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Things are about to get REAL

Earthship Blog post #9

October 17, 2016


Today I’m so excited! The guys from Mountain Power Solutions are here. (The solar guys!)

They’re moving the batteries into the power shed. 645 more words

Building An Earthship

Some days are Diamonds, Some are just plain Rocks - Earthship Blog Post #8

Earthship Blog post #8

October 15, 2016


We’ve had a crazy couple of weeks. Things are finally starting to move. The guy who is doing our dirt work had another job fall through, so he started on our property a week early! 684 more words

Building An Earthship

The Agony of Real Life off the Grid

The Agony of Real Life

Earthship Post #7


     It’s the middle of September and I already feel the chill of fall in the air. We’re only a few feet above the valley floor, but the temperature feels degrees colder being at the base of Grand Mesa. 452 more words

Building An Earthship

the czech republic part two: the countryside

Skyler and I have been on a straight path to “being one with the earth” for some time now, and we got two weeks of finding out just exactly what that meant. 1,463 more words

Living a Semi - Off Grid Lifestyle 

Hey Everyone!

As I am sitting here, with the power out, it reminds me that living fully on the grid in the city is not the lifestyle I want for myself. 207 more words


Waiting on the World to Change-Waiting to launch the Earthship

Earthship blog post #6

September 6, 2016



Almost two months since we arrived here. We don’t have much to show as far as progress towards our build. 744 more words

Building An Earthship

Earthship journey (the history) part 2

Earthship post #5

Our History of how we arrived at the Earthship Part 2

We started looking for land around the valley we live in. I wanted to stay close to be able to get to my parents if there was an emergency, and also I wanted to be close enough to town to be able to watch my grandkids whenever my kids needed an extra babysitter. 809 more words

Building An Earthship