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Lots of little holes to mend

These jewelled pullovers, of very soft wool, were the main victims of the moth attack.

Now that they’ve been frozen and then washed (to kill off eggs and larvae because washing at a high temperature isn’t possible) there are more holes than I realised. 39 more words

Living In Italy

Clothes moth larva

Sorting through some clothes that had been in a box behind the wardrobe, out fell what I thought at first were dead clothes moths.

We looked at several under the microscope and they turned out to consist of little rolls of wool fibres. 76 more words

Living In Italy

Wild boars

3 a.m. Taylor barking and a loud noise of crunching in the orchard.

I dash out with a torch in my night attire and see dark shadows melting into the greater darkness. 32 more words


Battenberg cake

Part way through being painted, the house looked like a Battenberg cake.

The new paint is magnolia Sandtex from Britain. 6 more words

Living In Italy

Opening to the storm

These so-called four o’clock flowers hadn’t opened even though it was about seven o’clock.

But when fierce winds brought in torrential rain, they spread their petals wide.


Aspetta per favore! My Italian Driving Licence Nightmare.  

Rumours of Italian bureaucracy have always been rife, so when, in early 2013, I permanently moved from Ireland to Italy, I was mentally prepared for hassles. 722 more words


High School Reunion on a Stick

I made it over the hump into middle age with most of my sanity intact and my self-confidence shored up by the passage of time and the fact that my acne had finally cleared up. 161 more words