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The More The Merrier - Answering #WhoIsMuhammad (pbuh)

After the tragic event in Paris, many people want to know who was the man that I and all the Muslims LOVE so much? Who is this Prophet of Islam that nations are so passionate about?  1,457 more words


Poem by Uswais Hafizal, Musa and Salahudeen: "The last 30 minutes of Ramadan"

This summer, I led a Spoken Word workshop at the ‘Living Islam 2014’ festival with ISB (Islamic Society of Britain) ‘Young Muslims’ (12-16 yrs)  programme, and I set a task for the young boys and girls, to write a group poem about a recent experience. 252 more words


Amazing Airshow, Living Islam 2014.

I had the good fortune to experience an amazing airshow after Jumu’ah prayers at the Living Islam festival on 1. August, 2014, at the Lincolnshire Showground… 16 more words


Living Islam Festival tickets on sale at INTRODUCTORY prices!

Salam all

I can’t tell you how exciting things are getting for the Event of the Year!

If you have been before, you will know how good it is. 92 more words


Our Eid 1434

So, the photos are finally uploaded, and though they’re not that many, we did have a full day on Eid this year alhamdulilah.  This year we made egg rolls to take to the masjid in the morning. 633 more words


Kid Updates

I know….long time no post. Have been overwhelmed and swamped with a multitude of things. I wanted to make posts of our trip, but that has been going slow too. 1,503 more words


What to do when a child is born?

The Newborn Child Born into Islam – Qur’an and Sunnah on parenting

Children are a source of delight and an adornment for the world
granted by…

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