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You’ve probably been hearing it for weeks now – 2016 was the worst year in history. Not that we humans like to exaggerate much.
Given the political climate, most point to the election as the troublemaker. 223 more words

Living Life

#2 Live Alone

…and relish the independence.

Honestly wasn’t sure if I would ever cross this one off of my bucket list. Between student loans and the impossibility of finding a decent paying job, living on my own felt like a pipe dream. 213 more words


Life Comes at You Fast: Growing Up Even When You Don’t Want To

It seems like just yesterday we celebrated my sister Jay’s 15th birthday.  It was a hot weekend in June in 2001. I’m Dominican, so it is no surprise that in our tiny Brooklyn apartment, we had like 50 relatives. 1,334 more words


Week one

Well, tomorrow marks one week and I’ve barely seen my roommate. Granted, part of that was my fault bur yeah.

Monday: He got here like 8pm unloaded stuff, left to get more and picked up some dinner for us. 240 more words


First night here

Well, its time. I’m mostly moved in and its the first night in the apartment. I’m aggravated that I was so worried about making sure K liked the shower curtain too, that I didn’t get one. 377 more words