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Pain always lives in the past.

I was contemplating the other day about the oft repeated saying of “today is the present”, and how we are advised and its often advocated to move on from the past and not worry about the future to reduce the level of stress and anxiety and depression we have. 465 more words


Inhabiting the moment

It is a known fact in our family how much I dislike food shopping. To me, it seems such a waste of time to trail around the supermarket, trying to think of something as mundane as what to cook for dinner! 511 more words


What is happiness?

Let’s delve into the subject of happiness. Happiness means different things to different people and as time goes on, how I define happiness changes. There are many different positive emotions that a person can feel: awe, connection, love, peace, joy, exhilaration, empowerment, and accomplishment. 793 more words

Evolution Of Man

Love is Not a Portal.

In my reading and studying of The Power of Awareness by Eckhart Tolle, I am learning about ways to become more present in my life, and that the diligence to presence allows me to experience the Universality of this world; another realm of consciousness. 532 more words

Discernment: Praying Our Future

The art of discernment encompasses praying our past, our present, and our future. But we are called to live in the present moment. Does the art of discernment force us into an unhealthy attitude of trying to live in the past, or in a future that is not here yet? 457 more words


Treasure the Moments

Answer this question for me (even though I know the answer already), but “Am I the Only One” who is learning how to appreciate the special and valuable time, experiences and celebrations when and as they happen. 195 more words

Helpful Insights

Recovering all your parts

(This is the newly edited ‘About’ section of this blog – which seemed worthy of a repost as it says a huge amount about why I created this… 1,796 more words