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Waste Not

I’ve been thinking a lot about trash lately. Mostly how much I produce. How many bags go out per week, how full my recycling bin is, stuff like that. 1,092 more words

Enchanted Life

Living consciously

I just read a really old (1997) article on self-esteem by Nathaniel Branden (featured in “The art of living consciously”). It was really enlightening for me, so I’d like to share it with you all! 201 more words


Evidence of a Life Lived

As far as I can tell I have about a million photos, just in my room. And 20 times more on my laptop and two external hard drives. 648 more words

Enchanted Life

JOY. Theanthric joy.

Have you ever noticed how your spine can conform to the trunk of a tree; how you feel a great solidarity and unity when you lean into its life? 544 more words


return of the LDP (2017)

Starting in 2013 we began a project dedicated to living deliberately, to acting and consuming in a conscious way. In this the Living Deliberately Project, or LDP, was born. 452 more words

Thoughts And Feelings


My feet floated above the pavement. I walked on air. I was in love. I was desperately happy. For 3 days, I existed in happy anticipation of THE CALL, the phone would ring, it would be HIM and he would ask me out on my first date. 499 more words


Living Our Potential for Universal Love.

Living Our Potential for Universal Love

The stories we tell ourself create our reality. This is mine.

I believe in the potential for universal love. I grieve for the lost paradise which I see in potential, and in reality being destroyed. 531 more words