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Buena Mano

I think I just need an outlet. Something to make me think after a long tiring day.

You see, I am relatively in a very boring lifestyle these days. 56 more words


The single life

The heading is misleading but I really feel that it perfectly embodies what I want to say. So I moved from a city to a village. 1,504 more words

Village Life

Lonely in the City? - Maybe Not

Here is a post from my previous blog, Loner’s Highway. I was writing about columnist Heather Mallick’s review in the Toronto Star of Olivia Laing’s book… 426 more words


Independence and Nightmares

Living alone hasn’t been so bad, no where near what I was terrified of. Today is my sixth day of living alone and I’m generally really loving it! 399 more words

The trouble with skipping along merrily is you sometimes don't watch where you're putting your feet....

Hi again from ‘ you know who’.

The trouble with skipping along merrily is you sometimes don’t watch where you’re putting your feet and come a merry old gutser instead LOL! 290 more words

Why it is vital to embrace the art of being alone?

People come and go. We all know that every single thing God or man-made is indeed temporary, that even the closest person in your life may leave anytime they want or any time life would asked them to, and the fact that at the end of the day it is still ourselves alone whom we could rely on to. 614 more words

Wonders Of Wanders

Living Alone is Overrated (for me, anyway)

About a year and a half ago I was living by myself for the first time ever after separating from my now ex-husband. I had lived with my family up until the age of 19, then with roommates through college, and then moved in with my ex immediately after graduating. 734 more words