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Thanking Mothers and Others

Some days the words flow out of me and I am in awe of how the Divine works. Other days, I completely understand Ernest Hemingway when he said that writing was nothing. 750 more words

Living Better

The Up and Down Weekend

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I’m about to write something I rarely write or even think. This weekend sucked; well, parts of it did. All three of my boys, at two different colleges and one still in high school, had the weekend off for spring break, although one was on his way back to campus from Florida and could only stay for a night or two, but having my boys home at the same time is always a treat. 1,548 more words

Living Better

Divine Whispers and Bricks

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Some days I feel like the Divine whispers to me, and I need to be still to listen. Some days I feel like the Divine hits me upside the head with a brick. 1,504 more words

Living Better

Looking for the Miracles and Blessings

Every day we decide who to be. Every day we decide what to do. Every day we live on purpose or we react to whatever life throws at us, and sometimes life challenges us to change in big ways. 2,219 more words

Living Better

Declarations and Manifestos

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As some of you know, I did a creativity bootcamp in October which has now become a creativity salon. 1,939 more words

Living Better

All Paths Lead Through the Kitchen Table

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There is nothing quite like the joy of a spiritual breakthrough for me, and I got a great one this morning. 1,988 more words

Living Better

Wondering Through the Day

Some days you wonder where the time goes. Some days you wonder where your focus has gone to. Some days you wonder how you got through the day without strangling someone, but how often do you wonder how blessed you are? 2,725 more words

Living Better