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The last month in the garden... spring has sprung!

So much for posting every week – I have had no computer for nearly a month now. I will do a catch up blog post of what has been happening in the gardens since then. 417 more words

Feeding Your Family On 1/4 Acre

A Taste for the Simple

It’s only gotten worse since moving to an island. There are piles and piles of magazines and books in my rooms because I just can’t seem to pass up any printed thing on celebrating nature and living off the land. 202 more words

The last 2 weeks in the garden:

The last two weeks in the garden have certainly been better than the month previous for harvesting, but the gardens still have not been producing as much as we hoped: 500 more words

Feeding Your Family On 1/4 Acre

Suz's "take" on Dal Makhani (Gluten Free/Dairy Free/Organic/Vegan/Vegetarian/Healthy/Wholefoods)

I LOVE Indian food, and have played around with various Dal Makhani recipes before coming up with one that both my husband and I really, really love. 1,261 more words

Feeding Your Family On 1/4 Acre

Nutrition and Food Storage

The food items that take center stage in our food storage system are protein and fat…not canned vegetables, not beans and rice or pasta, or pancake mix and bottles of maple flavored high fructose corn syrup *sigh*…NO! 2,357 more words

Living Off The Land

Rustic Summer Vegetable Soup

I make this every year, usually in August, and, except for the bay leaf, all the ingredients are 100% homegrown organic straight from the garden! This recipe can also be expanded infinitely in size so as long as you’ve got a pot big enough to hold it all! 315 more words


Homesteading and Homeschooling

With our recent move to a new state and all the “newness” that comes along with it, we decided to keep mixing things up and start homeschooling. 199 more words

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