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My clean house

Some people call me a clean freak or a neat freak. I’ve seen real clean freaks, and I am not them. Yes, I am very tidy and I like clean. 876 more words

Divorce At 60

The Divine Office

The Divine Office is the teenager who stays home from a dance to attend a family get-together.

It is the husband whose wife doesn’t have to prod him to put down the newspaper or turn off the television. 1,178 more words

"Sanctuary," by guest writer Es Bee -- Who but You? living alone series

Why I Live Alone

My first sojourn in living alone was when I was 18.  I moved from a small community with a private liberal arts college in rural Iowa to Minneapolis, where I had no social contacts, no familiarity with the city, and no previous understandings of how to navigate my life in an urban landscape.  1,672 more words

The Grand Coulee Ice Dam

When my retiree group met for lunch last month, the topic of removing snow from roofs came up. I scoffed at the current fad for roof-raking, arguing that Maine building codes require roofs that can handle a heavy snow load and that I didn’t remember people removing snow from the roofs in the heavy winters of my childhood. 997 more words

Home Ownership

I didn't quite keep this up as I should have.

However, we’re coming up to a year in this flat, all on my lonesome. So maybe in that time, I can divulge a little of what I’ve learnt. 262 more words

Living Alone

Saindo de Casa/ Leaving Home

Oi gente, tudo bem com vocês? Hoje eu vou falar um pouco como foi quando eu sai de casa. É uma aventura, você se sente totalmente empolgado com a ideia, se lembra das vezes que quando era criança e sempre dizia que ia fugir de casa, mas agora é para valer; sente o cheiro da liberdade e dá um frio na barriga pois não sabe o que se espera! 1,242 more words