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Great Senior Living Options

Looking for a retirement community?  McGuinn Hybrid Homes focuses on two niche markets – millenials and EMPTY NESTERS! Could you be looking for a new home, maintenance-free, with all the technology you could want (as long as you want it – if not, you don’t pay for it) and one story plans? 160 more words

It couldn't wait!

How often have you’ve been forced to listen to a very loud conversation on a bus or an waiting room?

Individuals on their cell phones loudly and freely including us in their conversation whether we want to be apart of it or not. 512 more words


Women Needed Stat!

WOMEN make up over fifty percent of the US population and but hold less than twenty percent of the seats in congress.  

Laws that protect women are under attack. 509 more words


One Phone

For decades there was one phone in the house.  The first phones were on the wall the and the caller had to crank the phone to alert the operator who would then connect you to the proper line. 153 more words

Living Here

Housing After Graduation

When it’s time to graduate and you are not sure where to go next, finding temporary housing could be tricky. This can be an issue especially if you are living in a dorm where you have to move out right after the semester. 177 more words


What Ben Carson doesn’t understand about “extra rights”: LGBT people aren’t asking for special privileges, just basic equality

Ben Carson thinks extending more public housing benefits to the LGBT community amounts to “special rights”

By: Nico Lang/Salon.com

Ben Carson doesn’t think the LGBT community deserves special rights. 1,246 more words