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6 Ways We Save Without Feeling Pinched

Holly has always been a saver and Carter has really never cared about keeping up with the Jones’. Thank goodness! When we decided to retire early, we knew we needed to follow the ugly B-word (budget). 889 more words


Our Food Pantry Challenge

We’ve all gotten to the point where our freezer and pantry
are overflowing and yet we can’t find anything to eat. Well, we got like that a couple weeks ago, so… 562 more words

Living Simply

Bringing Sexy Back

We should buy stock in Oxiclean Stain Stick. That stuff works miracles. Mustard, grease, dirt, coffee…doesn’t matter. Almost everything comes out. But, the other day, we both got dressed and noticed stains on each other. 410 more words

Living Simply

How do we get along when we’re together ALL THE TIME?

We get asked a lot of questions about how we live in such tight quarters and still manage to actually like each other. Especially, when you consider our personalities…. 689 more words

Living Simply

Finally getting rid of everything we THOUGHT we needed to keep

We didn’t need to be mathletes to realize 5,000+ square feet of “stuff” wouldn’t squeeze into a 700 square foot park model!

Living Simply

Living tiny: how we squeezed into a 700 square foot house

Selling our 5,000+ square foot home in Colorado was easy. The hard part was downsizing to a furnished 700 square foot park model in Arizona. … 535 more words

Living Simply

Living and Thinking Like a Millennial When You’re a Gen X

Cody’s Graduation Day!

My stepson (Cody) was born in 1993, and he is a Millennial through and through. When I first met him, I wanted to spank him. 458 more words

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