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I thought this was a spider but it isn’t.

It belongs in fact to a group of creatures called Opiliones and is called a Harvestman because it appears at harvest time. 39 more words

Living In Italy

The grapes are sour

The grapes are actually very ripe and extremely sweet – not the least bit sour although most of them were way out of my reach. 47 more words


Comfort and prestige

This is the sofa opposite Clive’s bed.

There’s no doubt that it’s comfortable, but there also seems to be a great deal of prestige attached to sleeping on it. 56 more words

Living In Italy

Another autumn rose

The nights are drawing in and the evenings and early mornings are distinctly chilly, but the roses carry on blooming.

Rather tattily in some cases, but not in this. 7 more words


Pleasant and unpleasant surprises

Cutting back a cotoneaster, I found the skin which a snake had obviously shed by squeezing through a narrow gap.

That was the pleasant surprise. These are grass snakes which eat mice which eat the air filter in our car, and I’m happy to have them around. 91 more words

Living In Italy

A red, red rose

These roses are on the bush overshadowed by the wisteria.

They’re a real scarlet red unlike a lot of roses which are more crimson.

The blooms persist until there’s snow on the mountains creating a strange contrast. 25 more words


Moving the goalposts

It’s just as well there are views like this one close to the house. I need something to soothe me after a morning of countless attempted phonecalls and fruitless phonecalls. 99 more words

Living In Italy