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Bom dia, tudo bem? how are you today?

i sat and stared

my eyes saw

my mind withdrew

such beauty, so structured

did anyone live there

was this in my past

did my ancestors really… 108 more words

Staying "In The Now"

We exist only in the present, and we need to learn to live in the present.  We can’t affect the past, and we have no way of knowing what effect we may have on the future.   328 more words


Life Beyond...

The beauty of music is that each song has its own unique, underlying meaning, but can be interpreted by the listener in any way that is meaningful to them. 578 more words


What does it mean to be free of the past?

To be free of the past means to no longer be affected by it, which means you no longer think about it, cling to it, or be affected by it in your current day to day actions. 838 more words

Personal Development

Taming The Wolves

Earlier in the week I attended an event where the guest speaker was a financial markets analyst. His presentation was on, what else, but the economy. 982 more words

Healthy Living

Bucket less

Kick It:  What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?

This prompt flummoxed me because I don’t have a bucket list.  I have ideas for what I want to do now, soon and long term.   97 more words

Daily Prompt

At Twilight in Winter

Sheen of lustrous moon

in a pale blue winter sky.

Twilight lingers as

dusk surrenders to blanket

of white. World steeped in stillness.