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A Note on Ancestral History, Nutrition and Health

So when it comes to our diet, nutrition and health,

Rather than count calories ingested, kilojoules expelled or steps pedometered

I propose and suggest a far easier method. 69 more words

Living off the land....on the road.

Living off the land…. on the road.

I am going to write this year about our upcoming adventure to points south of here in our motorhome. 727 more words

Waiting for Blessings Take Patience

Blog post #18

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the most patient person in the world. I tend to be a go-getter, if things don’t happen quickly, I’ll go make it happen. 1,214 more words


Into The Wild - by Jon Krakauer (1996)

I went to sleep last night thinking about this book, and woke up still thinking about it. It is the excruciatingly sad story about a young man on a quest to be totally alone in the wilderness of Alaska. 386 more words

Biography And Non-fiction

Why donut seeds?

Several years ago, I had told my family that I wanted our home to become self-sustaining. That we were only going to eat food that we produced. 152 more words


A Year In the Life

A Year In the Life

(A glimpse of 365 days)

Earthship Blog post #17


I’ve been avoiding my journal and my blog for several reasons. One, I’ve been tired, another I’ve let negativity rule how I feel. 1,635 more words


Target Fixation: Spring Bear

I round the corner on the dirt road and come to a sudden halt. The Tacoma tires stirs up dust and it floats in front of my view. 1,310 more words

Living Off The Land