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If you’re not a good girl, I’m going to leave

I was 6 when my mother disappeared. Now, when men do the same, I assume I’m the one to blame

By: Tammy Delatorre/Salon.com

He left in the middle of the night. 1,740 more words


Another tip from Gavin Keenan: How to remove snow from your roof

With all this wintry weather, we are swamped by advice on how to deal with ice dams, leaking roofs and the other pesky realities of living in New England. 449 more words


Kurdish Battle against Da'esh around Kobanî, 2015

I have made this page to track the battle between YPG / Peshmerga and Da’esh. The images are from the Wikipedia page for ISIL.

To view the progress of the battle, click on any of the images and use the arrow keys in the gallery. 76 more words

Living Here

Shrove Tuesday is February 17--and we're missing out!

I’m envious of Shrove Tuesday (also called Fat Tuesday). It’s the last day of feasting before Lent, and this year it’s on February 17. We all know about Mardi Gras but there are English traditions which also look like a lot of fun! 749 more words


New Mexico may reapeal law issuing Driver Licesense for undocumented immigra

 The top priority of Gov. Susana Martinez chugs through Republican-controlled House 

While California just allowed undocumented immigrants to get Drivers Licenses New Mexico is considering reversing the law that was passed in 2003… 333 more words


47th & Mohammad

By: Madeline Klosterman/The American in Italia

Mohammad stood behind his vending pushcart on Manhattan’s 47th street. He wore a heavy coat and a plaid winter scarf wrapped around his head like a turban. 632 more words

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6 Lethal Selfies You Need to Learn From

Take a selfie or die trying? If you’re not careful, taking a selfie could be the last thing you do.

By: Sascha Segan/PC MAGAZINE 

Selfies can be a scourge. 989 more words

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