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Which One

that boy
in recess break
after the school bell rings

seeing him pass by
our classroom corridor
makes me happy

Living High

Re: Initials

i’ll let you in a little secret

there are two ways
to read my poems

you read it as it is

you read the title… 41 more words

Living High

Full Disclosure

to be very honest

i like coffee
with milk on it

i tried drinking black
and it’s fine
but having a dairy companion
is more soothing

Living High

Paper Clips

the things we don’t give
importance to
when we were young
could be the same things
that became our
basic necessity
when we grew older

—circle of life

Living High

Spilled Milk

when frustration makes me cry
my dog quickly sense it
jumps on my lap
reach for my face
and gives me consoling kisses

Living High


it’s never a “revolution”
when people are
actually begging
to be heard

they can send you a letter
they can call other people
in public to gather… 58 more words

Living High

Look Ahead

it’s never too late
to show up
and start somewhere

Living High