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How to Squash Negative Thought Patterns

by Steve Pavlina

Suppose you have the bad habit of dwelling too much on the same negative thoughts.  And suppose there’s no outward physical manifestation associated to them.  1,577 more words

Surviving Narcissistic Abuse

Second-Hand Good Judgment

Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment. Anyone over the age of, say, two and a half knows this saying to be true. 602 more words

Living Consciously

2016, Crossing the Threshold - Editing our Lives

We have crossed the threshold from 2015 to 2016. We are on the brink, at the dawn, on the verge of a new year.  As singer-songwriter Carrie Newcomer says, “At a threshold there’s often a moment where what is old has passed away, but the new hasn’t quite arrived yet. 677 more words

2016 - Crossing The Threshold

The difference between consciousness and awareness?

Many people ask me this question.

It’s very simple. Awareness means that you actually know that you are conscious. As far as we know, only humans can do that. 224 more words

Conscious Living

Going vegan for January = Veganary!

Greetings everyone and welcome to 2016!  As we welcome in the New Year, Mar(k) have decided to embrace Veganary for the next month.   If you haven’t heard about it, it’s basically a “thing” where you become Vegan for the month of January. 415 more words


The Spirit of the Christmas Letter

Even though I don’t receive many of them (maybe more would come in if I sent out the occasional Christmas card?), I like Christmas letters. In the hands of someone creative like my niece, the annual update is a delight. 737 more words

Living Consciously

Holiday Overachieving and Great Ideas

This time of year, it’s easy to feel like an underachiever. It’s not just all the ads and articles and advice about creating “perfect” Christmas gifts or Christmas wrap or Christmas cookies or Christmas dinners or Christmas decorating. 575 more words

Living Consciously