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18 Quotes to Remind Us of the Purpose of Life

We all have a purpose. However, sometimes to discover that purpose we have to go the extra mile, take the risk, evaluate our daily activities and be honest with ourselves by doing what we love to do. 468 more words


Learn To Say YES!

When opportunities arrive, are you open and receptive? No, here’s hhy YOU should get into the habit of saying YES when the doors of opportunity open.


The 5 Things I Never Leave Home Without

I think my purse weighs about 45 pounds. Seriously.

It feels like I have one of everything in there, but the truth is there are only 5 things I absolutely need to be prepared for whatever kind of day we have planned and for whatever happens to us along the way. 262 more words


The Law of Attraction

As my list of reading grows in direct correlation to where my life is taking me these days, I’ve noticed it all basically boils down to one thing: The Law of Attraction. 529 more words

Life Gets In The Way

Understand Your Vulnerability

When you’re tempted, keep your vulnerability in mind and work out ways to protect yourself. God warns us to never to get cocky and overconfident about our ability to handle temptation; that’s the recipe for disaster. 173 more words

Hearing From God

This Last Nerve

You trying to control every aspect of me

Your expectations of me

What you need…. what you want… what works for me…

Stuck mentally not allowing anything to penetrate… 539 more words

Living On Purpose

Cell W/No Bars

Flashbacks causing me to backtrack

To dates and times I never wanted to go back to

Causing me to feel like a cell with no bars… 234 more words

Living On Purpose