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Once you're gone...

OMG. Prince has died. And Victoria Wood. At least George Martin was older than me (a bit), but these guys were younger. Do I smell the Grim Reaper sniffing around me? 243 more words


A Simple Tip to Meditating Effectively

Let me begin by telling you what meditation is NOT…

Meditation is not concentration.

Meditation is not focused effort.

In meditation you are not trying to stop your mind from thinking. 444 more words

Living Consciously

Super Easy Homemade Toothpaste with all Natural Ingredients

It’s pretty much impossible to find anything that isn’t somehow damaging to our health. We’ve created a world that operates on speed and greed, leaving us as casualties in the process. 347 more words

Living Consciously

5 Simple Tips to Being a Conscious Consumer

If you’re anything like me, you’re rolling your eyes right now, in anticipation of reading about yet another thing that requires your conscious changing effort. Since I started my path towards a more conscious life, I have been seriously surprised at how badly we’ve screwed things up. 452 more words

Living Consciously

Your Tap Water is Trying to Kill You

Unless you’re from China, Japan and a handful of European countries, you better watch your back because, you heard me, your tap water has disguised itself as your friend – when in reality… 468 more words

Living Consciously

Why You Shouldn’t be ‘Vegan’ or ‘Vegetarian’ or ‘Paleo’ etc. to be Healthy.

Let me begin by saying that your choice of lifestyle is completely your own and I am not, by any means, trying to change that. I want to commend you for consciously thinking about your health and exploring different avenues to achieving your definition of vitality. 650 more words

Living Consciously


What a silly question. But of course I am conscious. I am a human, and I know that I am a human so that means I am conscious. 384 more words

Living Consciously