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Conscious Eating

Dear Future Self,

As I fight to regain balance in my life due to accumulated neglect and avoidance I am aiming to keep things simple and light. 264 more words


Simple Pleasures

We all have our own methods of releasing stress to some our ideas may seem like total time-wasters, but to others our time-wasters may be an blissful way to escape from the stress of daily life. 45 more words



Always Live In View of Eternity.

Let your soul glide,

let your vibration soar.

The luxury of feeling alive.

Be sure to check out my full articles @ … 28 more words


It's a Beautiful Life

Dear Future Self,

Life is nothing more than this very moment.

Nothing more than a series of collected moments.

Stay in the present moment; don’t linger in the past and future; 745 more words


Making Sense of the Senses

Reflecting thoughts,

potential costs, opportunities lost,

salads tossed, bosses crossed

appeasing God, simplistic plot

deeper meanings sought,

material bots, cycling thoughts

dopamine drought

body vulnerable as the mind it shouts… 50 more words

Mental Health

A New Beginning

Dear Future Self,

Today is a new beginning, a new focus on improvement.

A new responsibility, a new growth, a new maturity.

Using all aspects I’ve learnt up until this point to progress and act smart. 726 more words


New Years Resolutions for 2018

FYI: This post is filled with pictures of all of my favourite memories and people from 2017. Many of them are unrelated to what’s going on in the text, I just wanted to litter it with good vibes to look back on. 839 more words