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Café Coffee

Chai means tea in several languages. Its origin appears to be mandarin although that’s irrelevant for the point I want to make:

To say or order a… 13 more words

My Life In India

Thanksgiving in Foshan- Food for My Soul

I’ll be the first to admit that I was truly worried about how the mini and I would spend our first major holiday abroad. Despite my best efforts to spend the day surrounded by people we were familiar with eating food that fed our souls as much as it did our stomachs, nothing seemed to be working out. 419 more words

Living Abroad

Scuba, anyone??

Ok, so we’ve already established that basically, I am rubbish at sports. Always was, no doubt always will be. My sad little attempt to master the art of horse-riding… 700 more words


How learning Hindi opened windows in place of locked doors.

Living in another country makes it vital to build bridges instead of walls. In my case, I don’t think that my time in India would amount to half as much if it weren’t for learning words and phrases in Hindi. 569 more words


What Are We Running From?

Those who choose to live abroad are often idealized but in the same breath get questioned about their motives. When I decided to make the leap to move abroad the first time and again a few months ago, I got mixed reviews. 617 more words


Three Month Update/Thanksgiving

As of the 28th, I’ve officially been in Korea for three months! That means I’m a quarter of the way through with my contract. Crazy to think about it that way. 241 more words


3 Days in India - Day II

When time is short, I try to fit in as much as possible. India was no exception. After the 3 hour flight to Mumbai and an all day adventure, I took a 2 hour flight in the wee hours of the morning to New Delhi on my journey to see my 3rd of 7 wonders of the world – The Taj Mahal in Agra India. 557 more words

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