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Declarations and Manifestos

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As some of you know, I did a creativity bootcamp in October which has now become a creativity salon. 1,939 more words

Living Better

All Paths Lead Through the Kitchen Table

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There is nothing quite like the joy of a spiritual breakthrough for me, and I got a great one this morning. 1,988 more words

Living Better

Wondering Through the Day

Some days you wonder where the time goes. Some days you wonder where your focus has gone to. Some days you wonder how you got through the day without strangling someone, but how often do you wonder how blessed you are? 2,725 more words

Living Better

Finding Your Tribe

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Have you ever heard the quote, “When you find people who not only tolerate your quirks but celebrate them with glad cries of ‘Me, too!’ be sure to cherish them. 2,160 more words

Living Better

Ask Better Questions

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Every day we ask ourselves questions.  It’s how we keep our internal dialogue going.  The tone of the question can determine the quality of our day.  1,974 more words

Living Better

Changing Your Mood and Attitude

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Lately several of my friends have been struggling with mood and/or attitude issues. The season changing is affecting some. School starting is affecting others, and life circumstances affect still more. 3,067 more words

Living Better

Lessons Learned from Eric, Andrew and Amy

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All writers are story tellers of some kind. They are tasked with painting a picture with words. Even technical writers are illustrating scientific principles in a way that others can understand them. 1,960 more words

Living Better