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There is Still Time to Have Your Living Fence Installed Before Year End!

   Fall is a great time for planting. As temperatures cool, transplanting is less stressful on plants as they slowly become dormant with less active new growth. 153 more words

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Time to Water Your Living Fence!

Fall is upon us and the past few weeks have been dry for plants due to the lack of rain. Thankfully we did not have any hurricanes in our area but a little rain would have been helpful.  238 more words

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Fall Lawn Rejuvenation

Late August through mid October is the ideal time for lawn rejuvenation in our transition zone. Wait until after a rain to core-aerate or verti-slice the cool season turf grass areas. 239 more words

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Benefits of Drip Irrigation

We get numerous calls every year from customers asking about watering the trees we install for them. During the dry, hot summer months it is important the evergreen trees get enough water when planted. 322 more words

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Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles directly damage landscape plants as adults while the larvae (grubs) damage turf grass. Adult beetle activity in this area commonly peaks during mid July through mid August. 246 more words

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Bagworm Control

Bagworms are easy to control when they are young and there is minimal damage to the plant. Look for bagworms in late June. Use the Fourth of July as a reminder date. 282 more words

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Living Edge Giving Veg - How To a Make Living Fence

Walls, fences, barriers, they’re so restrictive. They keep people out and keep people in and both of these things has a very negative feel about it. 773 more words