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Reflections on Learning

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” Albert Einstein

It turns out that passionate curiosity about our own experience is key.

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Living On Purpose

Teaching Kids About Money

Helping kids learn about money can be a real challenge, especially for parents who (like me!) don’t have the healthiest relationship with money themselves and parents who use credit cards or debit cards all the time. 895 more words


Lesson One from Austria: The Comfort Zone

Last night I climbed Schloßberg–the picturesque “mountain” looming over the city of Graz, Austria–with my beautiful Ukrainian roommate, Vika, to watch the sun set behind the mountain ridges surrounding Graz and eat some fresh-baked Austrian Pita Brot (pita bread) with Grecian hummus and sautéed Roma tomatoes. 1,624 more words

Living On Purpose

How to Not Lose Your Mind: 8 Days and Counting

My plane leaves the bustling metropolis of Manhattan, KS bound for Graz, Austria in t-minus 8 days; before this time, I need to solidify financial matters with ESU, settle bank affairs, find documents, figure out logistics of living in the EU, revisit Austrian-German basics, contact with the Austrian girl meeting me at the airport, and 23 other check-list items. 406 more words

Living On Purpose

Be Intentional!

I love when the Universe provides me with confirmation that I am being guided in a certain direction.  It all started yesterday with a conversation with a good friend who was sharing her affirmations and how her intent to manifest was progressing.   416 more words

Positive Thinking

Can I Tell You About My Day?

I love watching a play-by-play of the day from someone. I love watching the face twist in the initial confusion over being asked what they did that day, the eyes roll up toward the right hand ceiling as the narrator remembers the minute details of the morning. 1,197 more words

Living On Purpose

It's Time for the Dead to Be Raised

We all know people who are breathing but are so very far from alive. Maybe we’ve even lived that way ourselves for a season – in a kind of sleepwalking state where we are practically corpses but still forging through the motions of life. 222 more words

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