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Bee House Erected!!

Lavender planted and Bee house erected to support these buzzing insects!!

Bantam Chickens

Herbs for nest box

Using Herbs in the Nest Box-not only smells nice and is healthy for the chickens to eat but it is a Natural Lice and Mite Prevention.

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Self sufficiency...

At Barnside Cottage the topic of self sufficiency has arisen and whether or not in this day and age true self sufficiency can be achieved?

Your thoughts??

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Fruit and veg growth at Barnside Cottage

Pleased to report that all is doing well!

Looking at polytunnel investment for the latter part of the year but have found these to be quite costly. 23 more words

Bantam Chickens

Quail hatching!

One of our female quail is nesting!

She keeps moving the eggs to keep them close together and then sits on them, also very possessive.

Baby quail!

Bantam Chickens


Life in the backwoods of Kentucky had its blessings and its curses. Moving onto a dilapidated farm with all kinds of land that hadn’t been tamed in years meant lots of wild animals, both the good kind and the pests. 708 more words


My First Melon

I had thought earlier in the season that I was going to lose all my melon seedlings, but they have awoken from their slumber in the past week or so.  106 more words