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Don't Follow Good Advice Too Closely

As bike wrecks go, it wasn’t that spectacular. I was pedaling along with the rest of the family—not racing, not trying to ride with no hands, not doing anything except follow my stepdaughter along the bike path. 277 more words

Living Consciously

The World As Seen By . . .

Not everyone sees the world the same way I do. By now this no longer surprises me, though it sometimes leaves me bemused, baffled, or bewildered.  457 more words

Living Consciously

Family Gone Vegan

Family Gone Vegan
By Rosanna Mckenna

Lets set the scene..



Liam’s like… 1,212 more words

What Mother's Day Cards Don't Say

(I wrote this several years ago. It’s still true.)

I hate picking out Mother’s Day cards. Oh, not because I don’t love my mother. I do. 480 more words

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Meditation: A Beginners Guide to Vipassana Retreats

For the past ten days I was in Kelseyville, CA at the Northern California Vipassana Center for a silent meditation retreat.  While this experience was overwhelmingly challenging at times, I learned so much in that short time.   1,038 more words


Once you're gone...

OMG. Prince has died. And Victoria Wood. At least George Martin was older than me (a bit), but these guys were younger. Do I smell the Grim Reaper sniffing around me? 243 more words


A Simple Tip to Meditating Effectively

Let me begin by telling you what meditation is NOT…

Meditation is not concentration.

Meditation is not focused effort.

In meditation you are not trying to stop your mind from thinking. 444 more words

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