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Driving Is Different Now

Well, it’s a beautiful morning. The rain is falling, the sky is rumbling with thunder, and I’m looking forward to being on the road for approximately two hours today. 302 more words

Be The Reminder


Living isn’t for wimps no matter what age you are (Carolyn Brown).  Every stage and age represents new challenges and difficulties.  What seemed stressful or impossible during childhood was second nature by high school.  124 more words



Don’t worry about tomorrow or let the past ruin today.  Carolyn Brown


Importance of Living in the Present

When was the last time we took out time to hear our heartbeat amidst the eternal chaos? How many times have we finished our morning coffee without even realizing? 869 more words

What is stoicism? How this 3rd Century philosophy can help you live a more present and fulfilling life

Stoicism has gained a lot of popularity recently with people shifting away from constantly dwelling on the past and fixating on the future. People want to move away from materialistic desires and go back to becoming truly happy with what they have in the present moment. 617 more words


Live in the Present Moment

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One of my favourite lines from Winnie the Pooh, and, as with many Pooh sayings, profound. Today is the present moment, there is no other. 297 more words


Success Is Waking Up Determined Every Day And Going To Sleep Satisfied

Life is difficult for one reason in particular.

Every single individual in the world, no matter how much he or she enjoys life, no matter how much he or she has to be thankful for, is always trying to do a little better. 1,118 more words

Guilt Will Not Cloud Blocking The Sun Over You. By Jim Campbell