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Summer chore

It was one of the first real days of summer.

After another attack on the broom in the further reaches of the olive grove, Giovanni applied teak oil to the sides of the swimming pool.

Living In Italy


Portofino is one of the most breathtaking, well-known cities along the Riviera Italiana. We’ve read much about this very small, yet luxurious citt√† for years and dreamed of sailing along the coast with unimaginable views. 182 more words

Living In Italy

Tree fellers

Tree fellers? It could be how the 60’s Irish brothers singing group The Batchelors described themselves but I’m not sure I could write a decent blog about them. 1,307 more words

Living In Italy

The wrong way round

A while ago this would never have been permitted. Taylor was touchy about his personal space being invaded by that pesky puppy.

But Florence has got her feet well under the table, even with him. 25 more words

Living In Italy

Seed head

The path below the orchard and above the olive grove is full of orchids and all kinds of bright flowers.

This seed head wasn’t very obvious, low in the grass. 16 more words

Living In Italy

Grubby little spaniel

Galileo goes in and out of water all day.

He has four places to choose from: two ponds, the basin where the spring comes out, and now the swimming pool, where he crouches down on top of the inside steps. 56 more words

Living In Italy

Double promise

It’s still raining despite the double promise of yesterday evening.

But the word on the street is that it will be fine tomorrow.

Living In Italy