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I can't get no satisfaction.

All my life, I have always been wanting for more. More independence, more money, more success, more confidence, more happiness…you name it. It’s like I can never achieve this hypothetical level of satisfaction. 526 more words

When Plans Change

I have always been the independent type. I enjoyed college and hoped to find a job and an apt/place to live back home. I was then talked into moving home for a year to save money..fast forward going on 3 years now, I am still here. 485 more words

Where is this going?

I used to be a writer; I wrote. But when I was sick, I thought it was too hard to write. So I didn’t write that often. 345 more words

House Hunting

“We are very sorry to inform you, but the owner of the house has turned you down because you are a religious organization. But we will keep looking for a house for you.”Another discouraging phone call from the real estate agent. 162 more words


First thing's first...

A little introduction to my life at the moment.

As I write this first draft it is 6am. I have not been to sleep yet. “Oh” I hear you ask, “Is that because you’re currently drunk and have just come back from a nightout?” No, unfortunately I’m not that cool, I just suffer from bouts of insomnia. 388 more words


Accepting Change: When My Home Isn't a Home Anymore

I hate being home. Avoiding home is something I’ve been doing recently, its space not feeling like mine anymore. I’ll come home to dark, looming household and an unmade bed. 437 more words

Student Life

The Dehumanizing Loss Of Control Over My Life

My friend (primary roommate) and I ended up getting into a huge argument yesterday, as I could not keep my mouth shut about the dishes or the fact that her friend had banged on the bathroom door aggressively to get me out of the bathroom (the only room where I have any kind of solace). 608 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues