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A Glimpse Of The Real Florence, Italy. By Kari Varner

I’m really excited to feature photos from this amazing photographer Kari Varner. Kari is also a former SACI student and she’s incredibly talented (Unlike me. My photos look like a child took them after over-dosing on baby Benadryl). 236 more words


Hey there, Spring (!!)

It was officially the first day of Spring on Saturday. The trees have obliged by putting out their blossoms, and the mountains received a fresh sprinkling of snow. 52 more words


Gratefully Grateful *28*

A few weeks ago my family and I witnessed a horrible motorcycle accident.  It was a Sunday afternoon and we were on our way home after seeing a beautiful Steve McCurry photo exhibit in the nearby city of Monza. 280 more words


What Does It Mean To Be Authentically Italian?

“Yeah, but does the place have real Italian food? I mean, is it authentic in your opinion?” my friend asked when I told her about this new restaurant that was opening in our home town. 1,201 more words


How authentic an Italian are you?

I asked Mrs Sensible if I could pass for an Italian, not a chance she said, you don’t dress like an Italian, you don’t think like an Italian and even the Italian words you know, sound funny when you use them. 1,353 more words

An Englishman In Italy

They even took the kitchen sink!!!

Your dream has finally come true. After many years of dreaming and persuading your partner that moving to Italy is a good idea you finally arrive. 1,669 more words

An Englishman In Italy

The poetry of food-packaging in Italy

Today I bring you a fleeting but fine example of how the Italians never miss an opportunity to be poetic. Be that through their graffiti (always heart-rending), their journalism (often creative) or their food-packaging (quite possibly life-changing). 270 more words