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Why You Should Never Assume That A Black Person Can't Be Latino

“A whole section of my identity was cut off.”

By: Zeba Blay/Huffington Post

The assumption that being black and Latino is not possible isn’t only false — it can have harmful consequences on a person’s sense of identity, as revealed by one woman in a recent video that’s going viral. 388 more words


Marketing Your Agency

It is a myth in the industry that ‘marketing’ is the same as ‘advertising.’ No idea could be more wrong and even worse can destroy any plans to grow your agency beyond the the ‘traditional’ organic growth. 185 more words

Living Here

The United States of Bus Travel

The people you meet in this country is a trip

By: Tristan Ahtone/Al Jazzera America

Dusk, with orange streetlights winking on. The bus groans, hisses and lumbers out of the station heading to New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle or some backwater like Dothan, Vidor or Paoli. 746 more words


My unconventional Texas family: A gay dad and a mom who wears mens’ clothes, in the Lone Star State

As the child of gay parents, I would sometimes feel ashamed. But I would also feel ashamed of my shame

By: Elizabeth Collins/Salon

Not long ago, I called an old friend of mine, a white, straight, 50-year-old, Texas-born and bred, religiously conservative Republican friend of mine named Scott. 1,667 more words


Free your mind and expand your world this weekend in Yuba City

One of the largest events in the Sacramento Valley will take place this weekend in Yuba City. Nearly 150,000 people will attend the 36th Annual Sikh Parade this weekend . 596 more words


5 Things Hispanics Born in America Want You to Know

Photo: Google

By: Elizabeth Mandy Coreas/Huffington Post-Latino Voices

My name is Elizabeth, and I was born in the United States, specifically in New York City. My father was a Chilean immigrant, and my mother a Hispanic American born in the U.S. 689 more words


Inviting You To The Village at Southlake!

The Village at Southlake community is inspiring to its residents, by offering the ultimate in carefree, upscale retirement living. Custom built cottages, beautiful garden homes and spacious apartments combined with endless amenities and services create an environment that encourages active senior lifestyles to the fullest! 174 more words

Living Here