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Feeling Grateful 

Today I just want to take the time to express just how lucky I feel. Lucky because of all the support I feel here from all of you readers. 347 more words


Time spent with family is time well spent

So today we’ve literally just waved off a weekend of lovely visitors and family time, mostly spent eating, due to terrible weather! Inevitably we’ve got that rubbish sad feeling you get after anything you’ve been really looking forward to and with a plane journey standing in the way of it happening again soon, it’s not always easily resolved. 583 more words


Boiled Brains and other things that no longer frighten me

The hot pot tasted of spoilt milk and grey, maze-like brain bits bobbled among the mushrooms and the red dates of the soup. Our waitress had told us that there would be no meat in the broth we were ordering, but obviously something had been lost in translation. 228 more words

Living Abroad

#HowtoSpain - Empadronamiento


Empadronamiento is the administrative register that includes all the neighbors who live or usually reside in one municipality.


Basically will you need the empadronamiento in order to apply for other documents or facilities like: NIE, Health insurance Card, Buying a vehicle, Getting Married… 154 more words


Can-Do Recipes: Golden Milk Cauli Proats

A few weeks ago I decided to do the Whole30, in great part to finally discover whether or not (and to what extent) I actually am allergic to dairy and wheat.   589 more words

Living Abroad

Death and Dating apps

I changed my preference to Organ donor on my driver’s license two years ago. There’s nothing charitable about this, because I will be a bag of meat of the kind I buy at the butcher when they take my organs.  1,370 more words


Moving Out

I have always lived with my family, for whole 20 years.

It was most of the time quite strict, since my mum really likes to make sure I do my school work and study as much as I can. 397 more words

Living Abroad