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My romance with Italy

From a villa on a hillside above San Felice Circeo

The Poet John Keats (1795-1821) is buried in the Protestant Cemetery in Rome, having died of tuberculosis. 650 more words


How to text like an Italian teenager :)

The Italians aren’t known for their fondness for brevity. Keeping things snappy isn’t one of their strengths. Official documents rarely feature bullet points or numbered lists, preferring the long-hand approach, where everything is eel-aaa-boooooooooo-raaaaaaaa-ted- on in rather a lot of (extraneous) detail. 811 more words

Urban Jungle Bloggers: Hanging Plants

Time for another Urban Jungle Bloggers post!  Unbelievable that a month has already passed since the Plants and Tea theme in January.  Is it just me or does February always fly by? 376 more words


Why Italy Isn't Special

Let me help you freak out really quick because I know that’s what a lot of you are going to do right now. You’re thinking, “What the fuck did you just say? 1,418 more words


Jet lag is a beast

This way to Wellington: soaking up some imaginary sunlight

I don’t think the purported difference between flying east/west versus west/east count when your time zone is changing by an exact-other-side-of-the-world 12 hours. 137 more words

Daily Life

The Taboo of Using The Word 'Feminism' In Italy By Michelle Tarnopolsky

A lot of Italians are visibly uncomfortable when I call myself a femminista or refer to femminismo. It has taken me a while to understand just how much of a taboo it is. 634 more words


Settling in Roma

Welcome to Rome, a personal reflection of living in Italy and leaving Canada. First impressions of Rome, a community that loves its roman cuisine, is never quiet, has absolutely no automobile rules and is very friendly. 459 more words