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Savoring where you are

“When my students finished a draft, all I wanted them to do was sit inside of it for longer than was comfortable. To acknowledge and celebrate what they’d accomplished. 510 more words



The days go on forever
And the nights aren’t even there
It seems like just this morning
I was nearly everywhere
I’m living in the moment… 20 more words


In the quiet

Sit in the quiet and rest in Him. Be with Him in the silence. In the quiet is when you will hear His whispers. And through those whispers is where you begin to find peace through the day and fullness in your heart. 197 more words


Daily Affirmations: I am listening to my needs

By choosing this moment to observe what I require, how I am feeling and acknowledge where I can let go. I then will act on choosing my reaction as opposed to moving into my subconscious method of stress and control.  24 more words


Refining "Matalie"

This has been the year of learning for me. At every turn it’s something, like I am in a room with a bunch of light bulbs and every so often a new one turns on. 655 more words

Football: Win some and lose some

A day to watch the football game,

Hey! Patti, Ray, Bobby, Tommy, Jimmy, Megan, Dane, Connie, Sam, Ron, Nancy, Sam, and all the others: Go Eagles. 159 more words


Day 2492: Time's a-wastin'

“Time’s a-wastin'” is a phrase I used during my “Ted Talk” at my 45th college reunion yesterday.

Before I gave my talk, all the speakers at the event received an email explaining what would happen if we were a-wastin’ too much time during our 5-minute talks. 1,447 more words

Personal Growth