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Change of Address

Do you ever sit yourself down and demand, now just what the jiminy do you think you are doing?

That’s all I’ve been doing for the last two hours. 497 more words

Living On Purpose

I bargained with God and got my end of the deal! Now what?

For most who know my family, it’s no secret 2017 has been a year of difficulties. I wrote down the “big” things the other day and came up with this list. 506 more words

Source of Suffering

You know what cages us?


It squelches the life from you, it bolts you to the metal floor, it flogs you with barbed wire. It waits until you are low, and it whispers, greedily, hungrily, wet into your ear: not this time. 374 more words

Living On Purpose

When the Rubber Hits the Bunny

I was running and I kicked a bunny.

Just plowed him right in the noggin. His soft, fuzzy little noggin.

Before you think me a heartless beast, please read my account. 1,075 more words

Living On Purpose

Let Me Let You Love Ginsberg Like I Do

“Howl” written by Allen Ginsberg is the greatest poem ever written.

Objectively speaking.

I wrapped myself in The Essential Ginsberg for a continual bout in wordsmithing; as noir jazz, dusty lamplight and frosted mugs of matcha tea will do to you on a cool starry Saturday. 232 more words

Living On Purpose


If you’re alive, there’s a purpose for your life. -Rick Warren

Living On Purpose

Dirt Road Therapy

Before picking our children up from school today, I took twenty minutes to drive down a lovely gravel road near our house. I’m going to share more soon about the journey our family has been on this past year, but for now, learning how to take a few minutes here and there for recreation has been much-needed spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical therapy. 145 more words