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How can we lift the fog?

Get your mind right by you. Get your body right by you. Get your life right by you. The fog will be lifted. Remain judgement free from what is. 9 more words

Little by little

Little by little, one travels far
—J.R.R. Tolkien

Image: By McKay Savage from London, UK [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


The gift of dinner

My present self was once a total fucking cunt to my future self.

My present self would leave the dirty dishes in the sink for future self. 348 more words

Wannabe Vegan Diary

Hair Dye and a Bottle of Pills

So as those of you who subscribe, and read this blog regularly already know, I have been looking for work. Well, I found it. Maybe. This has been a hell of a busy week, suicidal on Tuesday, therapy on Wednesday, interview Thursday, and a med evaluation on Friday. 2,442 more words

First Hand Account

Pre-emptive Acceptance

Having worked in hospitals for 11 years now, I’ve developed some attitudes about how I would like to die. Clearly there are quite a few variables involved, not many of which I could control. 500 more words

Inhabit the NOW

How often is your mind absent
packed up and gone elsewhere
distracted, busy, preoccupied

When we learn to live in the present
focused, attentive, inhabiting the now… 64 more words


Dear 32 year old me

Dear 32 year old Danielle,

I’m writing this to you, from 5 years ago. Over the past months, I’ve been spending a lot more time thinking about the younger Danielle instead of you. 1,620 more words