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The First Page

Welcome to our “novel” farm!¬†We strive to produce a variety of organically grown produce on our 4.5 acres in central Indiana. Permaculture and a return to common sense inspired us to adopt a more natural approach to farming. 399 more words



As I was doing some reading & research for raising rabbits (wow – that alliteration shows that I may be closer to my pastoral… 209 more words


crooked river

Valerie Geary’s crooked river is a different novel than I was expecting. Its told from two sisters perspective, one of which doesn’t talk but who sees ghosts attached to different people. 150 more words


Living off the Land

If you could live off the land, would you? Or would you rather live in the city? I have a friend who actually does live off the land – he has a generator and water filtration system – but he still goes into town once a month to buy necessities. 156 more words

Random Thoughts

Wilderness Camping

Growing up in the backwoods of Oregon and later Alaska, my parents took us camping out in the boonies every summer.

I remember the year we got sleeping bags! 970 more words


Sorting Things Out

It’s been a year and a half since we decided to slow things down on the farm and I’ve gone through many changes and have mixed emotions about were we are now. 787 more words


What we have been up to in our gardens over the last week...

I ended up planting the rest of the Peas out in the rain yesterday… and after 4 hours in the rain getting soaking wet and quite cold, with my cat looking at me like I was crazy to be in the garden in the rain! 2,103 more words

Feeding Your Family On 1/4 Acre