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Holding our Breaths

When my sister and I were younger and we would go on family vacations to the beach from Ohio, we had an exciting experience of traveling through at least 2 tunnels. 578 more words


Every time I go to bed the last images in my mind before I deep dive into the vastness  of darkness are the thoughts of my past: what has been, what should have been, what I think have happened vs what actually happened. 271 more words


Joyful Anticipation...

Waiting is a difficult concept. It requires patience, dedication, and often repeated failure.

I’ve talked before about failure, quite a few times actually. That’s not the point today. 771 more words


Facing the fear of missing out

Today’s guest contributor is author Kennan Buckner. Check out her bio and the link to her book at the end of the post!

I grew up with limited access to the internet, back when you had to use dial-up. 1,148 more words


Living in the present with Joseph (Genesis 50:19-20)

My last post was about living in the present moment so that we can maximize our enjoyment of the Lord and can give ourselves away for the blessing of others. 1,447 more words


The Mistakes I Make as an Over-Thinker

I am a planner by nature. So there is no wonder why I have my “where do you see yourself in 10 years” mapped out like the United States. 398 more words

Parenting Perspectives

Focusing on the Past takes you out of the Present

This might seem obvious but many of us spend our time fixated on the past and completely miss living in the present.

We fixate on how we should have done one thing and not another, on regrets, missed opportunities etc. 326 more words