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A Different kind of Impressionism

I did all the black and grey in the painting using a Chinese ink slate and block, but without a brush. I inked various things lying about the workshop as well as some weeds from the garden, and impressed them against the paper. 20 more words

Living Here

RACE: We need to talk

My initial reaction to the Starbuck story was wow, followed by are you mad?

I agree with CEO Howard Schultz, we need to talk about race, however at business? 723 more words


I'll have a Caramel Flan Latte, how about those Black people in Ferguson? Starbucks CEO wants the baristas to talk race

Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, is encouraging baristas to discuss race relations with customers following open forum discussions between thousands of Starbucks “partners” in several US cities. 145 more words

Good People

After the Fire II

Another brush-work using the Chinese ink-stick.

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Last Call For Alcohol

By CityFella

1:43am Sunday Morning

At 1.15am Alhambra Safeway is arguably one of the most exciting stores in Sacramento. This Safeway its the only supermarket for those living Downtown/Midtown Sacramento and its open 24 hours. 482 more words


After the Fire

Long ago a Chinese friend gave me a Chinese ink set – ink stick and slate. It gives a slightly brownish-black ink, and it’s possible to modulate the amount of pigment in the ink to get quite subtle shades. 50 more words

Living Here

Hotel Confidential: Possible Worker Shortage This summer in Sacramento


Years of a flat economy has taken its toll on low income workers.  For years those earning at or just above minimum wage has not seen an wage increase in years. 135 more words