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On Why I Love Running: Part 1

Recently, I have gotten super into running memoirs (ask anybody that I have forced into conversation within the last two weeks, they’ll tell you), especially those that feature plant-based endurance athletes. 1,422 more words

Living On Purpose

"Have It All [Song] // Brian Johnson // Bethel Music

You simply can’t go wrong by starting your day off with the prayer in this song.

Christian Growth

Answering Real Life Parenting Questions: Tantrums and Time-Outs

Q-I read Time-out? Time-in?  and I like the ideas, but I’m not sure my 2.5 year old would completely understand these questions. I will definitely implement these once I feel like she will, in the meantime, what would you do for tantrums and discipline when they are so young? 708 more words


Don't Put Me in The Box

“Many men go fishing all their lives, without knowing it’s not the fish they are after.”

–Henry David Thoreau

If you know me at all–if you have ever overhead a conversation I have had–you will be familiar with my obsession of The Box.

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Living On Purpose

The Horizontal Line Approach

I am a planner. I do well with structure, but for the sake of spontaneity. I strongly dislike routine, but I depend upon a routine to be in place in order that I can disrupt it. 975 more words

Living On Purpose

The Tyranny of the Label

Day 12 of the #AtoZChallenge

The Tyranny of the Label

It starts as soon as they begin a course of traditional schooling. They’re sifted and labeled and placed accordingly. 78 more words

Doubting My Dreams

I have been taught my entire life to believe this truth. This truth that my life has purpose. This idea that you and me, we are no accidents. 495 more words