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Making breakfast and living on the edge ...

Every once in a while, when I am making a fried egg for breakfast, I come across an egg shell that is hard to crack. A shell that requires several hard taps against the side of my frying pan to break it. 98 more words

Life's Little Lessons

Moving beyond The Status Quo....

I admit from the outset that I am not a great fan of catchy titles especially ones that mimic a best seller so the book GOOD TO GREAT IN GODS EYES: Ten Practices Great Christians Have In Common by Chip Ingram (Baker Books, 2007) sat in my “to be read pile of volumes for months before I began to read it. 297 more words

YouthMinistry/Spiritual Formation

Nuggets: Be Unashamed of Your Body

I think Heaven should have a special appeal to all those who have struggled with body image. Not that Heaven isn’t just plain awesome, period. But, the way it’s described in Scripture, tugs my formerly eating disordered heart in a unique way. 227 more words

Bright Spots

Some Irksome Quirks

I’m not a perfectionist and fortunately I do not have those OCD’s.  As a human being , I am very easy to get along with.  As a human being, I easily get along with people.  381 more words



First off, I travel on a budget.  If I wanted to drop a couple grand on a fancy/schmancy all-inclusive then I better have already been to and explored that country.   1,148 more words

Sarcastic Life

Weekly Photo Challenge – Edge

Being on the edge is often not a very comfortable place to be. You aren’t quite in but not out either, however it can also be the best place to observe from or see things a  little bit differently. 94 more words


Extreme Minimalist Lifestyles

My first exposure to the extreme minimalist lifestyle was while living in Canada when I rented a windowless closet about the size of single mattress from this eccentric guy called Andrew and his few possessions which I wrote about in an early post: … 344 more words

The Canadian Years