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Be grateful and tender (My Daily Intention)

What if being in the now isn’t about ‘getting ready’ for the now, but simply being conscious of what is right in front of us, and appreciating ‘the all’ of what is present? 398 more words

My Daily Intention

Light a candle for now

After the wind storm I came downstairs and looked outside. The stars were out, the moon the shape of a hook, it seemed like it was just full. 270 more words

William Pearse Writer

Ahhhh love.... my cherished teacher

To be present in the moment and embrace each nuance of it is a gift we must learn to recognize, and there is no better teacher for this than love.

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He Was My Future... So I Thought!

HE WAS MY FUTURE!” So, I thought. And in my heart, I was certain he was my husband and I was his Mrs. Already predetermined, I set up a tent and lived in the idea. 586 more words




days are to hours
as hours are to minutes
live each moment
fully in it

Forrest Pasky

A weekend away

It is amazing how something with the same name can take on so many different guises.  A weekend away can be anything from sedentary to active, entertaining to down-right un-interesting, even to those involved. 934 more words

Dream Message: Let Go of Time and Possibility

OMG I’m so tired! Finally got sleep last night but it has been a long time coming. 4 straight days of hardly any sleep adds up. 1,845 more words