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Our Finicky Four Year-Old Traveler

Part of the goal of blogging about our adventures during a year-long sabbatical/career-break in Basel, Switzerland is capturing and preserving precious family experiences for us to look back on years later. 423 more words


Expats: We don't have to be friends

Living abroad comes with a lot of challenges.  Different culture, different language, different way of life; all of these things I had to adapt to as I continue my life in South Korea.  639 more words


Pani O'Cafe

What’s in a name? In mine, apparently too many e’s…

I can’t blame them though. I butcher just about every Polish name I see. At least the reactions are mutual. 568 more words

Mishaps And Musings

What they don't tell you about living abroad (studying abroad)

Being able to have the opportunity to live or study abroad is a wonderful that a lot of people should take advantage of but there is a lot that can make living abroad hard and I’m going to tell you. 1,003 more words

When navigating the city on my own in my free time, I have a nack for zoning out and hopping on the wrong tram…

Mishaps And Musings

More is, well...More

They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. Mostly this is applied to addictions like booze. In my case it applies to addictions like shoes.  800 more words


Jack, My Arch-Enemy

The sun had just set in Ambato, and I turned onto my host family’s street. The street was lit with yellow street light and an occasional car whizzed by while dogs barked in the distance. 449 more words