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You are Invited

… ‘As the Lord Almighty lives, whom I serve, I will surely …’ 1 Kings 18:15

Elijah goes on to say what he will do as a result of this statement.   116 more words

Christian Meditation


Who are we at Southwark Cathedral? That’s something that we’ve been thinking about and the Feast of Christ the King has been the day on which we shared with the congregation the result of all the thinking, talking and praying that we’ve been engaged in. 1,131 more words


The horrific events of Friday evening in Paris left us with a sense of deep shock. As I woke on Saturday morning and listened to the news on the radio it almost became too much. 712 more words

Can we talk? Part 2

Our Shared Conversations are over and the participants from Europe, Guildford and Southwark have made their way home. The rule was that we were asked not to Tweet or Blog during the time we were together – and to be honest that made sense. 708 more words

'Can we talk?'

So, tomorrow I head off to become part of the Shared Conversations which have been going on in the Church of England since April of this year and will conclude in March of next year. 815 more words

Day 311 For He is the living God, And steadfast forever, His throne was a fiery flame

The fire blazes and it consumes everything that is placed within it. But does it?

The material that burns is reduced to ashes and the energy is released into another form. 386 more words


'Are you for real?'

Was I surprised to hear the results of a recent survey on Christian faith and believing? A report in the Telegraph about the survey included this… 762 more words