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I'm doing it wrong.

I’m doing it wrong.

I consider that grammatically incorrect, but if I’m going to continue on that terrible leg of English language usage, that doesn’t make it not true. 572 more words


Birthday Buddha

So if you didn’t already know, Asia is big into buddhism, zen, + awakening your inner spirituality. Around 25% of South Koreans are active buddhist (equal to the amount of christians) + an even larger majority claim a buddhist background + culture. 332 more words

Stare Down Contests

The other evening, to celebrate our 1 month milestone of being together in Indonesia, we had dinner at De Patros Seafood Café, another fine resto by the sea. 502 more words


A Laos-y Way to Spend a Weekend

So here it is, the end of another week of teaching. And I’m still loving it. It’s hard work, what with boisterous Thai kids and brutal heat to contend with. 845 more words


13 days until our move to Germany

Oh oh… 13 days.. 13 DAYS!? This starts to get really scary now! Luckily we don’t have to pack as the relocation company will do it for us but still new place, new culture, new surrounding, new country! 238 more words


A Dumptruck Named Compassion

If you believe the back windows of the taxis they drive, the taxistas of Oaxaca are a very moral group. For several months now, selected yellow taxis in the city (not the orange, blue or pink, mind you) have been sporting painted one-word virtues. 903 more words

Living Abroad

Buddhist Procession

We had a procession today at the school I work at. It was in honor of the day Buddha is said to have died. All the students brought beautifully wrapped flowers.