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An Adventure Featuring Hammocks And Old Austrian Gents

I love rain.

Its ability to generate an instantaneously cozier environment, the aesthetic of sitting up against a mighty window, a mug of creamy steaming coffee between two slightly chilled hands, sitting cross legged, shoeless; the patter of the rain against the glass a perfect acoustic companion to the book you have sitting on your lap. 1,473 more words

Living On Purpose

From Such Great Heights

I gently rock back and forth to the tune of the slurping river Mur as it swishes its way amongst the rocks and the ducks beside me. 1,076 more words

Living On Purpose

Always Only Onwards

When it comes down to Monday, I am going to be very very sad to leave. To leave the French couple. To leave Liath and Russ, to leave the Newfies, the Spaniard, the chilly cabin nights and of course the hot water bottle. 480 more words

Living On Purpose

To The One I Have Given My Heart

Our story is one of many ages.

He, sitting there, day in and day out, perched upon the lacquered wooden chair in the living room, just waiting. 642 more words

Living On Purpose

Happiness Lessons from the Newfs

Newfoundlands are marvelous at eye contact.

They peel up the folds of thick skin that hang perpetually in front of the lids and stare deep into your soul, their bodies frozen in time as they concentrate all of their energy and consistent forward motion into staring deep into your soul. 1,056 more words

Living On Purpose

The Morning Report

The mornings go like this:

A not-so distant bark announces both the dawn and the passage of a morning delivery truck which speeds along the narrow Scottish road on the other side of the thick hedge that isolates our safe haven of dog love from the rest of the world. 1,131 more words

Living On Purpose

Mapping the Self

Yes, it’s quite functional to wear Hunter wellies in a rainstorm; but why is that I take to the streets in my black gloss boots in times of sunshine and crispy breeze? 848 more words

Living On Purpose