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Feeding The Soul: Adventures in Arkansas

“Should we stay in the cave or should we find a new spot for tonight?”

Thus launched Saturday’s conversation between my dear beloved pal Lindsey and I as we sat cross-legged in our wonderful soft-earthed cave floor sipping Stanley french-press coffee from blue tin mugs. 1,077 more words

Living On Purpose

Nuggets of Insight from a Grand mum

Life is a Teacher – the more you live, the more you learn

Life is war, fight it. “Ko nkoden”

Life is a game, play it as an activity you do for fun with full diligence. 298 more words


Unmotivated? Underwhelmed? Podcast Recommendations!

There are times–like this morning–where I wake up underwhelmed by my own goals and ambitions.

I look at my watch to see the time, and I think to myself: these little numbers are trivial, and unwrapping myself from the safety of my covers is trivial, and tip-toeing across the unrelinquishingly squeaky floors to clamber into my cold running clothes is trivial. 944 more words

Living On Purpose

Motion Is The Oil to My Joints

Today it is Fall. More Fall than some can bear.

My breath exhales diamonds against the dawn, and I clamber into my car; snug in my sweater and thick woolen socks tucked inside thick rubber boots. 421 more words

Living On Purpose

Start Living It

“Our power is never about how pretty we are. Our power is about how we live our lives. Start living it.” Cheryl Strayed, interviewed by Lisa Congdon in A Glorious Freedom. 239 more words

Do We Get To Be Fearless?

I get scared a lot.

Scared that I’m spreading myself too thin; that I’m sacrificing quality for quantity. That I am trying to be too much for too many things. 640 more words

Living On Purpose

device free dating

I am married to a man who has 3 cell phones an i-watch and 4 computers.

Today we were walking hand in hand on the Burro trail in Breckenridge.  244 more words