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It is dusk, unseasonably warm. Cars inch toward the stoplight on the slick pavement. Ahead, what appears to be a blue stocking cap bobbing atop a motorized wheelchair rivets my attention. 185 more words


Living On the Edge of Greatness

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love that feeling you get in your gut when you know you’re on the brink of something enormous, and yet, you still don’t know what lies ahead. 187 more words

Returning To The Mud...

As I walked down the muddy road back to the RV, I turned to Toonce and said, “Well Mr. Toonce, I’d pick you up but my hands are full.” He didn’t mind the walk, he was just happy to be out of the car and on somewhat solid ground. 313 more words

This Too Will Pass

I Shattered Like Glass

Moving ever closer to the edge,
I try to peak; get a glimpse, you know;
I need to see how far it is
to the bottom; to calculate how far I’d fall… 228 more words

Poems By Me


I need the strength to constantly cover up who I am.  It’s ingrained in me, so if I have nothing to cover up, I have to find something to take on to cover up.  10 more words

Indoor Climbing

Our apartment used to be connected with the one upstairs; when they split the two, they simply took out the stairs. Well, all but three. One on top, and two on the bottom. 641 more words

Life And Laughs

Phone Went Bye Bye

Mini heart attack

when hand reaches in pocket

and phone is missing.