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Living on the Edge

I had my eye on the route for a couple of months. I had come across a picture of it while browsing Mountain Project. Beautiful red sandstone with a massive arch feature cut out of the vertical wall. 1,755 more words


The Slippery Slope To The Wild Side

Some days you just want breakfast for another meal.  Does that make it stop being breakfast?  I somehow doubt it.

Ive heard of people who have had steak and baked potatoes for their morning meal.   202 more words

Does life have to be perfect?

Some things in life never change, one such thing in my life is my fear of not being perfect. I have always tried to be the perfect person all my life. 216 more words

It’s My 20s And I’ll Shave My Head If I Want To

I’m having a hard time remembering the last time I bent the rules. The last time I was late for work, wore my uniform incorrectly, got a tattoo without my parents’ approval or came home with a biker guy who was 10 years my senior and claimed I was “in love”…you know, the kinds of things everyone experiences in their youth. 462 more words

Exhaustion to Live

I have a lot of ideas running around in my head. But living is so terribly exhausting, I can only concentrate at how wonderful it is to sit down and relax for a second. 207 more words