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Week one

Well, tomorrow marks one week and I’ve barely seen my roommate. Granted, part of that was my fault bur yeah.

Monday: He got here like 8pm unloaded stuff, left to get more and picked up some dinner for us. 240 more words


First night here

Well, its time. I’m mostly moved in and its the first night in the apartment. I’m aggravated that I was so worried about making sure K liked the shower curtain too, that I didn’t get one. 377 more words


Song of the Day - Queen Week

Last day today of our Queen week. It was awesome to dig into their legacy and a challenge to decide what NOT to post! Today I want to honor the voice of the band. 155 more words

Song Of The Day

Should I Live On My Own?

So I live with 12 people. That may sound scary to you but actually it’s not that bad. I live in a converted warehouse so it’s a huge space, everyone has their own private bedrooms and people are on such different schedules, in and out all the time that it rarely ever feels like there’s 12 people in at once. 583 more words

Hannah Witton

Friend fun&I'm MOVING to Budapest /Barátnőzés&KÖLTÖZÖM Budapestre

So this is my big announcement, no drumroll … I am moving out, and not just to any place but to the capital of Hungary, Budapest! 945 more words

"How Do I Know If It's Done?"

And Other Questions I Ask My Parents

My parents are two of the most wonderful humans ever to have graced the planet. No… really. I never thought so when I was growing up (despite never actually having a “rebellious phase,” which my mom can confirm for you), but now that I’m out in the world on my own, living hours away and creating this life that is entirely mine, I am continuously reminded of the fact that I am who I am because my parents made sure I knew I could be whoever I wanted. 941 more words

The Myriad

6 months in the Queen City

Happy Holiday season! Can you believe its that time of year already!

I also can’t believe that I have been living in Charlotte for 6 months already! 382 more words