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Pirates taking over the beach

During the federal government shutdown, the beach is officially closed. But, that mostly just means the parking lots and bathrooms are closed, there are no lifeguards on duty to protect the public, clean up the beach or ensure dogs appropriately use the beach, and most of the businesses in town are seeing fewer customers. 59 more words

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Better know your sand

The sand at Stinson Beach is as ever-changing as the tides — with different weather, wind patterns, and surf bringing different types of sand formations to the beach. 159 more words

Sand In My Shoes

You Know You Live in Stinson Beach When...

Inspired by this list of 23 Signs You’re a New Yorker, here is my list of signs you live in Stinson Beach.

1. Without fail, you will find sand in the lint trap of your dryer.   504 more words

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Tip # 13 -- Love Your Beach Body

You would think that living by the beach would make you self- conscious about your body (since you’re surrounded by too many Baywatch Babes to count), but I’ve actually grown to be much more comfortable in my own skin since we moved to the beach. 292 more words

Living By The Tides

Tip #12 -- Freecycling At the Beach

After a busy summer weekend, you can find an almost unending supply of beach toys carelessly or intentionally left behind on the beach. Before you spend dozens or hundreds of dollars on a new bucket, rake set, or dump truck for your family, try taking a tour of the beach in the evening and I’m sure you’ll come up with a whole new collection of beach toys. 52 more words

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The Sequester Hits Home

While the sequester is having a huge impact on the unemployed, it’s also having an impact on folks visiting Stinson Beach, and other beaches administered as National Seashores — like Cape Cod. 47 more words

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