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Last hour flower

Wan, with battle-scarred leaves, this four o’clock flower is still going.

It even has buds!

Living In Italy

Upside down tick

This is a tick off Galileo, seen through the microscope.

Seeing one up close like that doesn’t make me feel any better about the species. 38 more words

Living In Italy

Rainbow palette

Yesterday there was rain and sun and I went looking for a rainbow.

There wasn’t one, but across the valley there were almost enough colours to make one. 7 more words

Living In Italy

No wonder water didn't get through

This pile of gunge is what emerged when I forced water through a section of hose between the spring and the pond.

It’s hard to believe it built up over just a few months. 17 more words

Living In Italy


As far as I’m aware, never having had a female dog before, Florence hasn’t yet gone into heat.

But that doesn’t stop Galileo testing the water. 13 more words

Living In Italy

Olive maggots

This year the local olives, including ours, are infested with olive fruit fly larvae.

There are little holes and pits on the outside of each fruit, and inside a yellow maggot the size of a grain of rice… 62 more words

Living In Italy

Orchard sandwich

This is another sandwich of sorts, seen from the window.

In the foreground is the almond tree with green leaves on its upper twigs. The blue string represents my (unsuccessful) attempt to encourage one of its branches to bend lower. 45 more words

Living In Italy