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31 Days of Orvieto: A CULMINATION...

I can’t believe it’s been 31 days already! Time flies when you’re having fun! What a wonderful experience it’s been to sit down everyday and write about the people, places and things that make this city so special and unique. 83 more words


31 Days of Orvieto: Day #27 - ARTISAN AGAIN...

Day #27 of “31 Days of Orvieto features another remarkable ARTISAN, Loretta Lovisa. Loretta painstakingly and lovingly creates (by hand, of course) ‘Merletto di Orvieto… 119 more words


Italian healthcare card name change badge walkthrough

Renew permesso di soggiorno with updated name.

Step 1
Bring your permesso di soggiorno to the Ufficio delle Entrate to update your Italian codice fiscale number. 156 more words


31 Days of Orvieto: Day #19 - SECRET PLACES

La confaloniera (a promenade on the northern edge of the wall) is not a ‘secret’ exactly, however many visitors don’t often find themselves in this part of town…but they should. 78 more words


Kyra, La Mia Buona Amica

We arrived in Rome just 8 months ago which doesn’t seem like that long of a time to know someone. However, when you bond with someone in such a profound way, time has no measure.  1,921 more words

Living In Italy

July, July, July

Who knew that Italians would be so sweet to throw an american-style 4th of July party for their American friends! Stefano was extremely hospitable and had a group of us out to his house in the country where his family has a farm and makes their own honey—that is delicious by the way! 591 more words

Living In Italy

Sometimes the grass isn't greener...

If I try really hard I can touch both sides of my bathroom with outstretched arms. Doing yoga in my living room is tight, let alone zumba which I unwisely attempt every so often. 727 more words