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The Magic of CNI

I am currently listening to a Tony Robbins podcast and he speaks about the importance of CNI in becoming successful in anything we do.  Whether it’s career, an exercise regime, losing weight, having good relationships – it doesn’t matter what area of life you are working on. 331 more words


When life gives you crumbs

Sometimes upsetting things happen.  That’s the way things are and we can’t avoid them.  We can however make things better.

The other day I had a confrontation with a person who was quite nasty to me.  163 more words


The Power of a Hug

Hugs are amazing things, really.  They melt away tension and can help heal a person who is ill or depressed.  Hugs release stress which help a person’s heart to beat slower which is good for longevity. 521 more words


The Leadershp Style of Jesus

Jesus’ Leadership style:
He valued people. He communicated DIRECTLY and clearly to His #team members – a.k.a the Disciples. He didn’t depend on layers of bureaucracy and angels or assistants to send out memos or take messages so He wouldn’t actually have to deal with people Himself. 39 more words

Living On Purpose

Ali Menite Sprechen Inglese, من فضلك? A Note On The Language Barrier

Right now the only sounds swaying through my ears are those of the wind whistling through the leaves and the voice of Davendra Banhart coming from my speakers. 1,583 more words

Living On Purpose

What Is Purpose? And What Does That Mean?

“Are you living out your purpose? And what does that mean?”

I have heard this question asked, answered and re-asked again so many times; but with every encounter, it leaves me wondering more.

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The Singing Staff

Last week I was shopping at Woolies Norwood.  I walked past the fridges at the back of the store and I heard some people softly singing a beautiful song that I really love.  311 more words