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One Phone

For decades there was one phone in the house.  The first phones were on the wall the and the caller had to crank the phone to alert the operator who would then connect you to the proper line. 153 more words

Living Here

What Ben Carson doesn’t understand about “extra rights”: LGBT people aren’t asking for special privileges, just basic equality

Ben Carson thinks extending more public housing benefits to the LGBT community amounts to “special rights”

By: Nico Lang/Salon.com

Ben Carson doesn’t think the LGBT community deserves special rights. 1,246 more words


Facebook Live is the new key witness to crime

By: Danny Cevallos\CNN Legal Analyst

The torture of a special-needs teen that was streamed on Facebook Live has raised new questions about the use of social media platforms to spread videos glorifying abuse and humiliation. 578 more words

Social Networking

Kim Burrell and the complex relationship between black women and gay men

By: George Johnson/The Giro

Kim Burrell has added her name to a long list of religious leaders in the black church who have condemned the so-called perversions of homosexuality, all in the name of doing the “Lord’s work.” 1,166 more words


White people can’t hang: Black Americans may be more resilient to stress than white Americans

It seems that vulnerability is a cost of privilege, and resilience comes as a result of adversity


This article was originally published on… 1,283 more words

Living Here

Forgot My Bag

I’ve been using reusable bags for some time now.  This is my personal contribution to  the environment**   There is a certain amount of pride, bringing my bag.   257 more words


Spanking the Demanding Customer

photo: Google

Tantrums, Threats, and Violence:  For a free drink

A Career of Bad Behavior

There are some people who believe they’ll get better service, upgrades, if they are demanding.       1,513 more words