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Things We Don't Talk About #382: Urine Samples

Does anyone else have trouble providing a urine sample, or is it only me?

This week, after a medical checkup, I had to provide blood and urine samples. 787 more words

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Biffalo-Buffalo-Bison and Beavers

I was reminded today of the A.A. Milne poem, At The Zoo. I couldn’t remember it all, but I did recall the part about biffalo-buffalo-bison. 272 more words

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Narwhals and Magpies

Two murals that I had not seen until this week both show images that are emblematic of Canada’s north; narwhals and magpies.

Narwhals live year-round in the Arctic waters where gatherings of hundreds of them have been seen. 72 more words

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When to Stay and Fight and When to Retreat

Those who fight and run away, live to fight another day. 

That little adage was always told to me with a little smile, a knowing wink, an understanding that sometimes the smart thing to do is to save your own skin. 556 more words

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Sticky Spring Snow

I woke up today to see snow outside my window. This late-April snow is wet and sticky. That is to say, it holds to the sides of trees, fences, bird boxes, and anywhere the wind blows it. 32 more words

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A Good Night's Sleep and New Friends

Two unusual things happened today. The first is that when I woke up I realized I had had a good night’s sleep, and the second is that I suddenly got a lot more followers on Twitter. 652 more words

Living And Learning

Forgive and Forget? I don’t think so!

As we close in on 9 months in this new place I’ve realized it isn’t just the change of our physical location but so much more. 316 more words