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Having Goals Whilst Living Abroad.

While living abroad (and with life in general), goal setting should become a crucial part of your life. Not only will it help you adult, but it will also take the sting out of being a stranger in a stranger land. 263 more words


one second every day - january 2018

January started off sunny and on skis, with my little sister learning her first moves.

Then, I went back to Portugal for a week, fully booked for all dinners and lunches, I met most of my family and many friends I hadn’t seen so much over the last couple of years around the table. 313 more words

1s Every Day

one second every day - december 2017

I’m lagging behind on my videos of “one second every day”, but happy that I at least keep remembering to film 1s of most of my days. 672 more words

1s Every Day

Tokyo Day 3: Harajuku

We started off the morning by hunting down some breakfast in the urban jungle. We had originally planned on making breakfasts and possibly lunch at the Airbnb to try and save some money. 818 more words


Tokyo Day 2

Day two was spent mostly in Ikebukuro. We woke up late in the morning after getting home well after 1 A.M. After grabbing some fruit for breakfast we made the trek, aka the eight-minute walk, to the Takadanobaba station and boarded a train on its way to Ikebukuro. 537 more words


The Truth About How Hard It Is To Leave Home And Live Somewhere New

Leaving your home is not easy. Most of the times when I tell people I’m from a different country, they open their mouths in amazement and tell me “Omg that’s so cool ”. 621 more words

New life in the bundoks in view of the Caucasus

This is our new life now. We live in this beautiful city called Tbilisi where the Caucasus mountains surround our view.

With 11 days to pack up our lives in the Philippines, after living there for a year and a half, we moved to a foreign country where we all do not speak the local language. 1,800 more words

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