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Year One

I’ve lived on my own for a whole year now; it has not been an easy year but I like having my own space. 340 more words

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10 Things I've Learned Living On My Own

Living on my own for the past three years has taught me a lot.

1. How to appreciate a home cooked meal, prepared by someone. I miss my mom’s cooking and coming home to a tasty plate of food. 230 more words


Living on my Own.....

The late great Freddie Mercury with a song that sums up my life along with millions of others……..

Ian x

Ian Fullbrook

Living in Amsterdam

I’ve been living in Amsterdam for more than six weeks now and it’s begining to feel more like home every day. I’ve gotten into a good routine with work and I’ve been trying to explore more rather than just coming home and watching tv. 819 more words

The House in the Police Log

I remember trying to take a nap during the afternoon one day in preparation for my very first overnight shift. I can’t nap. I have never been able to nap. 2,787 more words

I'm still learning...

Does God even hear your prayers? Let alone speak to you? As a child and teenager, I always felt God was doing his own thing over there and I was doing mine at the opposite end. 537 more words


A girl at a fierce risk of moving out..!

I have been living with my parents all my life!

Yes, people you read that right! I am 21 years old and I have been living along with my family all this while. 662 more words