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How to Ball on a Budget Around the World (basketball not included)

“If you don’t mind me asking, how can you afford to travel so much?”

If I had a dollar for every time I’m asked this, I could afford to fly business class across Europe instead of riding the Flex bus… One day I’ll sit in first class, annnnd 10 minutes later a flight attendant will probably tell me those seats are reserved for paying customers only.

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Summertime, and the living is easy...

(Cue jazz music)

My neighbor and I sat on my porch the other day, looking over the muddy semi-arboretum below. Her child is about the same age as my kids, and they all play together often. 341 more words

Living Abroad

I Stand With Spain

**After today’s attack in Barcelona, I can’t help but share my sadness.**

For two years, I called Spain home.  I was an American expat living in Madrid and yet after my first year I was never mistaken as one.   129 more words

Why Sydney Is Ideal for Female Solo Travelers

I don’t have to list the safety concerns for female solo travelers.

Part of me wants to say that it’s easy to assume that if you’re the kind of lady who would travel on her own, you have the awareness necessary to stay safe. 680 more words

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First Impressions

Hey all, so this is our first post about our upcoming adventure and here’s a little intro to get the party started. My name is Cara, and my husband Palmer and I have decided to quit our jobs and sell our house in the Boston area, and move our family (Oscar is almost 5 and Alice is 2) to Costa Rica for a year.   229 more words

Costa Rica

How Americans can stop calling Germany and France “expensive” - argument for a lifestyle change while living abroad

“I could never live in Europe, it’s too expensive.”

I have often heard the above quote, or something similar, from fellow Americans. I’ve even met young people who were too afraid to go and try to live in Germany or France because they thought it would be too expensive. 605 more words


First Day of School in a New Country

I had been dreading this day for months.  Imagine your first day at a new school where you don’t know anybody and you find it hard to understand what your teachers and classmates are saying because you don’t yet speak their language.   860 more words