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Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

As a couple who were separated but living in the same house, Dick and I had a temporary schedule regarding what days and times we had “custody” of Ashley. 730 more words


57. A Ship in Harbour

“Remind me never to do anything else ever again for my family, they’re so ungrateful” says Jane.

“Ok will do.” I reply.

“What did they do now?” Asks Liz. 968 more words

45. A Cuckoo's Calling

There was just under an hour’s wait before my train and I really needed a rest and something hot and restorative. I love London, but it can get overwhelming pretty quickly. 556 more words

42. Sonder

sonder, n. the realisation that everyone is living a life as complex and separate as your own.

It was a shock to find out that I didn’t mean as much to them or was not as important in their lives as I thought I was. 644 more words

Welcoming a sister wife: Two different ways

Note from the blog owner: minnearminne is a new contributor to the blog, and this is her first post.

Since this article is specific to the two different ways things worked out for bringing and welcoming a new wife into the family, I will try to leave out too many details even though it will be hard. 1,803 more words


41. Moving On

I’ve moved house more than a dozen times so I should be used to it by now. Sometimes I’m ready and raring to go.  Bored of the same old bus route and tired of my job. 699 more words

37. This is No Fairy Tale

This is a special post for International Women’s Day.

Once upon a time, not that long ago, in a land not far from this one, there lived a girl called Rose. 1,343 more words