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Voices of Myanmar Students in China | Living Here

By Si Thu Tun

Chinese universities are now popular among students from around the world. Nowadays, students of all sorts of ethnicities and cultural backgrounds can be seen studying in China. 1,471 more words


Beyond the Primary: The Death of the GOP

An an Independent, I’m very concerned for the future of the Republican Party.  In short time pillars of the GOP has been dismantled .  Much of the damage can be attributed  to President Trump’s ineptitude. 208 more words


Showtime for John Saca

His family has Sacramento in its DNA.  He went to Sacramento State.  His family’s “Filco” stores has been a part of Sacramento for decades.

He’s ambitious, a formative salesman and for a brief moment, he was the prince of Sacramento. 782 more words

Living Here

Waiting for Advent

The final days of November always feel strange to me. It’s this weird time of year when you’re in limbo. My American friends have already made me hungry for turkey but yet it’s still too early to really start the Christmas countdown: mince pies, festive music and twinkling lights. 418 more words


como estas

I’m a Californian, lived here most of my life.  I’ve had Mexican/Latin friends all of my life

Roommates, housemates, friendships, spanning decades. Our families are interchangeable.    445 more words


he wasn't a terrorist because he was an American...dah!

This was one of the answers on social media to why Stephen Paddock isn’t a terrorist.  After killing 59 people and injuring nearly 600 others in Las Vegas. 304 more words

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Sexual Harassment - it doesn't have to be this way...

I want to take a second from my usual food-related ramblings to talk about something more serious: harassment on the streets of Paris.

The wave of women posting #MeToo statuses has meant that journalists are getting the green light to publish articles which state the bleeding obvious. 864 more words