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The In Between

You know what really sucks?

Being in the stage of life between and adult and not.

Currently, I have a real job. I’m making good money. 148 more words


17. Good riddance to the time of your life

No-one tells you about the reality of living in a converted, industrial building in the regenerated, hipster part of town, down near the docks. The trendy idea of the cool, urban, party loft was very different experience for me day-to-day. 1,011 more words

Throwing In The Towel

Dick was not a happy camper.

Realizing that this divorce was not going the way he hoped and planned,  (that he was simply  going to take everything, leave me with nothing and live happily ever after) he found himself in a position where he would have to explain himself and be held accountable to the legal system for his actions. 746 more words


My candle

One of the three flames just went out

Terrariums in the background

Empty Nest, on Filial Relations

The members of this family were, split up, living in different cities, because of work, and schooling too, translated…

If the metaphor of a family being a small nest is true, and after the nest had a few chicks, the parents took turns, watching over and finding food, do whatever they possibly could, to help the young grow. 344 more words

Experiences Of Life

Living In A House Divided

If we couldn’t live together in peace as a married couple, why would it be expected that we should cohabitate harmoniously  while going through the divorce process? 975 more words



It’s done. The house where I have lived most of my life has been sold, and I have now downsized to a room with a sofa bed and a table. 1,536 more words