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A friend collected a kitten last week to give to her daughter for her 7th birthday.  I agreed to look after the kitten this week while my friend was away.  434 more words

Living Alone

I got divorced the year my youngest went away to college. I spent that year traveling back and forth to her collegiate volleyball tournaments. I still lived in the home my ex-husband and I bought together and finished raising our three children in. 228 more words

"Solitude vivifies; isolation kills." - Joseph Roux

It’s pretty common knowledge that China does not mix well with the Internet at large, especially prevalent in regards to the standing bans on Facebook and pretty much anything made by Google. 588 more words

Reflections And Nostalgia

24 Life Altering Things You’ll Learn While Living Abroad Alone

1. Most of your life epiphanies will happen on the bus… or train.

2. You’ll learn how to be resourceful: from trivial things to the unconventional way of how to cook pasta. 346 more words

Off the Grid, Just a Little

I spent the weekend without wifi.  Is this even possible you ask?  Well I was house sitting and had forgotten to get the password.  Rather then be a pest, calling to ask for the wifi password, I decided to go without, thinking it might help me write.  231 more words

Living Alone for 3 Months

Since January 10th my partner has been in Singapore doing a research internship. I couldn’t be more proud of and happy for him! He’s coming back this Sunday and I’m really excited. 1,008 more words

About Me

"My Own Private Desert Oasis," by guest writer Susana Rinderle – Who but You? living alone series

Why live alone?

I live alone because I love having my own private oasis where I can be myself 100% and have complete control over my environment.  915 more words