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My Journey with Parkinson's ... A Natural Approach: Post 205 ... Present moment living with Parkinson's!

I am an avid practitioner of Eckhart Tolle’s teachings, the core principle of which is ‘conscious presence,’ which could be stated as, living spiritually in the present moment! 549 more words

How To Heal Parkinson's Naturally

Getting Purposely Lost...

Who gave permission for the “should be’s” and the “should have beens” to rule my life? The “should be’s” propel one into the future and the “should have beens” chain one to the past. 218 more words


Becoming Who We Want to Be

January is the month of making some new promises to ourselves. It’s the month in which we either choose to ignore that urge toward self-improvement, having failed in our attempts too many times or, once again, choose to focus on a few things we think will improve our relationships, our health, our world, or even our ability to live out our values a bit more completely. 547 more words


The Naughty List

Christmas is here again, whether we’re ready for it or not. Time has almost run out to complete the decorating, bell ringing, shopping, wrapping, concert attending, volunteering, mailing, and baking – all the things we do to make Christmas happen for our families and ourselves.   526 more words

My Journey with Parkinson's ... A Natural Approach: Post 193 ... How to get off parkinson's medication!

Given the number of requests for advice I have received lately on how to get off parkinson’s medications, I thought it appropriate to write a post on the subject. 559 more words

How To Heal Parkinson's Naturally

Pain always lives in the past.

I was contemplating the other day about the oft repeated saying of “today is the present”, and how we are advised and its often advocated to move on from the past and not worry about the future to reduce the level of stress and anxiety and depression we have. 465 more words