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This is another of Florence’s finds.

She was chewing it in the courtyard and I managed eventually to get her to drop it.

It’s the naturally shed antler of a roe deer. 8 more words

Living In Italy

Taking the heat

Florence has been on heat for two weeks now.

The day before yesterday it all went up a notch and poor Galileo was unable to either eat or sleep and paid her constant court whenever we let him. 31 more words

Living In Italy

Winter chicory

The chicory flowers are still persisting.

They’re much smaller, but also brighter.

Living In Italy

Meanwhile back at the ranch ...

Our new internet service has finally got going.

The connection appeared last night, Thursday, at 8.20 pm when it should have been live on Monday if not before. 39 more words

Living In Italy

Italy through an expat's eyes

Every country has its own unique culture. Although, I’m from Europe and we Europeans have a lot in common there are also a lot of differences. 875 more words


What I Am Thankful For

This holiday season is a bit different than normal because it is my first time celebrating Thanksgiving, and likely Christmas and New Year’s, outside of the United States. 730 more words


Sunshine from the window

From the window I can see this peach tree with its foot in a puddle of gold.

I love it when the sun catches odd things and illuminates them. 17 more words

Living In Italy