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Living In The Moment

Day 204

Yesterday was our warmest day of the year thus far. This morning the temps were a little cooler which made perfect walking weather. 454 more words


The Return of The Captain

To be honest, the Detroit sports scene is pretty bleak these days. After a promising start, the Tigers are hovering around .500, and before long they may be hunting for an apartment in the cellar of the AL Central. 460 more words

Living In The Moment

8 months until Christmas

Whether Christmas, Chanukah, summer, 4th of July, or other holiday/season, how often do we live in the moment and enjoy what is happening NOW? A Facebook group I follow posts seasonal images, nature pics, and Who remembers ___? 177 more words


Sale On

What’d I tell you? That girl doesn’t do things halfway. In a single day, Cyndie transformed our barn into a spectacular equine boutique. Then she fled town and left me to handle the first two customer appointments on my own. 283 more words


One day at a Time

A couple weeks ago as my youngest daughter and I sat in a coffee shop just killing time in between our last errand and a birthday party, it sunk in how it had been a really long time since I just slowed down for awhile and just was. 768 more words

Have you ever watched a toddler?

I never really spent time watching children until I had one. But now I have a 22 month old daughter, it’s something I spend a lot of time doing. 260 more words


Living in The Now

Why is it so hard to live in each moment? I mean really? I want to know why it is so hard to do? Every morning the sheets are soft and warm to wake up to. 430 more words