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Rain on my parade

It wasn’t exactly a parade, Giovanni and me walking through the orchard applying the post-flower spray, but the rain timed itself perfectly: first spots as we finished the mixture. 81 more words


Follow my leader

This is the path Giovanni has just strimmed.

The leader is Galileo, back to his usual self.

According to our normal vet, it’s very unlikely he was in fact bitten by a viper. 44 more words



“There’s been a landslip!” Giovanni called.

“Oh that’s old,” I said, thinking he meant the grass-covered amphitheatre-shaped hollow a little further down.

Then I got nearer and realised it was brand new! 38 more words


For all those traveling Expats

This is an article for all those expats who live in Italy. For if you have moved across a country, then I’m sure you all can understand the itch to keep traveling, because it doesn’t matter, young or old we all want to see the world. 535 more words

Seen From Abroad


These marigolds are visible from afar – bright flames against the green.

I’ve been trying to conjure up flames like these for ten days now, ever since one of the glow plugs in the stove packed up. 51 more words



This is my preferred lilac colour – a rich, deep purple. I sought it out specifically.

And what memories are conjured up just by smelling the blooms!



Strimming creates casualties as a matter of course.

Sadly my orange pom-pom bush was one – cut off at ground level. Apparently it looked like the hawkweed in the photo. 79 more words