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A Positive Fascination With Control: How Badly Do You Want A Happy Life?

I’m not quite sure when the connotation of “control” became so negative, but it seems to currently provoke images of raged, hormonally middle-aged humans with heat-damaged straight hair, unnaturally taunt facial skin and a noticeably viscous outer-layer of spray tan shouting nonsense about unfair prices in the co-op Whole Foods Market to the poor dreadlocked employee. 1,506 more words

Living On Purpose

Polish Your Mind

It seems as if it’s a natural tendency for the mind to want to keep itself busy feverishly jumping from one thing to the next.  Most of us would rather do almost anything rather than spend time in reflection and solitude.   384 more words

Positive Thinking

But It's Daylight and It's Today

If you are in the market for some wholesome life motivation, I highly recommend checking out The Happy Pear‘s YouTube channel. These Irish twins are fostering a movement for wholesome living in Ireland, down to the bare bones of feeding your body with things that makes it happy from a neurotransmitter level. 806 more words

Living On Purpose

Clarity - Focus is Key.

Keep Focused. Reach the Finish Line.

It is important to remain focused on your goal.  Developing a sense of what that feels like for you is imortant when building your life.   255 more words

Living On Purpose


Everything must come to an end. One day. Sometimes sooner than later.

I guess it was finally time to let go of my mother’s passing away. 775 more words


The Greatest Gift You Can Give

Alright, so it might not be the greatest gift you can give someone…I mean, birth, salvation, a new puppy, a copy of Fight Club on Blu-Ray…those are probably greater gifts. 1,064 more words

Living On Purpose

"Why Sit Around And Wait For A Miracle to Come - When We Can #BeOne"

So…. the numbers on our Texas thermometers tell us that it is indeed summer. And, I hope you have some good plans for yours…. Perhaps an adventuresome family road trip or a relaxing rest on the beach. 159 more words

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