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The Cult of Personality 

Oprah? Really? Is this where we’re at now as a country? We can now only elect celebrities to the most important job in the world? 176 more words


My Top 5 Gigs of 2017

2017 has been a great year for me and my exploration of music. Whilst the bands I have seen have mainly been bands I have seen before or bands I was already a big fan of, I still feel like this year I have had my best live music experiences so far. 910 more words


Proglodytes Picks: Best Albums of 2017

Each year, the Proglodytes gather around the campfire and discuss what they thought were the best albums of 2017. We tried not to include any repeats. 1,079 more words


Joshua Lozano from Fashion Week Is Apparently Very Sensitive

I thought the noise rock scene was the one place (well next to metal, I guess) that was free of whiny, politically correct crybabies; I mean, for fuck’s sake, you’ve got gun loving ex-Marine libertarian Tom Hazelmyer running  224 more words

Political Correctness

Music that heals

This track by Living Colour “Two Sides” speaks to not only the pain in my soul but also presents hope for me in the paradox that is life. 208 more words


The Veldt !!!

This past Halloween, a rockin’ Tuesday night, I went to go see The Veldt and Living Colour play The Lincoln Theatre! It was a phenomenal show, totally full of energy! 59 more words


* Living Colour "Shade in the USA" East Coast Tour w/ Derek Day @ Club LA 11/07/17

“Who let the dog out?”

Vernon Reid’s question was more statement than inquiry. It was an unbelievable moment. And something that has never happened in the band’s 33-year history. 177 more words

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