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(My) Top 5 Tapes from '88

1988 was probably one of the last great years for audio cassette sales.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, when it comes to 1988 releases in my collection, I have more tapes than CDs/LPs. 252 more words


Five CDs from Beatties: 1) Yo! Bum Rush The Show

Judging by the release dates, it must have been 1987. I had decided with the money I had earned from my year out of my degree to treat myself to my first CD player (and I think speakers and an amplifier). 1,036 more words


The Sounds of Madness: My Favorite Songs

My taste in music really reflects the whole unique personality belief I hold myself to. I don’t define myself by just one genre of music, meaning I have everything from Shinedown to Weezer, Vanilla Ice (somehow this isn’t the first blog post I’ve mentioned him) to Tupac, Dean Martin to Aerosmith to Lenny Kravitz and everything in between. 321 more words


Cult of Personality - Living Colour

Everybody is susceptible to following a charismatic leader. A few times every century, time and time again, a major issue of some sort — whether a revolution in Russia, a thirst for the end of British imperialism in India, civil rights movements, or the Cold War — will occur, heating up until conflict is just about ready to boil over. 1,359 more words


Cool Lil Numbers....Living Colour/ Glamour Boys

Oh yeah man! Summer of 1988, me and Tbone jacked Glamour Boys In his car for all of Tbay to hear! Also on our playlist that summer was Aerosmiths Permanent Vacation(full album except Angel like c’mon?!)/Beatles Revolution and Van Halens Fair Warning (full album) Man,Glamour Boys by Living Colour from there very good debut Vivid album is a classic! 184 more words

CooL LiL Numbers....

Cover Thursday: Living Colour with Lajon of Sevendust- Cult Of Personality

This isn’t necessarily a cover but it’s awesome. So many people for years have been trying to get Sevendust to cover this song, and recently while on the Shiprocked cruise, Sevendust and Living Color happened to be booked on it and it finally happened! 13 more words

Cover Thursday