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5. Doing a Lucy Honeychurch

And if the reality was that I was going out to Italy to teach, on another level I’d gone off like some kind of modern-day Lucy Honeychurch in  693 more words


A castle party

I’m working on a TEFL course at the moment, so between procrastinating on that and actually going to work I don’t have so much time to meddle here. 181 more words


Real Italian Cooking

Stefania Barzini is a widely known and respected food journalist, blogger, cook book author (she’s written seven!) and teacher.  She has wonderful classes she teaches (in English) outside Rome where she lives.   958 more words

Italian Food

Climbing mountains

Finally, after close to a year since the early summer hikes of June 2014, I went hiking again. And it was glorious. It was also incredibly difficult, especially the hour spent zigzagging straight up the side of a mountain, but that was only an hour so what harm? 174 more words


Deep gelato thoughts

Deep thoughts while walking to the train station this afternoon: that this will likely be one of the only times in my life when I think it appropriate and myself justified in eating gelato everyday. 45 more words


1. The woman on the plane and the lifers

It all goes back to the woman on the plane, the sixty-something, the one with a passion for romantic novels set amidst Tuscan hills. There she is tucked up in bed, with her husband behind her in his tartan pyjamas having just nodded off over The Sunday Telegraph and mock as I will one day it may be me, only in my case the husband will be reading the  1,430 more words