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Water Skiing Behind A Snowmobile?

These guys call themselves  The Stunt Freak Team and I love them. That gas can buoy tap is just what a stunt freak would do when waterskiing behind a snowmobile….its so perfect. 


If you are not living on the edge

If you’re not living on the edge- you’re taking up too much space.

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Clear-That Fear (580)

No longer living on the edge-
When you rid yourself of inner thought garbage.


Towing the Domestic Line

Because sometimes you just want to make roast pork and cabbage with root vegetables.

Even if you exist in a construction site with no working sink 7 more words

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Unpronounced Obsessions

I found myself giving in, every time I would see the new moon. Maybe I was losing the will to fight or I was obsessed. At the back of my mind rang the warning bells, trying to grab me and bring me back from the bridge of the insanity of my sprouting obsessions, but yet I found myself ignoring them. 89 more words

Burning Thoughts

New Sock Day

I rarely, if ever, buy socks. I can remember the last three times new socks came into my life: a) when I got a bulk pack of gold toe/white top cotton crew socks for Christmas in 2002; b) scoring a bulk pack of cotton no shoe socks at a White Elephant in 2009 (someone got the socks and threw them into the “free to good home” pile. 374 more words

Living On The Edge

"I punched a shark!"

No, not me.

But Mick Fanning did. And it’s on every news channel in Australia. Seriously. At work, my desk is under three flat screen TVs. 43 more words