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Letting Kids Be Idiots

Recently, a lot of news has been made about Parkland School shooting survivor, Kyle Kashuv. He lost his future slot at Harvard because of racially insensitive comments he made in some text messages when he was only 16. 492 more words

Living In The Moment

Spicy ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #193

A little spice
A little iced
A little life
Makes everything nice 370 more words


Your Peace Lies Within You

About a year ago, I had an epiphany. After a good workout at the community center gym, I was attempting to chill out by the pool area. 435 more words

Living In The Moment

Now Is The Weight

I am the cushion

On which the

Present moment sits.

Its weight I can handle,

But when Yesterday and Tomorrow

Add their weight,

I am flattened. 12 more words

Path To Being

Serenity and Consicous Living

I started reading a book called Serenity by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin. He uses the word to represent inner peace and living in the moment.

I’ve tried to live in the present—let go of the past, stop mind-racing toward the future. 98 more words

A Sad Silence

I am writing today with a broken heart. Our beloved hound dog, Skittles, has passed away. It came on suddenly with a case of internal bleeding. 717 more words

Living In The Moment

Alphaville (1965)

Directed by Jean-Luc Godard

Alphaville imagines a grim future dominated by detrimental logic and a computer system with a voice that sounds as though it’s been yanked from the death rattle of a long-time smoker.   745 more words