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Sorting Things Out

It’s been a year and a half since we decided to slow things down on the farm and I’ve gone through many changes and have mixed emotions about were we are now. 787 more words


What we have been up to in our gardens over the last week...

I ended up planting the rest of the Peas out in the rain yesterday… and after 4 hours in the rain getting soaking wet and quite cold, with my cat looking at me like I was crazy to be in the garden in the rain! 2,103 more words

Feeding Your Family On 1/4 Acre


A new month!  A new week!  Yea for new beginnings.  The washer is washing, the dryer is drying.  The dishes are…waiting.  And, although there is no picture, stuff left the house yesterday.  263 more words

Living With Intention

NZ Labour Weekend - well it was sure a long weekend of "hard labour" in the gardens!

When I checked the food stores just before Labour Weekend, I was happy to see that just right on cue, the rest of the summer growing root crop tubers were getting sprouts. 4,231 more words

Feeding Your Family On 1/4 Acre


It is already October and I didn’t get a single thing done on my land!  That’s not entirely true, when I think back over the summer I spent $3,000 on a driveway near the top of the field where there is an actual view of a mountaintop (and where my eventual small home will be).   308 more words


This week in the garden - spring is still here, but it seems to be having a rest today!

Although it is decidedly chilly out today, everywhere you look, the signs of spring are still there – the fruit trees are blossoming and as it is the first year we will (hopefully) get fruit from the orchard, it is all very exhilarating to watch them blossom. 1,381 more words

Feeding Your Family On 1/4 Acre

How it all started - No. 2:

A continuation of our setting up to be self-sufficient: Trials and Triumphs!

After getting the initial winter vegetables planted (Broad Beans and Brassica’s – see post 1 in this series), and some dirt dug up for the garlic, next we put up a new greenhouse that we had bought with the little bit of left over house purchase money – BUT, the storms/high winds promptly ripped out of the ground in one piece and flung over the fence and smashed down all over the neighbours back yard into a thousand pieces (we literally cried – as we could not afford another one). 997 more words

Feeding Your Family On 1/4 Acre