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Please do not cling to the past with all its delights and pleasures. Remember them fondly. Your job is to create new delights and pleasures in your now and be fully present as they unfold. 143 more words

Carpe Diem

Recently I read a post by a young blogger where she wrote, “… we waste much of our lives not living the present moment. Why can’t we feel that ‘Friday-Feeling’ every day? 666 more words


Enjoy The Views

Do you ever feel lost, dazed, and always behind?

Lately I have felt all these things not because of poor choices but because I am living my best life. 632 more words

Blessed Blended Family

Playing Peek-A-Boo With Life

Years ago, a high school friend I will call Tom, would often drive us around in his 1960s vintage Volkswagen Beetle.  Tom wore what we called then, “Coke bottle glasses—glasses as thick as the bottom of the vintage, heavy, green, Coca-Cola bottles. 499 more words

Life Lessons


I am so grateful that I can finally bring myself to start this blog. It’s been my whole life struggling to put off that which illuminates in my heart. 203 more words

Hummingbirds - Lessons in Flight

The little hummingbird, so tiny and quick.  They pack a lot of beauty into their compact bodies, and I am always excited to see them.  I focus right in because one second they are here – then zip!  324 more words

Thinking Out Loud