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Right before the start of Fall Semester

I walked around the area some more. In case you didn’t read a previous post, I consider myself an adventurer. I wasn’t sure how much time I would have to explore once the school year started. 604 more words


Travel Suisse: Road tripping with babies and Luzern

Lucky us, Z and I finally have been able to do some traveling with the whole family! We’ve been laying low in the last months of my pregnancy, and the first months of E’s life, because that’s just the way things work out. 1,146 more words

Living Abroad

Sunflower field, Yomitan

Took some photographer/blogger friends to this sunflower field a couple miles from my house!! Such fun to learn from these talented ladies!!

Get out and experience the beauty in your neighborhood (even if you’re not very good at photography yet…like me!) 32 more words

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'No, thank you, I don't want to call my mother'

This weekend we were back in the UK for our final wedding of the year for what has been quite a hectic couple of months, nuptials wise. 949 more words

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Sleepless, Not Painless.

When things go wrong they go really wrong, we’re all aware of that, no doubt. But, when shit goes array in China with limited Chinese vocab it’s a substantial challenge. 704 more words

- A Void Impossible to Fill -

How is it? That when I was there, I wanted to be here, but now that I am here; I want to be there. I feel like living in constant limbo – nor here nor there, ever – I wanted to go live in Europe for awhile, to travel around, to meet new people, to live a whole different life – the one I had here was already too common, too uneventful – So, I did. 517 more words

Living Abroad

Kaiten Sushi and Sento

A few nights into my stay here, I met up with another friend who studied at my university as a foreign exchange student. He introduced me to Kaiten Sushi, specifically the name of the restaurant is Sushiro. 624 more words