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Bitou Lollipop

When Madoka learns that her parents won hundred million yens at the lottery, she does not believe her ears. But while she begins to dream about a princess’s new life, she meets to live only in a small appendix of the house of the family Asagi… For Madoka, a new life begins.

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I Survived!

As I submit my last final of my junior year in college and first year in NYC I just feel the need to look back on this past year and contemplate it for a second. 435 more words


쥐구멍에도 볕들 날 있다

The Sun shines, even in mouse holes

My right shoe squeaks with every step I take. The sound fast-paced and as distracting as my life seems to be becoming here; the rhythm is as constant and steady as the hopes and aspirations that brought me to this point. 374 more words

Daily Blogging


So I just turned 20 a couple weeks ago. And finally living in an actual building with a bathroom I share with only one person. Trust me that’s something to celebrate when one goes to university. 234 more words

The Fox's Word.

I Live Alone

Don’t worry, I talk to myself.

That’s nothing to be ashamed of, right? Speaking at length, totally out loud, to an empty room, is a natural aspect of human solitude, I’m sure. 525 more words

Andy Geels

Living at home VS Living alone

Living at home can be stressful with the noise of sibling’s and hardly any piece and quiet, while living at home is peaceful and quite. Here are a couple of examples on my opinions on the matter. 210 more words

Living Alone

“All of Me: what I’ve learned from marriage and live-in relationships,” by guest writer Sharon Ballinger – Who but You? living alone series

Why live alone?
I live alone now because it has finally dawned on me that I give too much of myself away to whomever I’m living with. 1,623 more words