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California dreaming

I managed to prune the Granny Smith apple tree today before it rained.

Part of the pleasure of the job is memories of the tree’s fruitfulness, and dreams about next season’s bounty. 90 more words



This morning we had a phonecall from a courier who was bringing a bed for Clive.

He phoned again a couple of hours later and said he was in front of a bar in Valtopina. 427 more words

Living In Italy

Wide blue yonder

The view from the back door this morning: snow-capped mountains with a cloud effect suggesting further mountain ranges beyond.

An impression of endless space, stretching on and on into the unknown. 27 more words

Living In Italy

Arrivederci Roma

After a couple weeks of fellowshipping together with Sommer’s parents, it was already time to tell David goodbye. How had the time gone by so quickly! 298 more words

Living In Italy

Still hoping

This is what three weeks does for a wisteria seedling. Look back at the photo on January 19th to compare!

On that day we were promised various things by the Italian Health Service which haven’t as yet materialised. 106 more words

Living In Italy

6 Italian words that I've learned to say (or not to say)

As a student and lover of the Italian language, the spoken language fascinates me. Instead of giving you an Italian grammar lesson, I’d like to share 6 words and phrases that I’ve learned to say, and to properly pronounce.  487 more words

Living In Italy

Not for the faint-hearted

Only the love of pruning could keep me in the orchard today – not even the duty by itself.

The wind is like a steel blade, slicing you through the midriff. 207 more words