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February 19th, 2020

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Social Commentary

Blue Moon

blue moon
the time to leave
has come and gone

Haiku Foundation Haiku Dialogue

Seeing Beyond

January 22, 2020

Wabi Sabi Poems And Images

Five ways to Live more in the Moment!

Living in the Moment and Mindfulness

So what does it mean to live more in the moment and why the heck does it

matter? Living in the moment can also be referred to as mindfulness. 408 more words

The Hedgerow

A hedgerow is a marvelous thing–the edges of a field. Remnants of this year’s rows of corn are visible through the gaps. At this moment, the hedgerow is still. 162 more words

Living In The Moment

Light Snow

light snow

a heron’s wings fold

into dusk

Ito En The Art of Haiku Semifinalist

February 2019

Wabi Sabi Poems And Images

Earn money by not using your phone

When going out or being with family we frequently use our phone, to check our facebook, mail or whatsapp. What else would you do if you are not using your phone? 256 more words


. . . the last time . . .

“This could be our last breakfast,” I solemnly said to Tom one morning last week. Events of the week had propelled my thoughts into last… 723 more words