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Hunting, our big step into self reliance

There is a lot of controversy surrounding hunting.

Some people don’t understand how one can do it, just the same as one cannot understand how a person doesn’t eat meat. 1,415 more words

Earthship-The History of how we got here

Earthship post #4


I have to apologize about not posting for the past few weeks. We had a death in the family of one of my beloved uncles. 807 more words

Building An Earthship

Off The Grid-Out of our Minds?

Earthship post #3

August 2016


     Nearly one month inWe’ve settled in nicely to our new home and routines. We got our son and his kids a 5th wheel. 430 more words

Building An Earthship

Beginning the Process-getting off the Grid

Earthship post #2

One week in. This has been a very trying week. It’s been hot. Triple digits every day. At times unbearable. With the wind, it sometimes feels like stepping into a blast furnace. 429 more words

Building An Earthship

Easy JELLO Jam!

Last week I got ambitious and decided to make up some jam, with back to school around the corner we could use the stock up, of course I was inspired by one of the amazing people I follow on YouTube. 562 more words


My very first blog post

Whats Going On

So in general, at this time we are saving to buy our land, the truck and the trailer. This is not easy with one income and 3 mouths to feed. 354 more words


Keepers of the Coast -Trailer via Warrior Publications

by Aaron Heidt, Vimeo, June 2016

Keepers of the Coast takes a close look at how the Kitasoo/Xai’Xais, Heiltsuk, Nuxalk, and Wuikinuxv Nations are stewarding our marine territories. 111 more words