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Affirmation of the day: I will put balance above all else

I have learned to say “No” not because my life is so busy. I answer “No” because I don’t wish to be exceedingly busy. I no longer put on the badge of being responsible for everybody else. 20 more words


Stuckist Manifesto and What It Means To Me!

(est. 1999)

“Your paintings are stuck,
you are stuck!
Stuck! Stuck! Stuck!”
Tracey Emin

Against conceptualism, hedonism and the cult of the ego-artist. 1,196 more words


Golden Leaves

Once again I find myself mind-boggled by the space-time continuum, as I perceive it, currently placing us in the middle of October when September seems like it didn’t even exist. 358 more words


enough to live

dear diary,

so often when I ask myself what I want,
I just want to be?
what do I feel?
I feel the past, I feel the future. 79 more words

Dear Diary

Living in the Moment

It’s a scene of profound beauty. Mountains in the distance. Glowing fields of streaming color. Silence all around. The world feels strangely empty yet familiar. As if this is the place life is found. 674 more words


What To Do When Your Day Gets Away From You.

Let’s face it, there is only just so much time in the day and you have certain things that must be done in order to function such as sleep and eat. 766 more words

Thoughts From The Wilderness - Three Ways To Being Aware

For those tuning in thinking, this is yet another, albeit important post on being safe when you’re out about by yourself…..well sorry to disappoint.

Instead of safety and protection out in the big-bad world or precaution when outdoors and as important as those subjects are, this more focused on being “ 1,722 more words

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