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Learning to Walk Humbly

I can only lay down MY pride, not someone else’s.

God, help me to humble myself and pray for others, rather than trying to humble others and praise myself. 82 more words

Christian Growth

What I Learned When I Shook the President's Hand

Oh, the President and I go way back. Waaay back.

By that I mean to Friday, May 20th at approximately 11:47am.

Oh, and by “President” I mean the President of Costa Rico, not the President of the United States. 992 more words

Living On Purpose

Mindset Matters: Weather Checks Before Running and Other Such Nonsense

Time to get back out and excercise. Wait… first, let me check the weather.

But for someone reason this morning I asked myself, “Why do I check the weather before I head outside to exercise?” 204 more words

Personal Growth

2 Things You Should Never Withhold from Your Kids

A few months ago, I was having a chat with a mummy friend, so of course we ended up talking about our kids. She was telling me that her little one was asking so many questions it was driving her bananas (we all have triggers, no judgey eyes!). 482 more words


Simplicity is Beautiful: People > Stuff

Do you ever get in those intense cleaning moods, where you’re fed up with the amount of clutter in your space and all you want to do is hose it all in gasoline, light a match and scream, “Let it burrrrrrrrrn!” with wild frenzy? 717 more words

Living On Purpose

Remember Who You Are!!

Check out this awesome blog post by an AMAZING friend of mine. It will help you remember who you are and why you are here! 7 more words

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The World of Your Mind

Meditation is like a silent retreat inside the infinite world of the spiritual dimensions.  It’s being able to silence the mind from all of the chaos of each day.   506 more words

Living On Purpose