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Living with Increasing Precariousness

Losing one’s sense of balance as we age seems to be a given. Both brain and weakening muscles are culprits. We are urged to engage in exercises to promote our balance from middle age and on. 505 more words


About my new flat mate 

So. Recently I’ve undertaken this interesting new adventure of living with this woman. She’s 24, tall, long hair, sometimes funny and always fucking forgets to switch the lights off even when she leaves the flat. 681 more words



a single, retired english teacher
susan, 74,
lives next door

yesterday, yesterday’s New York Times lay on her walkway all day
today, today’s and yesterday’s… 519 more words


Caring Too Much

It is odd; it’s been a while since I write a sad post.

I guess I’ve been so focused on being positive and trying to move my life forward that I’ve been trying real hard not to feel sad, but… today is my last day with my family. 388 more words

It Takes Two to Tango Personal Boundary Setting

Personal boundaries are: 1) expectations and behaviors people create and use to guide permissible ways for other people to behave towards them and 2) responses made… 511 more words


Calm Before the Storm

Now that we are through with the first quarter of 2018, I look at the past three months and I am quite satisfied with some of the lifestyle changes I made. 333 more words


I Yam What I Yam

“You’re so strong”

I lost count of how many times I’ve been told that. It’s happened so often that I’m almost inured now. In the beginning I wanted to demonstrate how strong I was with one swift kick. 329 more words