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Perseverence furthers (from the I Ching)

We’ve been having a new kitchen installed and I understand now why people say that having building or refurbishment work done in their own home is stressful. 671 more words


A red rag to a coach

Here’s an interesting thought that someone sent me recently. It’s a quote from the late Indian guru Osho, who says:

“There is no goal of life. 66 more words


How to identify your true goals

Many of the people I meet are convinced that Life Coaching is only about achieving goals on a superficial level, but I beg to differ. While it is true that some coaches are obsessed with goals, better performance and achievement in the material or corporate world, I am more interested in what we as individuals are trying to achieve and, most importantly, how it makes us feel. 501 more words


Perspective = Happiness


Over and over I hear my most hated phrase; ‘I deserve it’. I believe this line of thinking is the bane of our modern existence. 490 more words

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Coincidence & Synchronicity

Recently a student asked me about a series of synchronistic coincidences she had been having. She wanted to learn of their specific meanings and had been worrying herself to understand. 247 more words

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Finding Your Motivation

From time to time even the ‘best of us’ lose our motivation. It is a natural part of being human. We like to get comfortable and be sedentary from time to time. 1,085 more words

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What Is Relevance?

What is Relevance?

I’ve spent most of my life dreaming about – becoming ‘Relevant’
but I never really knew – what that Meant.

I thought that Relevance was the end result of – having Relationships. 428 more words