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The secret life of immigrants

On the 25th June 2013, I took a one-way flight to London to start a new life with my husband, and today marks my fifth anniversary of being an immigrant. 4,369 more words


Dealing With Homesickness

Living in Japan, I am away from my friends and family back home in the US. I’ve been living in Japan for about nine years now, and while I am used to life, language and culture, I think that bouts of homesickness hit all expats at different times. 770 more words

Japan Life

How to Stay Healthy When You Don’t Have Regular Access to Fresh Vegetables


My First Three Months in Russia: a Culinary Journey

I just got home from the second leg of my year abroad, an invigorating semester-long stint in St Petersburg. 814 more words

Living Abroad

Missing Home

It has been two months, almost three, since I left my country.

On the first week, I had an anxiety attack. Literally packed my bags and about to go but a friend talked me out of it. 220 more words

Adult Life

Coming back to people

One of the best and worst things about moving away from a place you’ve lived for most of your life, is perspective. You get to see the bigger picture; how you fit in here and what you did there and with whom etc. 379 more words


Getting Vaccinations in Seoul, Korea -Itaewon


I’ll be going to Thailand for about 2 weeks at the end of July and first week of August. I wanted to take all precautions so I decided to get some vaccinations today in Seoul-Itaewon. 759 more words


Welcome to My Blog~

Welcome to my blog! I’m so excited to finally start blogging. It’s been over 3 years now since I moved to South Korea to become an English teacher. 48 more words