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Introductions: Frugality

Welcome back! This is a continuation of the Introductions series that will enable you to understand and get to know the purpose of this blog as well as the basic aspects of the lifestyle we live. 724 more words

Mad Weeks: May

This is the first in a series of postings detailing our lives over the past weeks. Simple enough, this series will go into detail about challenges, successes, and general life for us. 1,115 more words

Introductions: Mad Minimalism

If you are just now tuning in, this is a series where you can learn our history and the purpose of this blog. Mad Minimalism will go into detail about how we live our life in the minimalist lifestyle and how we think that minimalism is flexible.  1,021 more words

Where do we even begin?

“Where do we even begin?”

These were the words I mumble often. *SIGH*

I always feel like I don’t know where to start. I get these wild hairs {either from being on Pinterest too much, or visiting a friend, or just being tired of what I am looking at} to do a project but then I become so overwhelmed that I don’t ever do it. 972 more words

Cutting Costs: Project Water

Water bills are tricky, so much of the costs relates to the infrastructure more so than the actual usage costs, making it often a tricky place to save money. 843 more words


Trimming the fat so you can afford your life.

We have begun our house hunting journey and it’s a real shock when you find out just how much the houses are going for, what property taxes are all about and how many costs are involved.   1,067 more words


November Progress to Goals

The results for November are in and it looks like a pretty successful month. Despite the purchase of a new box spring, a couple of sweaters to brace for the colder weather, and our part of the Thanksgiving potluck, we still managed to keep our absolute expenses under 60% and our flex expenses around 11%. 559 more words

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