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Easy JELLO Jam!

Last week I got ambitious and decided to make up some jam, with back to school around the corner we could use the stock up, of course I was inspired by one of the amazing people I follow on YouTube. 562 more words


My very first blog post

Whats Going On

So in general, at this time we are saving to buy our land, the truck and the trailer. This is not easy with one income and 3 mouths to feed. 354 more words


Keepers of the Coast -Trailer via Warrior Publications

by Aaron Heidt, Vimeo, June 2016

Keepers of the Coast takes a close look at how the Kitasoo/Xai’Xais, Heiltsuk, Nuxalk, and Wuikinuxv Nations are stewarding our marine territories. 111 more words


Nomads of the Rainforest

NOVA visits the Waorani Indians of Eastern Ecuador less than 30 years after their first contact with Western civilization. Left largely undisturbed because of their traditional hostility toward outsiders, a few families remain deep in the rainforest hunting game with blowguns and spears. 18 more words

Natural Life


Am pleased to be tweeting on behalf of @SmallholdersUK all week.

If you are on Twitter please do take a look.

Small Holding

On Mountain Men

Mountain man is a term that a friend uses to describe any of our male friends who grow scraggly beards and look disheveled (i.e “You’re rockin the mountain man look today”). 945 more words

God-Reliance vs Self-Reliance

“Self-reliance” has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? The term evokes a range of images in people: the prepper capable of surviving 30 years after societal meltdown, back-to-the-land hippies, or the pioneer living in a sod house in the 1800s. 835 more words