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Living Intentionally

My close friends and I have a running joke about the way that I approach friendship. “Ebony just picks a person, decides she wants to be their friend and makes them go along with her plan!” It sounds comical, but this is pretty much, in a nutshell, how I make friends. 820 more words

Goal Setting

Adapting to each others rhythms

Adapting to each others rhythms takes courage after 7 years of living alone.  It seems this morning I stole my fiance’s pillow, and would not give it back in my sleep.  401 more words


Seeing yourself with Loving Eyes

“They” say – Love is in the eyes of the beholder.  To me this means it doesn’t matter what you are like because if somebody loves you they will not notice your flaws or at the very least they will ignore them because they love you so much it won’t matter. 177 more words


The Peach and the Pear

Yesterday I was sitting eating a bowl of fruit for breakfast.

The first bite of the pear was lovely.  I tasted that real pear flavour and felt the grainy pear texture.  196 more words


Days One-Three: Fez

If I were to do justice to a description of our initial introduction into Fez, Morocco after a mid-day landing, you and I would both be here for years as I burst forth with written feelings of love and respect for this beautiful, beautiful community of passionate Moroccans. 1,180 more words

Living On Purpose

And Not Even In Morocco Yet

We begin our voyage in the usual way; Katie and I endlessly debating the meaning of life and happiness and joy, both of us operating on far too little sleep for the topics we were maneuvering through as we find ourselves bouncing through landscapes and mountains too vast and magical for our own comprehension. 1,011 more words

Living On Purpose

Welcome To My Mind Palace

I don’t know what it is about purposelessly oscillating along the lightly snowy trails which hug the chatty Mur river, dancing past cyclists and hand-holding dog owners in the brisk January noontime sun–the sanctifying, scotch-drinking voice of Gary Sinise narrating John Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley through the left bud of my half-working headphones–that promotes a welling state of optimal mind digestion. 899 more words

Living On Purpose