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Contemplating Goats

Goats climb high on bamboo branches
attempt to avoid the electric fence and
I’ve got to say

we have that last bit in common.
Their switch is to my left and I flick it off. 367 more words

Living On Purpose

Why You Deserve to Live Your Life Out Loud

My thoughts: One who lives only to please others, never realizing who they are and what their purpose is, really isn’t living at all

Putting on a Facade… 1,186 more words

Self Love

Solar Powered Rubber Duck Hurricane

I’m a solar powered rubber duck
hurricane; I charge in that purity
and I do not stay submerged for

long, I have no fear of what you… 230 more words

Living On Purpose

What You Need to Know

Here’s the thing about
saving my life; I’ve wandered
about for far too long

to just hand over the
chain to this anchor to
give you the key to my… 218 more words

Living On Purpose

Master Puppeteer

I’m not going to tell you what happened.

Not about the woman I met, nor the shades of green on the hillsides against the coal black sand dunes. 1,255 more words

Living On Purpose

The Trick to Changing Someone

So-and-so is important to you and is a really nice person, has lots of good traits but is sometimes a pain in the neck and doesn’t do what you wish they would. 216 more words


Mutual Misconceptions

I share some commonalities
with their misconceptions;
(we both think) I am
naive and blind
when it comes to international news
and various accords in varying shades… 886 more words

Living On Purpose