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Memories From The Mountain. Reflections On Appalachia.

“Daughter of Appalachia” is a title that I have worn proudly my entire life. Every word that leaves my mouth is tinged and wrapped in that special “twang” we all know so well, and even if I wanted to, I’d never be able to hide where I’m from. 1,178 more words

This week in the garden...https://gardentokitchenwithsuz.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/img_6079.jpg?w=225

This week was a bit of a disaster – we had two storms; one blew everything over and ripped plants to bits, and the other dumped snow, ice and hail over everything. 581 more words


Cedar "X" style fence.

So, now we are building a fence to enclose an upper pasture.
The reason this fence style was chosen is to that it will rot away in the future, rather than leave dangerous barbed wire all over the place (humans are so inconsiderate…!) 167 more words


Living out of your Small backyard (Organic) Garden

I, like most people around the world live and feed my family on a very tight budget. I am, according to the Federal Government ” living below the poverty line”; making less than 20,000 per/yr.  445 more words

Organic Vegetable Gardening

Last week in the garden - (sorry this is late, we have been away!)

Last week we headed away to visit our girl in another city for a bit, so we stripped the gardens of everything we could find that was vaguely edible – both to take with us, and so it would not spoil while we were away. 367 more words