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Are we living right side up, or upside down?

I’m sitting at the far end of the lake in Caylus,    France where      the only foot traffic is from the occasional elder whose finished tearing scraps from the loaf of bread they came to toss at the remaining ducks that haven’t been scared off by teenagers chucking rocks at them on the weekends. 813 more words


One of the reason why I’ve chosen EF for my exchange year are the EF WelcomeDays. Those are 3 days on where all the UK exchange student stay together, take part to classes, visit some British cities, and first and foremost get to know each other. 396 more words

Exchange Student

Gunkanjima and Nagasaki (April 2015)

April was a bit of a busy month since it was the start of the spring semester and there a lot of things I was doing, but that didn’t stop me from taking a trip down to Nagasaki with two of my friends to see Gunkanjima and the atomic bomb museum and memorial. 582 more words


A Passage Back to India

I almost didn’t come back to India on July 8, 2015. The car ride to JFK International is excruciating on its own, but then to have a toddler who can’t stand to be in a car seat for more than 20 minutes and unbelievable emotional turmoil inside my stomach, I almost postponed the journey – by two weeks or three weeks or a month or two months. 1,747 more words


Plum and ginger compote

This was invented because we had loads of plums and loads of fresh root ginger. This had been bought from Hipercor on a recent trip to the coast, and Hipercor for some reason does not allow you to buy just a finger’s worth of root ginger, but 10 fingers and toes-worth.  167 more words

Sandra Danby

Our Kids' Vacation Dreams (Living in Holland)

We know our time living in Europe is limited, so we decided to ask our sons where they would like to vacation. We brought them in one by one in solitude and simply asked, “Where would you like to visit?” 39 more words


Month 7 Recap: The High’s, the Low’s, and the Brunches

Another month flown by! This month was one of my favorites so far because it included some really fun weekend trips, exploring new hidden gems of Sydney, and being surrounded by some of the best people! 1,765 more words