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10 Reasons I Am Not "Unethical"

  1. Wanting nice things is not a bad thing and never has to be mutually exclusive of spending time with your family, volunteering in your community, and passing good values down to your kids.
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Living Arrangements

10 Reasons My Boys are the Best Boys

  1. They don’t wake me up early because they love me and I love sleep.
  2. They need a pep talk every once in a while, which is cool because they let me be the mom and tell them they’re fantastic.
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Living Arrangements

10 Positive Changes I've Made This Year

These 10 changes are due to living with my three hooligans.

  1. I have learned to actively ask questions in class without blushing.
  2. I shave my legs more often.
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Living Arrangements

21 Truths You Should Know Before You Move In With A Significant Other

1. Someone is going to be the “creeper,” whose stuff is always overflowing into the common spaces or taking up entire shelves/counters. You might assume it’s always the woman, but creeping with your belongings is a genderless phenomenon. 937 more words

An Asexual Future?

This is my post for the September Carnival of Aces, which I am hosting this month.

Last month, Queenie posted to The Asexual Agenda on how hard it is facing the future without some sort of map. 1,478 more words


10 Things Roommate 3 Has Taught Me

Roommate 3 gets two top 10 lists, as he is the one I’m sharing a room with. The first one this morning was to trick Roommates 1 and 2 into building confidence for GM and GE and Ford and all those other companies they are looking at.   195 more words

Living Arrangements

10 Completely Random Facts about Roommate 3

These may or may not be in his elevator speech.

  1. He is studying biomedical engineering.
  2. He is German.
  3. He does research.
  4. He looks like Josh Hutcherson from the side.
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