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New Dashen opened

As I got a few queries on this blog about the new Dashen, I can confirm that it has re-opened a few months ago in a new location in Kasanchis very close to the Swedish school. 131 more words

Living In Addis

Dashen Demolished

It happened. After months of uncertainty, the decision fell for Dashen restaurant to close down. The whole process didn’t take long, we had a goodbye lunch on a Sunday some three weeks ago and by the following Saturday half of the house was already gone. 305 more words


Northern Light in Addis

What a great opportunity to have Olafur Eliasson’s work exhibited in Addis for the first time ever! The Danish artist Eliasson needs no introduction, he is a very established international artist, known for his installations using light and visual effects and shown in the best contemporary spaces around the World. 353 more words


The Armenians of Addis

People who have lived in Addis for a while know that the Armenians have a strong presence in the city, even if today very few of them remain in Ethiopia.  648 more words


A city without parks

Addis used to be a green city full of lush gardens and flowers, with tall palm trees, thriving avocado trees, forever-purple jacaranda trees, deep red and fuchsia bongainvilles, aloe vera plants, etc…..All these gardens are fast disappearing with the current urban development plan, entirely focused on building as many tall concrete towers as possible. 373 more words


Lunch at Taitu hotel

Finally some good news, the Taitu hotel is not as damaged by the fire as we previously thought. I went back there for lunch today, the restaurant, practically untouched, has reopened; they continue to offer their daily vegan buffet, and above all, the beautiful wooden staircase has been preserved.  193 more words


Timkat or the Ethiopian celebration of Epiphany

Addis is still wearing its festive colours after the Timkat celebrations which took place on Monday. All the streets of the capital were decorated with yellow, red and green (the Ethiopian colours) banners, flags and ribbons; people walked about in their traditional clothes, the women wearing the white embroidered Ethiopian dress with the… 355 more words