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25 Things I Learned in 6 Months of Living Alone

I recently moved into my own 1 bedroom apartment after living with MANY roommates through 4 years of college and my family before that. This is the first time I’ve lived by myself and it’s taught me a lot of things, here are a few: 665 more words


A pissed off person and their reaction to the word no..

This week was a bit eventful at work. did lots of layaways, closed layaway accounts, pulled heavy items from the back like of those little kid’s cars that they can drive in for those closed accounts to give to customers, (oy, don’t recommend doing that one on your own), evacuated the store because of a bomb threat, and pulled items for canceled layaways. 265 more words


I wanted to share a lovely story I was told recently about a young 80 year old man. He lost his wife of many years and felt utterly bereft. 164 more words


Saturday in the City


Her anger rose inside her, fuelled by a sticky heat, a cramped and cluttered apartment, insistent (and persistent) flies, and unreliable public transport.

Once she’d made it to the city, and circumnavigated the exchange of bodies boarding and disembarking the train, she begrudgingly set about tackling her errands for the day. 300 more words


Adulting Lesson #13

If you go grocery shopping on Saturday, take out an hour on Sunday – switch on Netflix – and chop all the fresh vegetables you’ve just bought, remove the leaves of your strawberries and wash and remove the  stem of the grapes and store them in the fridge. 36 more words

Life Hacks

End Loneliness

I saw Susanna Reid on Loose Women talking about the One Million Minutes initiative by Good Morning Britain:

There are more than 1 million older people who are chronically lonely. 124 more words


A Super-Deep Reflection: Solitude

Yeah, right.  I’m going to start off with how I dropped my phone down my pants.

Tomorrow is pickup day, and I was hauling the bins to the alley.   454 more words

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