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A Fresh Start--Committing to Weekly Posts from Paros, Greece

Feb 21, 2017
Today has been a good day, maybe even a very good day. I went to sleep very late last night and thought I was entitled to stay in bed until 11 in the morning, but Molly woke me as usual at 9 am, wanting her morning belly rubs. 1,122 more words

The Writing Life, Living On An Island

Throughout our life, we have all been the little baby birds of our parents and in an Indian family this feeling and treatment does not go away till we are forced to move out of our homes owing to a job or further studies.

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In the Garden of Krakow (Part 2)

He left the apartment with sweat dripping down his back.

Christ, that had never happened before. A woman offering that. Christ, that. Jesus, he hadn’t known what to do. 1,141 more words

A Few of My Favorite Things in My Apartment

Hello there,

A few weeks ago, I did a post about how I renovated the room I now call home. However, I didn’t show you how it turned out. 539 more words


One of THOSE people

My friend Matt, from the vantage point of his long-term relationship and semi-retired life, often decides to “fix” my life. I find this particularly amusing and endearing because he is a big bear of a man, at about 6’4”. 432 more words

Snow, Snow and More Snow

Maine is currently in what the meteorologists call an “active weather pattern;” and in February that means, snow, snow, and more snow. February is typically our coldest and snowiest month, so snow in February is hardly surprising. 1,098 more words


What she tackles, she conquers.

I think I live in a dream world, I believe in soul mates, reincarnation and karma. A lot has changed in my life in the past few weeks and for the first time I have found myself living alone. 625 more words