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Toasted Dust and Toasty Toes

There’s nothing quite like the cozy pleasure of turning on the furnace for the first time in the fall. Oh, you can postpone it for a while, even when the mornings are getting cool enough so you wake up and are tempted to pull the covers up to your neck and stay tucked in for another few minutes. 324 more words

Living Consciously

16-41 Living Consciously, TR, O'Connor

Transforming Relationships with host, Julieanne O’Connor, on air from October 11th.

Taking Kindness to another level doesn’t require a lot.  Just a little heightened awareness can make a huge impact.  80 more words

Transforming Relationships Past Shows

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

So we create our own reality, right?

Whether you believe in that or not, the fact remains undisturbed. A magnetic experience – the Earth pulls us towards it, we pull pieces of its puzzle towards us. 529 more words

Self Improvement

Scenarios in my head - Ridiculous!

Scenarios in my head – Ridiculous!!

Turning away from jeering voices, my soul encourages it’s mind to continue, recognizing the pain and the glory co-existent there. 272 more words


A Life Well Lived "In the Middle of Nowhere"

I recently met a woman who lived not far from where I grew up in south-central South Dakota, and she asked me where my family’s farm was. 787 more words

Living Consciously

What Is Living Consciously and How Is It Done?

by Karen R. Koenig.

No one does this conscious-living thing perfectly, so the idea isn’t to always be grounded in the present, but to be there as often as possible, certainly more often than not; know when you’re slipping out of it; and be able to bring yourself back as quickly as possible.  12 more words

Traditional home

It can be considered strange to spend time pondering the issue of our traditional home. After all, any dwelling is somewhat relative to the moment given the mobility so present today for many people. 283 more words

Brian Groves