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If You Find Yourself In Hell, Keep Going.

Sometimes, losing yourself is a gift. It means you get a second chance, a free start over. It is not easy by any means. Its hard, messy, painful and you often feel as though you’ll never see the sun again. 414 more words

Personal Growth

Are You Being The Change You Wish To See?

When a complete stranger performs an act of kindness toward another, it says to that person “I think you are important”. The child in most of us aches to hear those words. 547 more words

Personal Growth

LDP Month 3 — March

The end of month three. The end of our first LDP month with the challenge of a baby. Since we can’t really take Hattie anywhere there really wasn’t too much money being spent — we just sat and nested. 316 more words

Living Deliberately Project

Now Sweetie, How About We Get Back On The Wagon? ( Dealing with Failure Part 2)

Failure is a temporary state, if you want it to be. The thing is this. Its okay to fail. Its okay to lapse, to not always be perfect, to let things go for a little bit. 491 more words

Personal Growth

Living Conscientiously

Through my energy work with living beings, I have developed a love of animals that is so strong, that the thought of harming an animal is unimaginable. 428 more words


Over-driving Over I-90

Signs that you’ve made a lot of trips across western South Dakota on Interstate 90 in the past few months:

1. You notice when Reptile Gardens updates one of its billboards or Cosmos puts up a new one, and you consider either one an addition to the scenery. 337 more words

Living Consciously

A bowlful of insight

Be grateful there are no photos this time….

I found my head in the toilet 4 more times than normal Monday night.  Well, I guess to be completely honest, my head is not IN the toilet normally, but more accurately, hovering above it, weekly, as I give it a thoroughly cleaning. 952 more words

Living Consciously