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Wise Gardening

Life is a garden. If you want happiness, don’t plant grumbling, complaining, and discord. One little seed planted in the ground always produces multiplied fruit of like kind. 15 more words

Five Months Ago Tonight

Five  months ago tonight, March 27, my husband flat-lined.

Five months ago tonight I faced the loss of my best friend and love.

Five months ago tonight I prayed if it is his time take him or heal him. 171 more words

Miscellaneous Thoughts

'Cameron's Rib' - Sneak a Peek ...

Anyone trying to describe Suzanne Peterson would not have called her pretty. She stood five feet, six inches in her stockinged feet, and all of those inches were undeniably feminine. 2,483 more words

Living By Faith

The Prodigal's Delay (and How to Avoid It)

Why did the prodigal take so long to return? Why did he linger in that pig pen which was so humiliating and hateful for him (as a Jew) to endure? 649 more words

Christian Faith


Sometimes you just need to refocus. Being really scared can cause you to do that.

Carl awakened in pain from the neuropathy in his legs. Then I realized he was perspiring like a running water faucet and cold to the touch at the same time. 462 more words

Miscellaneous Thoughts

What, Exactly, Does Christianity Mean? Well, Read the Book of Hebrews!

(Since I am completed tired of politics- I’ve had enough for 10 lifetimes, I will be focusing on Bible study for awhile.) I want to call your attention to the Book of Hebrews. 2,387 more words


Sneak a Peek at "Quenton's Honor"

Just thought I’d tease some of you a little with an excerpt from the first chapter of my novel Quenton’s Honor.  Go ahead. Take a chance. 3,116 more words

Living By Faith