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The Seventh Station - Jesus falls the second time

To be honest I’m not very good about getting regular checkups in my diary. I know that I should go to the dentist twice a year; I know that I should go regularly to get my eyes tested; I know that I should have my blood pressure and cholesterol level checked, and of course, if I’m summoned by the doctor I go, but those things are not high on my agenda. 1,011 more words

The Sixth Station - Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

As you follow the cross along the Via Dolorosa, with your pilgrim group, with your friends, perhaps from your church, people you know and know well, you will be passed by so many people. 865 more words

The Fifth Station - Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry the cross

It is not just we who are recognising that the prisoner, Jesus, is finding it hard on this journey from the place of condemnation to the place of crucifixion, along this road of sorrows. 1,209 more words

The Fourth Station - Jesus meets his mother

The streets were crowded. People were going about their business, doing their shopping, meeting their friends, getting on with their life. It would have been hard to make out faces in the crowd and for Jesus even more difficult as he goes with head down, straining under the weight of the cross beam that had laid upon him. 1,328 more words

I Believe in God (Zoegirl Lyric Video)

I was feeling very tired these days and then I heard this praise of the Lord God. So I got lost in the Lord and found myself again. 8 more words

Praise And Worship

The Third Station - Jesus falls for the first time

I’m used to it, failing, stumbling, sinning, falling. It has been a feature of my life, not quite living up to the demands of the gospel, not being able to live as Jesus calls me to live. 866 more words

The Second Station - Jesus receives his cross

As the pilgrims leave the chapel in which the First Station is recalled they cross an attractive courtyard to a small chapel and at that chapel they are given a cross.  1,033 more words