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Inspiration: Everything else is Just a Dwelling Place

Our world is made up of continents, countries, and cities. Most of the world is migrating to live in cities, and yet many people still choose to live in the country. 400 more words

A Year Of Inspiration


Or you can just summarise it as a mess. Here I am, sitting on my coverless bed, surrounded by a lot of random crap which I just don’t have a clue where to put, and throwing it away kinda feels like too much. 1,154 more words

Different areas to live in.

When choosing a house one of the things that one questions is where they want there house to be. On this blog we talk about living by the sea, in the city and on a farm. 1,891 more words

Away from clickbait tourism

Imagine you live in a city that is regularly listed as one of the places with the best quality of life in the world. A city that has architectural splendour, magnificent culture, music, arts, that get blogged into submission – and teeter on the edge of becoming staid victims of clickbait travel blogging. 174 more words

Clickbait Tourism