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Unit 6: Whatever happens, happens.

When thinking about future career possibilities, one of the major factors to consider is the location you would like to work in. This is probably one of the most difficult factors for me because there is a lot to consider. 456 more words

Job Seeking

The First Tremble Of Spring

Apartments, houses, hospitals,

churches, restaurants, stores,

and bars are just boxes,

we pack our lives into

as we’re passing through.

Put enough boxes

together and… 49 more words

If I Could Have a Conversation with the 22-year old Me

I read a post yesterday about 16 pieces of advice the writer was providing, that she wishes she knew when she was 16 years old.  I thoroughly enjoyed the read and I think you should check it out here at this blog below. 598 more words

Tahrano/Tronno for new Torontonians

Here’s the 4-1-1 on the 416 (or 647… ew).

Toronto is my adopted city, I grew up on a dirt road with no public transit and decided that TO was the city for me. 662 more words

Glendon Facts

Stress and Acne-is there a connection?

Hi there! Here we are after all the Christmas fuss and preparations! I bet everyone feels tired and overwhelmed by the festive season, especially your skin. 396 more words

Living in a city vs. Living in suburbs

I believe many of us asked themselves a question: where should I live when I settle down? A small cute apartment or a house? A city that never sleeps or suburbs? 475 more words

Hobbies And Lifestyle

Village Utopia

A dream of mine is to retire to a village.

Away from the concrete buildings that seem to be rising higher and higher. Away from the smog-filled mornings and the dense pedestrian traffic. 333 more words