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I’m Tired of Japan

It’s a horrible thing to say, but it’s the truth. I’m tired of having to use the Japanese school computer, and explain/justify everything I do. I’m tired of being singled out and treated differently. 421 more words

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Single in the Sanctuary - Living the Fiercely Independent Life

This coming Wednesday will mark the 20th anniversary of living completely on my own.  June 1, 1996, I moved into my small, five-hundred-and-something square foot apartment in Largo, Florida.   638 more words


Been there, done that!

Yup, I faced my fear- for years, the idea of living alone has haunted me- I have never understood the appeal of it. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great aspects: 224 more words


5 signs you're a 20-something living alone

In a year’s time, I’ve gone from absolutely loathing solo living with all my being — to the point where I pretty much dreaded going home from work because it just felt desolate and lonely — … 395 more words


Glucosamine - The Pill Of Almost Death

Ever try to swallow a pill and it just won’t go down your throat so you keep trying but with every new swig of water the pill starts to disintegrate a tad bit more and taste worse and worse but… 335 more words

Home Life

Saying yes to myself....

Buenos Aires is host to many crazy landlords and other situations that make it compete with NYC in terms of chaos and craziness. When my roommates and I were kicked out of our old apartment–which was incidentally where my friends and I always threw our parties/get togethers–I found a small studio that was rented by an acquaintance. 128 more words

My month of habit-making is over

Four weeks ago I made a chart and point system to track the ‘good’ and ‘useful’ activities I was doing every day. Depending on the activities, I awarded myself a certain number of points, and if I made it to 10000 points, I would buy myself the running watch I want. 268 more words

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