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Welcome to Clear Ridge Homestead.

Welcome to Clear Ridge Homestead: my dream-come-true, my work-in-progress. This homestead and I are in our eighth year together.  I bought the place June of 2008  for the unbelievable sum of $12,200.   471 more words



Motivation – its what is needed to do something.  If you look everyday at something that you don’t want to lose – then maybe you can become more motivated on finding ways to help saving it.   38 more words

DIY Soda Bottle Bird Feeder

Since spring is here, the outdoors come alive again (especially here in Washington)! Here is an easy, and I mean EASY spring craft to do with your little ones. 143 more words

Simple Life

Debt Snowball for Dummies

Dave Ramsey is the “Debt Snowball” master and inventor. For many, it makes complete sense, and for others-well, they argue that he has it backwards. All I can say is this… it works. 265 more words

What I CAN buy while i'm on a break...

  1. glasses
  2. jeans (if I find them on sale. I have 2 pairs and none are hole-less)
  3. swimsuit
  4. work clothes (assuming I go back to work)
  5. 242 more words

I am on a BREAK!

Ya’ll this stinks!

I am on a spending break until July 1st. And guess WHO of all people demanded I do this?????????


I read a book called “The Year Without a Purchase” (you can read about that… 742 more words

"It's just SO time consuming"

There is a lot of truth in this statement.

I have said it before myself… and I have heard it many times from my friends. Every time the topic of saving money or spending less comes up it ALWAYS comes back to how much time it takes. 249 more words