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Is Your Site a Super Collider?

I recently came across a TED talk that combines my inner science nerd with my history nerd.  I have long been a follower of the exciting work taking place at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, but never had it crossed my mind that experiments there could be related to my history world. 330 more words


For the Love of Regionals

Ask any ALHFAMer what they like most about the organization, and nine times out of ten, the answer is sure to be “the conferences,” which provide a chance to learn new skills, share ideas with like-minded folks, and experience new places. 381 more words


Fort Edmonton Park

Here is our first post about our new life in Canada…

Last Saturday we went to Fort Edmonton Park, the largest living history museum in Canada. 844 more words


Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer Features Central Nebraska History

Recently my husband and I visited the Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer in Grand Island, Nebraska.

Visitors begin at the recently renovated Stuhr Building. This building features exhibits giving an overview of the area’s history, from Native American life to the railroad’s influence. 255 more words


Beginner's Mind, Drinking It In

For anyone who has frequently attended, or even never attended an ALHFAM conference, it’s easy to forget the many reasons these conference events are held: to learn more about our work bringing history to life, to learn new skills in workshops, to meet old friends and make new friends, to share in laughter or to connect with compassion. 1,136 more words


Do Visitors Think We’re Eating Our Pets?

Lately I’ve heard of negative visitor reactions to historic (and sustainable but open to the public) farm sites in regards to the animals they keep. It seems not everyone is comfortable with animals on farms becoming food or with the processes that turn these animals into food. 703 more words


Historical Place: Colonial Williamsburg

I was in Virginia last weekend for my husband’s graduation. The festivities included visiting some friends’ home in Williamsburg for fun, as well as an academic meeting. 279 more words