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Whittling down to the essentials

This is the entire accumulation of papers and notes saved from my favorite classes in college and grad school:

I’ve never consulted them, but I have stored and moved ’em around for nearly two decades. 828 more words

Living Intentionally

Evolutionary Spectrum

My feelings are that no matter where one is on the evolutionary spectrum, all beings are manifestations of spirit and therefore have value, and deserve ‘respect’, regardless of whether or not a person has yet to figure out ‘ 407 more words


Six Honest Ways To Create Mindfulness Now.

Mindfulness is an attitude or a way of perceiving reality just like being identified with thoughts and feelings is an attitude or a way of perceiving reality. 1,129 more words

What You Need to Begin Living In The Present

My mind is always spinning. There is never a moment when I am not thinking of something that has happened or contemplating something that I could be doing. 789 more words


Money isn't everything

In Colchester, Essex the hunt is on to find the holder of a lottery ticket worth £8 million. They have until 13th March 2017 to claim their prize. 381 more words

Living In The Now

Why Dogs Are Happier Than Humans

(Photo source: Pinterest)

Humans put too much emphasis on the wrong things. Dogs live in the Now only. They don’t plan, scheme, aspire, wish for anything. 79 more words

Mr Yip And Mrs Chew

"Why haven't I noticed that about them before?

Did you ever have an epiphany at a most ordinary time on a most ordinary day doing the most ordinary thing? (Actually, when I think about it, that’s when all my epiphanies have always come. 297 more words