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Fresh Organic Disneyland Underneath the Freeway


In the last few months. Some of my friends (Tech Refugees) have relocated to Sacratomatoville from the Bay Area.  Four different households have taken the money and ran to the river city.   176 more words


I’m black, but I’m uncomfortable around black people

Growing up in lily-white Wisconsin, people often told me, “You’re not black.” Eventually, I started to believe it

By:Danielle Small/ Salon

It happened. I failed the “black” test. 1,058 more words


Wave Patterns

I painted this by looking at a picture of waves – having found that the real waves won’t keep still. I used a Japanese fountain pen brush and got the blue from the dust that resulted from carving lapis lazuli. 7 more words

Living Here

Why do people on the other side seem so unreasonable?

By: Andrew Gelman/Monkey Cage Washington Post

George W. Bush famously described himself as “a uniter, not a divider.” A few years into his presidency there was a survey that reported that 49 percent of Americans thought he was a “uniter” and 49 percent thought him a “divider” — a poignant reminder that Americans are so polarized, they’re even polarized about polarization. 961 more words

National Politics

Spring below Kirstenbosch

The plants in the area below Kirstenbosch think that spring is coming.



Arum lily

Snowdrops and Watsonia


Living Here

Netflix’s “game-changing” parental leave: What does their policy for new parents mean for the rest of us?

Did your employer’s stock prices double this year?

By:Scott Timberg/Salon

At first glance, this strikes many of us as one of the best ideas we’ve seen this year. 804 more words


"Welcome to Belize"

We had our Circuit Assembly this past Sunday in Ladyville. “Seek Peace and Pursue It” is a wonderful program, if you haven’t already been.

In the States, we had already attended and we were very eager to see the local version of the program as well as meet all the deaf in the area. 792 more words