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February 21

The Power of Choice

Sometimes we forget that we have options in our lives. We don’t HAVE to work where we work. We don’t HAVE to live where we live. 110 more words

23 thoughts you have when you move in with strangers

1.       Is this place always this clean or was it cleaned before I moved in?

2.       God I hope I’m not the messy one.

3.       So…no one hangs out in the communal areas then…guess I can make this my second bedroom. 241 more words

23 Thoughts

The Student Apartment Hunting Guide (Part 3: Finding and Keeping Good Roommates)

Hello critters! Welcome to the third and final installment of the Student Apartment Hunting Guide. In the first installment, we looked at ways to search for your new home, and reviewed the process of securing housing start-to-finish; in… 1,669 more words


The Student Apartment Hunting Guide (Part 2: What to Look For When Viewing Apartments)

Welcome back to Part 2 of the Student Apartment Hunting Guide! After a holiday hiatus, I’m here to give you all the advice I can muster on a) things to check in each of the apartments you visit, and b) questions to ask a landlord to ensure you’ll be a good fit for the space. 956 more words


The Student Apartment Hunting Guide (Part 1: Searching for Your New Home)

Last March, after four years in residence, I finally made the decision to spend my fifth and final year in an apartment with some roommates. It was something of a harrowing decision. 1,352 more words


Orientation - getting to know the area

Edit: I wrote this without stopping so expect spelling mistakes and seemingly random jumps.

Where I am living is absolutely fantastic! I love my little space as it is surprisingly large. 666 more words