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My First Year Living in Norway....in a nutshell.

When we first moved to Oslo in the summer of 2015, I awakened each morning looking at the white wall beams high above me and wondered, “What will we do today?” 2,123 more words

This Is How To Live In A New Country (Without Losing Yourself)

Learning a new language, leaving my career, having to calculate time differences and coordinate Skype calls…that’s what I signed up for when I moved to another country. 789 more words

Christmas Present

“Mom, take my hand!” Will grabs my hand, and in a sea of bodies we ride the wave to the other side of the Shibuya crossing… 1,891 more words

Guest Post: When My Inner Anglophile Took Over My Life

A week ago, I received a message from Steve, creator of the awesomely insightful blog, ExPat in Bacolod. He asked me to write a guest post and I accepted for two reasons ~ 1/ Steve is a good friend of mine, so how could I say no?; 2/ I’d never written a guest post before and I felt honored to be asked! 213 more words

Life In The UK


I just said goodbye to my sons at college. Dusk is turning into nighttime. Smoke from the wildfires makes the darkness a welcomed sight. As I drive south, heading to McCall, my thoughts are yanked from nostalgia to alertness. 1,199 more words

A Catalonian Frame of Reference: What People Worry About

While being in Barcelona, I have done a lot of comparing with Beirut. It’s natural I guess, to compare your new relationship, flaws and all,  with the previous one that gripped your heart. 448 more words


Adulting at 27 in Barcelona

Living solo, in a foreign country, with a foreign language. I haven’t been doing this very long but I’ve also never done this before so the  450 more words