreary day. For me here at the ocean, it is a grand day. All days here are comforting to me. 851 more words

Being A Southerner

Life since Moving to Austin

Since moving back, I did have some opportunities to use my skills. I worked in the Farmers Market community, but as I continue to get sicker, I decided to just start up my blog again, work on a book, and do what I do best, which is always ready to lend a hand. 473 more words

Wrapping it up

Overall these past two weeks have had a great impact on me.  While two weeks is not a lot of time to make life changing habits, most habits do require minimum 3 – 4 weeks to get established, by writing a post each day it’s held me accountable to what I hold most important.  126 more words

2 Week Recalibration

It's a choice, not an accident

Today I thought I’d have the energy to begin a creative effort on some marketing concepts I’ve been tossing around in my head for a few weeks but when it came time to sit down and begin penciling them out I felt a resistance.  509 more words

2 Week Recalibration