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What goes on in your mind as you go to bed in a foreign country?

I don’t know how you sleep at night and what kind of traveller you are, however if you find yourself in a foreign country, where you know nobody or even when you know you have trusted friends, what goes through your mind as you go to bed for the night? 993 more words

Cape Town

Life's Traffic on Our Jakarta Street

This year Sarah, Cian and I pass up our school’s shuttle and walk to NJIS, while Áine heads to her preschool with our nanny a bit later.   1,287 more words

On Heartbreak and Writer's Block

I have to be honest, I have been struggling to write recently and I wanted to talk about it here with you, my dear readers. I have a sadness-induced writer’s block. 604 more words


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A very beautiful sentiment by another of my favorite bloggers at http://mexicoretold.com/. All too often, we speak of the beauty of a place without acknowledging it's pain. And yet, sometimes it's important to remember the beauty because it's way too easy to discuss the darkness. Enjoy her perspective....

The Dark and Damp Undersides of Bravery

Traveling for me is such an overwhelmingly positive experience that the brief moments of negativity maintain a tenuous hold at most when I look back.  My memory barely snags on the missed flights, the fear-induced sleeplessness, the tearful goodbyes. 336 more words

Rock ‘n Roll Resurrection: Dead Daisies in Havana

I knew it was going to be a different kind of night when the heavy at the door started scrutinizing my press pass. It was from last year, true, but I’ve been accredited here for a decade plus and I didn’t have my new credential through no fault of my own. 1,019 more words

Americans In Cuba

Friday, March 6


  • Sunshine. Every morning this week has brought sunshine back into my life. Couldn’t be happier. I love the sun. Even though it’s still anywhere between 30 to 50 degrees outside, the simple and constant stream of Vitamin D directly bathing my pale, pale, pale skin is a major plus.
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What has South Korea Taught Me? #1

Every now and then I plan to write short posts discussing some of the professional and life skills living and working in Korea has taught me: 416 more words

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