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Today, in Malibu

Most Sundays
my first year of law school
I’d walk down to Sunset Boulevard
for a bus to Malibu

The ride was long,
but the sense of hope… 330 more words


Where you see yourself is what you get out of life

Where your focus goes, your energy flows. All things related to your thoughts become more vivid in your life experience as you lead your way through it in a way that is most satisfying to you. 191 more words

I Am Creator

So I gave tarot fortunetelling a try

So I gave tarot fortunetelling a try. Knowing already how I feel about fortunetelling, I decided to go forth and receive a glimpse of my future anyway. 406 more words



Daily I like to look back at my past and think about how things could have been different. I dwell on simple mistakes or even small victories. 225 more words

Real Life

Want some surprise in your life?

When’s the last time someone—or life—surprised you, in a good way? Can’t remember?

OK. Got it. Ready to change that?

Often, for all our talk of wanting more of… 304 more words

Coaching Los Angeles

How To Be Busy

Many moons ago Grandpa Babymule used to delight in tormenting his children with the phrase ‘work work, busy busy, chop chop, bang bang’ when we (rarely) had to carry out chores. 590 more words


Hurry up and wait

The daily prompt asks this question: Think of a time you let something slide, only for it to eat away at you later. Tell us how you’d fix it today. 562 more words

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