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Choosing not looking forward to…

It has been a while the phrase of “looking forward to” is pondering in my mind. I am realizing how much that is being used in the Western Cultures and how much it impacts one’s ability to stay in the present. 579 more words

The enchanted garden timewarp

Living in the present is so much easier when you’re traveling around. You hear it often at yoga classes or during meditative exercises- try to clear your mind and simply be in the now. 2,611 more words

four years ago today

I posted this on my facebook… the pictures were posted by others the day after. :

So, I was upstairs in the Union, minding my own business and pretending to study like a good student the last week of class when this person came up to me (and everyone else there and explained that we were “about to have a tornado warning (watch?

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Daily Stuffs

Meditation - a reset button for the flow of life

The place of alignment with the leading edge version of you, the place where you are one with the Source is one of completeness and effortless creativity in absolute joy. 222 more words

I Am Creator

Monkeys Inside and Out

What day of the week is it? I don’t know what’s with the zooming time these days, but I’m sure whole days are being swiped from me. 1,524 more words
Feathered Horde & Random Rambles

Finding oneself

I came across this on a blog i follow. A woman is in the process of finding herself. Instead of me continuing taking up her space on her blog, i thought I’d write my own response in a blog format. 282 more words