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When to say when...

With the steady flow of promotions, coupons, and deals on a weekly basis it can be hard to resist not putting it all in your cart. 1,125 more words

How To Be Cheap

Reducing Monthly Bills

I am always looking for ways to reduce some of our fixed expenses. In a time when everything seems to go up and up in cost this can seem like an impossible task. 885 more words

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The Importants of Living Below Your Means

The advice we all read and hear when you talk personal finance ‘Live below your means’. This can be easier said then done. Especially if you live in a high cost area or have a low wage job, or a part time job. 468 more words

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March food Budget: Shopping Trip 1

A few shopping tips. You’ll see these all over the place. First check your pantry, what is low, what is out, what is expired? Check your running list – this should nearly match your check of the pantry. 458 more words

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March - Pantry & Freezer Inventory

We have stocked our pantry over time. We do a big stock up in January when our local store has what they call the ‘Can Can’ sale. 807 more words

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March Food Budget and Plan

I am going to do something a bit different for March. I posted our budget as usual. I am going to focus exclusively on our food budget for the month. 593 more words

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March 2015 Budget

Spring will be here this month. The February Recap was the 100th blog post for Crazynoiia! I am very excited about that. March is not looking very different budget wise. 508 more words