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Nature's Jewels

The morning after the first snow.
The sun shining so clear and bright.
The bare branches are coated in glistening ice,
so the sparkles are dangling like big jewels everywhere. 153 more words


“We tend to believe in a ‘continual up-line’, a continual personal improvement of ourselves and our circumstances.  That is not the nature of life.  Life goes in cycles, ups and downs… We can no longer tell the difference between our mind’s imagination and what’s actually true.  

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On Presence

Thank-You, Life!

As the year comes to an end, the only topic that seems appropriate to write about is gratitude.  Gratitude is one of the most powerful ‘states of being’ we can cultivate in our quest for truth.   348 more words


On Humility

“Understand from the first this certainty.  Butterflies don’t write books, neither do lilies or violets.  Which doesn’t mean they don’t know, in their own way, what they are.  

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A Change Of Color

“How many eyes are required to
See the appearance of Being?
To change the world
One need only change
The color of the glass
One looks through.”  Wu Hsin…

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What happens when this moment becomes more important than the next moment (or the previous moment).  When everything, everything you’ve got, everything you are, everything you need to do, everything that is, is 

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On Presence

Wu Hsin Quote Magnificence of Ordinary

“This world offers
So many distractions
That it is difficult
To perceive
The magnificence of
What is ordinary.
The simpler things get
The more beautiful…

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Spiritual Enlightenment