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Weekly Blog Feature: Living In Yellow, May-03-2014

Check this blog out Living In Yellow, I just love the set up of this blog. And I may make mine look similar at some point. 24 more words


25DoHK: Give blood

There’s not a whole lot to say about giving blood, but I’ll give it a try. “Ouch, that hurt… Glad I’m going with Susan to shop for birthday outfits, what a good reward… I’m totally wearing my sticker all day… this is helping potentially save three lives… etc.” 243 more words

I may or may not have just vlogged...

…that sounded weird, and kind of dirty, huh?!

ANYWAYS –  one of my favorite bloggers, Erin from Living in Yellow was co-hosting a vlog series last week… For some reason I couldn’t get my webcam thing to work, so I didn’t get to do it then so I missed the linkup BUT for all of your viewing pleasure… I did it anyways – try to keep your excitement to a minimum. 111 more words


I believe in...

Linking up with Erin, duh. 

I believe in following a strict schedule of watching Friends re-runs. 11pm. Every night. Nick@Nite.

I believe in fresh, country air. 277 more words


Forty-Something Things I Should Do

My friend’s daughter, Erin, challenged her blog readers to link up things to do in the coming year, reflecting their age. Sweet, charming Erin listed twenty-six. 443 more words


High Five for Friday

What up, Friday?! I’ve missed you. Truly.

Today, I’m linking up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk to bring you High Five for Friday. 394 more words

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