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رمضان Ramadan

My 4th Ramadan in Morocco came and went, and this year was the best yet. I fasted for the entire duration and spent a ton of quality time with friends and neighbors.  398 more words

My First Trip to Spain

Dear Spain,

In the one short week we spent together…I fell in love. I couldn’t help but catch myself staring at your beauty and being constantly intrigued by your history. 57 more words


Life. Lessons. Future. Crossroads.

This past year has been a huge year for me. Not just moving to a new country, living in a different cultural environment, doing my second masters, living away from family, receiving bad news from home and feeling guilty for not being there, learning how to be (more) independent …. 1,386 more words

A piece of pie

My mother’s way of dealing with a fruit glut was to make fruit pies and freeze them uncooked. So we took a leaf out of her book and made a batch of peach pies and stashed them away. 464 more words

Sandra Danby

Create or Bust

I went to college for entrepreneurship. In retrospect, that was a misunderstanding of what it takes to be an entrepreneur. I didn’t need classes to tell me what characteristics most entrepreneurs have. 244 more words


Amazing new opportunity

I just started a new position as an editor and writer for a great online magazine called Live and Invest Overseas. This is a wonderful opportunity for me and it will enable me to contribute more and use my writing ability in new ways. 27 more words

House Hunters International

I’m not sure if this is on the news in America… but we are experiencing record heat in China right now. Seriously. Its been on average 100*F here with the heat index reaching 115*F. 425 more words