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Wu Hsin Quote Magnificence of Ordinary

“This world offers
So many distractions
That it is difficult
To perceive
The magnificence of
What is ordinary.
The simpler things get
The more beautiful…

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Access To The Power Of Life Itself

“Through the present moment you have access to the power of life itself.”   Eckhart Tolle

If I let myself pay attention to it, ordinary life might turn into an orchestra.

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On Presence

This Bigger Life

What words would you use to describe life?  Not ‘your life’ –  just life, without the ‘your’ attached to it. It has a whole different feel when you remove the ‘your’, doesn’t it?   140 more words


To Align With All Of Life

“Why do you offer
Such resistance to life?
Has not Wu Hsin told you
That resistance
Only extends and intensifies
Your pain and discomfort.
There is a secret word…

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Oh – don’t miss this moment!
Open your arms and let it flow into your being,
Just for this now.
Suspend your worries –
hand them over to the clouds to hang unto for a bit.

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On Presence

Wu Hsin Quote Deep Looking

“Deep looking produces
Deep seeing.
Then, one moves from competing to
Cooperating with everything.”  Wu Hsin


The Unfolding Of A Sunrise

I wonder if the designer of this home realized he was creating the perfect morning sunrise, when he placed this bedroom window facing south and directly under the big canopy of the oak tree. 150 more words

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