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All alone (blog parody)

Living alone can be great. It really is, don’t you see? Well, you can’t really see it, but you have experienced it. I like to go anywhere when I’m alone. 484 more words


The Spider of Solo Living

Morning shower.  Very bleary eyes and a weakening resolve to fight the urge to crawl back into bed.  My morning routine is carried out on auto-pilot at the moment, as I pad from bedroom to bathroom, perform various duties of the hygiene variety, and sometimes even gather enough co-ordination to make my lunch.  893 more words

Thoughts On Life


So after days of waiting (40 days and 40 nights to be precise) (hey, that seems to have a lot of significance i.e. the number 40… 555 more words

Abu Dhabi

Stupid Spiders and Reordering the Past to Start a Future

Stupid spiders.  They’re everywhere.  They have a place in the ecosystem blah blah but stay out of my house!

I don’t fall out of your laundry basket onto your bed.   105 more words


High School: Second year, second week.

Besides the regular drone of classes, sports, store visits and school meals, there’s been nothing overly exciting happening in my life. For  Here’s some stuff I’ve learnt so far- 776 more words

My Observations

The joys? of living alone.

Nothing quite beats blasting music through your speakers without a care in the world. Unless of course you don’t like music in which case it wouldn’t be that flash, but I mean siting in silence is fun too. 668 more words

Exchange Student

Living on me tod (or in english, Living Alone)

So, been living in various hotels from April with on-off visits to meet family. Let me tell you at the outset… I am not cut out for it. 179 more words

Abu Dhabi