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Always Stay a Student

I recently read an article by Darius Foroux titled, “A Practical Way to Overcome Imposter Syndrome”.  Imposter Syndrome is basically saying, “Who cares about anything I have to say?” Foroux says, “We try to convince ourselves that our work isn’t important and that no one cares.”  I would say this is a lack of self-confidence. 260 more words



Physical strength is something everyone needs in order to be successful and effective in their work, whatever that might be. Physical strength, or should I say the lack of physical strength, is something I’ve been dealing with lately. 398 more words

Living Life

The New Face Of Retirement.

People are living longer. People are retiring longer. People are working longer. People are retiring later. People are retiring sooner. Retirement is a whole new bag, geared to adjust to any new way people want their retirement to be. 540 more words

Living Life

10 Things Tuesday - #SOL19

Good morning fellow bloggers and Slice of Lifers and whoever else may stumble across this little gem today. I’ve been pretty well stuck writing for a while, both because I cannot shake this feeling of exhaustion (fell asleep last night sitting up) and that my writing just is not where I want it to be. 927 more words


People with disabilities deserve respect!!

Many people with disabilities have their rights violated on a daily basis, this is because most people think they are incapable of doing anything for themselves. 328 more words


Our 47th Wedding Anniversary and Bull-Riding

Today I am beginning to blog again. This time, I have no intentions nor desires to be controversial. I simply want to express myself on observations on living. 313 more words


What Do You See?

A 3-D version of Rorschach’s ink blot test

I love to shoot pics. When I took this one it immediately made me ‘see’ something else entirely. 52 more words