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Every Day is a Great Day

This morning the buzzzzzzzz sang out on the lavatrice and my first thought was merde. My tea was piping hot and I haven’t finished my… 356 more words

Any Day In Pontelandolfo

Spring in Italy

As the snow starts to melt away on the mountains, the flowers are in bloom and every third person is eating gelato you know it is spring time.  285 more words

“Car Trouble” by N. R. Tucker

One morning, while living in Italy, I dropped my son at the Asilo (preschool) and drove with my two-year-old daughter to the American base over an hour away. 504 more words

The art of coffee and blind friend dates!

I have a love for coffee! For the smell, tasting that first sip of fresh brewed coffee to socializing with friends over a coffee. 

Italy is famous for coffee! 211 more words

Memories will be made of meatballs

A friend asked me for the recipe for my meatballs. “How do you make yours?” she asked. “I love to hear how other people make them.” 566 more words


Returning from the land of English!

Expats have a love for travel, which is also a passion of mine. In the past month we have been to London and Ireland. Both of course are English speaking countries. 423 more words

The great poo adventure or when all great plans go wrong.

On Friday morning our downstairs toilet started leaking water into the bathroom. Initially the water appeared to be clean, but by Saturday morning it had a faint whiff to it. 864 more words