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It’s my mum’s birthday today and for some reason, it took an incredible amount of energy just to send a pathetic email to her to wish her a happy birthday.  566 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues


I is learning many things, now that I am grown-up cat with own cat palace, own hoomin. Lots of responsibilities.

Hoomins. Strange creatures.

So, cat palace is nice. 273 more words

Living Situation

Blog #8: A Case for Tiny Homes: A Mortgage/Rent-Free Option for Housing

It is not a secret that higher education is becoming increasingly more expensive every year. It has almost gotten to the point where your lifetime earnings might not be worth the hassle if you have $150,000 in loans and make around a $50,000 salary on average for the first few years. 571 more words

GRAD 5104

Journal Entry (#30)

March 4, 2018
9:30 AM

Just when I think I’m in the clear… I’m sick again. This sucks. The weather has been so bipolar lately (it was almost 70 degrees last Tuesday, now it’s back in the 30’s). 850 more words


Now I just have to do something creative to entertain myself…

Not allowed to do mixed media in my room because I’m 29 and to save on rent I still live with my parents. 56 more words

Curve Balls

When it comes to life do we ever really know where we are going? Who knows when life will throw us some curve balls! I must say that no matter what, I never thought my life would be where it is now. 187 more words


There’s nothing to do. I’m trapped in a prison. I can’t even rest.